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    A few remarks to above comments:

    - Sweet Home Alabama: I agree, I used to love that song a long long time ago but now I can't stand it any more, it gets so overplayed I can't even bear that "three, four" intro vocal.

    - In defense of Whitney Houston: I'm not a fan of everything she did from the 90s onwards, still like her 80s records. I have to speak up for her simply because in terms of her talents as a singer she was so superior to all those other sirens, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, etc. Whitney Houston had a way better voice.

    - In defence of ABBA: I've never been a fan of their music but speaking from a musician's viewpoint who had to perform their songs along with new and old mainstream pop hits in a bunch of cover bands, I have to stress how much more complex ABBA songs are. Totally beyond your average pop charts stuff. Also really unique in a number of things: the singing style, the keyboards, the bass playing, the drum grooves, even some of the chord sequences.

    I'm frequently struck by the frameshift in what constitutes 'left', 'right' and especially 'far left' here.

    I hate all the "left" and "right" framing that hijacks every political discussion these days. Here in Germany particularly we seem to have entered an era in which "left" and "right" seem to be synonyms for "good" and "bad", or by now "trustful to your government" and "dangerous for society". I just hate it.

    All good songs you list up there, just overplayed I would say.

    I don't "hate" any music, there's just kinds of music that doesn't do much for me or might get on my nerves, but every music has their qualities once you find an approach to it.

    I absolutely can't get into Steve Wilson. My bandmates kept telling me for years my songs resemble Steve Wilson and I can't see the common ground at all. Once one of my friends took me on a Steve Wilson concert, hoping I might finally be converted; it was a strange experience: there I was, clearly recognizing the musicians on stage were all great, yet the music just passed me by and did not resonate in the tiniest way. Except for that one disco song, "Permanating" or whatever it's called, that was the one that has chord changes and melody lines I can relate to, but that one aside it was absolutely strange music to me. And hell knows why my own songs are supposed to sound like that, I couldn't imagine anything further away from the kind of songs I write.

    That said, I respect him as an artist who does his thing. Just not for me though.

    There was another psychedelic rock band named "Genesis" from Venezuela at the same time.

    A common German rock encyclopedia has been claiming for decades that the British Genesis renamed themselves "Revelation" when that US band was found to exist, and shortly after went back to "Genesis". Once such misunderstandings find their way into print they are hard to get rid of. Same with the myth that FGTR didn't sell because it was sorted as Christian music.

    A friend of mine is a vinyl addict and an audiophile, plus he wants to get to know more of the Genesis back catalogue since I introduced him to Selling England. So I thought I might give him Seconds Out on vinyl for Christmas.

    Now I'm wondering: Which release would you recommend? I see there's this Abbey Road half-speed master issue thing, well at least one guy in the jpc reviews complains about clicks all over Supper's Ready that ruin it for him... Any experiences? What about other vinyl releases, what do you all know?

    Now that makes me wonder which songs I would have liked to hear augmented with real strings or brass. Watcher of the Skies comes to mind, the intro played with real strings. Or Behind The Lines with real brass.

    Could you please be so kind to quote the part of the article that makes that claim about Genesis rehearsing? I tried to find it, honestly I could not make myself read the full article - this is exactly that yellow press bullcrap I avoid like the plague. I would not be surprised if everything they say is made up.

    Wow, now I have to come up with a question... I'm not too good at this but let's try, this one should not be too hard:

    As already discussed in other threads, there were various instances that Genesis members worked together outside of Genesis: Peter recording demos with Phil, Mike and Ant; Mike and Phil guesting on Steve's solo debut, etc. However, Mr. Tony Banks always used to stay apart from collaborations with other bandmates or ex-bandmates outside of the band. With only one exception: Name the Genesis member Tony worked together with and the project it was for. (Sidemen like Chester and Daryl not counting as band members)

    Thanks. I had wondered why The Beatles hadn't achieved something like this, but then remembered that most of their singles didn't come from their albums, but were separate releases.

    My question: 12-string guitar parts were a wonderful feature of many Genesis songs through to the late 70s. Mike in particular, used alternative tunings for his 12-string. For example on The Musical Box, he tuned the 3 highest pairs of strings all to F# (live was a slightly different tuning). For the first half of The Cinema Show, he did something particularly interesting with the tuning, very different from standard alternative tunings. What was unusual about his tuning for the first half of The Cinema Show? Bonus if you know the actual tuning (because he apparently has forgotten).

    Most of the paired strings are tuned to different notes. Somebody in the old forum posted a youtube link of a guy who showed the exact tuning and played the intro in the original way. I can't guess the tuning, I'm not a guitarist, but I know the lowest pair is tuned in an octave, the second pair in a fifth, one of the higher pairs in a sixth and the highest or second to highest is in unison. Anthony Phillips uses a lot of similar crazy tunings, which is what made me realize Mike did this too in The Cinema Show. I don't even know how that song can be played with a standard tuning. A cover band I saw perform that song played it with three guitars to make it sound like this...

    Ok wait. This says the 2CD+DVD set is sold out? Seriously?! This has to be a mistake.

    edit: Oh, I see, only the signed boxes are sold out. Ok, it doesn't have to be signed for me, I just want the 2CD+DVD box, no bluray, no vinyls, no VHS... where can I order it on Steve's store? Or will I have to move over to a well-known online warehouse with the letter 'A' or to a well-known trading site with the letter 'E'?

    I really want this since I've seen this concert in Germany and I was blown away. I would be content with just a simple 2CD box, seems it's not even possible to get it without any extra disc. So I'll go for the 2CD+DVD box, having the chance to see the concert on DVD again sounds pretty cool. I don't have any device that can play a bluray disc though, and I still don't have a record player in my apartment (though some records waiting...).

    Remember those days when you would just buy a live album?...

    The word-play with words in a row that change only one sound?

    From dad to dam to dum to mum, from mum to mud to mad to dad

    ...a dream of Mad Man Moon (I guess he must have been moon mood mad)