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    A new long read from "Rolling Stone," part of their "Unknown Legends" series, is on Marilyn Martin. It's behind their subscription wall, but there are some quotes in there about Phil Collins. Interestingly, I happened to be in the audience for the show she references towards the end of the quotes, and after I heard that she was there that night, I had wondered why she didn't come out on stage to do the duet.

    Marilyn Martin Scored a Number One Hit. Then Her Life Took Some Very Unexpected Turns

    Yesterday, I did another interview with Steve Hackett, this time to preview "Surrender Of Silence." We broke down most of the tracks before we ran out of time and he had to jump to another interview! It was a really good chat -- here's the YouTube video (uploaded through the radio station where I work, Greatest Hits 98.1 in Eau Claire, WI):

    I work at a radio station in Eau Claire, WI (Greatest Hits 98.1), and also happen to be a big Genesis fan, so I was fortunate to be able to secure an interview with Steve about the new album and the coming tour. I conducted it earlier today; it's about 25-minutes long:

    (I've actually been able to interview three of the main Genesis-related guitarists in the past few years through my station: Steve, Mike Rutherford, and a couple Daryl Stuermer chats!)