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    Wow, I am really enjoying this book. Steve paints such a vivid picture of living in post-war London. A lot of details resemble a lot what my parents told me about their childhoods: bombed out house ruins inviting kids to explore them despite the danger, the smog and the careless belief in technical progress with utter ignorance of any toxic side effects of factory fumes, the dire need of that time for an escape in a sound movie world to forget the horrors of the war, cruel teachers at school who would get violent for no apparent reason (for a kid's mind that is) and the scary kids who had to see too many things they could not cope with in their young age so they developed strange habits, etc. This is living history.

    I have nearly audiophile speakers my brother made for me, I listen mostly to CDs and cassettes (no joke). I have a couple vinyls but no record player. I also have this bluetooth thingie to listen to streamed music from my smartphone but I hardly ever use it. When I listen to music from the internet I use headphones.

    About physical formats etc., there was a time I used to download lots of music from rapidshare and megaupload and all these sites but I completely went back to buying CDs. I usually get them at the CD store or I order second hand CDs online.

    I've heard about that many times, even Mike says something like that in his book, still it makes me wonder what exactly is so hard about these words. None of them is a tongue twister. Maybe the mere fact those are rather unusual words in a regular pop song makes them "hard".

    Queen fan here, and dude, you have guts. Cosmos Rocks is the worst ever Queen album, far below anything Queen did with Fredddie Mercury. It is an average rock album at best, for bearing the name "Queen" it is almost an insult. On top, its sound quality is shitty: maximum dynamic compression, the bass kick doesn't even have a punch any more, and the EQing is heavy on the lower mid frequencies. Unbalanced sound as if somebody messed up every setting in the mastering.

    A Night At The Opera is one of the, if not the best Queen album ever. Anyone who cannot recognize musical quality in this record should not bother with Queen at all. Queen in the classic quartet lineup were always a band who went for these extra quirky bits noone else would do and they succeeded triumphantly so.

    Maybe you're interested to learn that there's a 3-minute single version of Bohemian Rhapsody that omits the intro and the opera and rock interludes. It was cut on demands of the record company but the band insisted the album version was put out. That stripped version might work for you.

    Anyone who does not vote for Supper's Ready?...

    I picked Time Table and Can-Utility along with it. Wanted to pick Watcher too but I went for Time Table since I love this song and it seems to be one of those universally unloved songs. I would have picked Horizons too but I could only pick three, and who am I to ignore Supper's Ready...

    Thank you, excellent review. My personal highlight was when they pulled out the unaccompanied bass pedal solo. Such a lovely piece of music, no less after all those years. ;)

    Well, you made my day. :) I will have to check out some of the songs I'm not familiar with, whose is Swing Your Bag? Peter's?

    Every prog forum has their "so what is prog" discussion. Those discussions usually tend to bring up a lot of theoretical definitions, which is all very nice, however in reality 'prog' as a label is largely applied by convenience. To sum it up very roughly I would say prog covers rock music (or rock-derived music) rooted in a movement going back to the late 60s that aimed to break out of pop music conventions; what it became was its own niche, a type of music that stresses intellectual, academic features such as odd-time signatures, extended instrumental parts, lyrics inspired by classic literature, etc. in short anything that serves to show off classical education; plus it has a tendency to toy with the listener's expectations. Newer variants of prog such as prog metal or alternative prog are basically rooted in newer rock or metal styles but nonetheless they add the intellectual attitude and aim at a higher level of musical complexity than what is usually to be expected from average rock music.

    Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush usually get labeled as "Art Pop"; Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Alan Parsons Project are "Art Rock" by definition. These labels have become conventions for artists who are on the verge of prog or who are simply too "different" to call them only pop or rock music but who still differ too much from stereotypical prog to lump them together with the mass of prog bands.

    Discussions about the nature of prog often tend to get lengthy without ever coming closer to a sharp definition, a sign that prog can only be loosely defined no matter what.

    I love the two strange songs that they toyed with the idea of Tony and Mike singing.

    This is the first time I hear of this, what is the story behind that? The only instance I was aware of about a song with both of them singing lead vocals is some obscure lost song from the early beginnings that Tony reportedly told of as a Mike/Tony vocal duet which would sound like Simon & Garfunkel. And of course there's Tony's co-lead vocals in Shepherd and The Magic of Time.

    There are certain songs that an audience expects to hear, that the artist feels duty bound to perform even though they might hate performing the tune. Imagine if Phil went on the road and didn't sing In The Air Tonight, for instance, or Sussudio. He'd be lynched!

    That's why a Bob Dylan always performs exactly what an average audience of casual pop music listeners would expect him to.

    First and only time so far was April 20th 2019, Stuttgart. It was a birthday gift to myself - I had been sitting on the fence to go see Steve Hackett for years, I didn't have too much money for years - then he performed the entire Selling England album and I just HAD to see it. It was fantastic and I would love to see more shows.

    Finally been taking time to browse a little deeper through this. Fine we got this :) However, in "The Forum of the last resort", when I go past page 1 I cannot open any threads, all it says is site not found. I guess it was too much to dig all the hundreds of threads in this forum?