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    I would like to know what people think of Waiting For The Big One, which I have read is supposed to be a tribute to Randy Newman - the piano, the drawling vocal, the cynical lyrics. I listened to it yesterday. For a start, it's far too long. Newman's songs are short & to the point.WFTBO just meandered around and went nowhere. I should point out that Newman is one of my heroes, and to be honest I think he could do a better impersonation of Peter than Peter did of him. I actually think it's my least favourite track on this album.

    Hmm. I like the tune, but I don't think the lyrics are ok. I thought initially it might have been more PC at the time and it just aged badly, but I was 2 when it came out, and a more seasoned fan here recently pointed out that it wasn't really ok even back then.

    I'd compare it to how they satirized hypocritical tele-evangelists in Jesus He Knows Me perfectly. That was cool. Illegal Alien, much as I enjoy the tune, is not. It is tongue in cheek, but lay off the illegal aliens Phil.

    I still think it's tongue in cheek, and I still can't help but like it.

    I’m glad you said that Christian because I watched it and thought ‘ here we go again, another painting by numbers track, same harmonies, same guitar sound and an off the shelf world theme, this time ‘African’ . So I braced myself for another album of the same. Hopefully it won’t be like that this time, much as I like Steve and admire his work ethic. I long for some simple stuff and a bit of variety. A ballad, a straight ahead rocker, an ‘English’ world track if he must think in those terms. I wish he’d dust off the twelve strings from

    time to time. Then, he could put these tracks in and they would stand out more.

    I assume you heard the last album Under A Mediterranean Sky?

    I have to try this but again it will be simplistic. How every Dire Straits song is built:

    Start with either some sort of weird sound effects/fade in/ acoustic guitar/electric guitar which depeding on the length of the song should at least take several minutes.

    Continue with moody/reflective/wry/ruminative/narrative verses on any subject you like but ultimately you want the listener to think of the northeast of England.

    A chorus isn't actually obligatory - what is needed is a quiet midsection whiich reinforces the mood and makes the listener either sing along or burst into tears at the profundity of it all. If there is a chorus or repeated section, that's a pleasant bonus.

    Guitar solo. Listener must wonder 'is he using the Strat/Les Paul/Pensa/various acoustic brands here'.

    Fade. May include keyboards or even sax at this point.

    I think people know how much I love Dire Straits so this actually wasn't that easy to write. The Knopfler solo work is similar for the most part.

    Well on the solo album the lyrics are credited to Mike it would seem. So that is that I guess.

    Well more fool me to coin a phrase. I no longer have my Face Value LP, but my CD for whatever reason doesn't include the Behind The Lines lyrics - only the songwriting credit.

    Well that discography also said that Mike or Steve wrote the lyrics to Inside & Out, and Steve has made it very clear that it was Phil.

    As for Behind The Lines, whoa! What on earth did Phil originally write for the song? That’s news to me. By nasty, and given the timing, it might’ve been lyrics relating to the divorce, or at least something along those lines.

    Behind The Lines was written after a negative review in Melody Maker of their Knebworth concert. Given that Phil re-recorded the song for Face Value, I would have assumed the lyrics to be his, but earilier in the thread it's claimed that Mike wrote them.

    How every Eagles song is built:

    Intro either acoustic or electric guitar (or if it's a REALLY slow, sensitive ballad, keyboards)

    Verses that either moan about Los Angeles/the human condition/unfaithful women (sung by Don Henley) or try to be upbeat about Los Angeles/the human condition/unfaithful women (sung by Glenn Frey)

    Chorus. HARMONIES.

    Guitar solo. Repeat. Vocal improvisation (if Don Henley).

    I wish I could be more 'technical' than that but I felt I had to contribute something.

    I thought his blurb about it which I read in the Facebook post was a bit over the top.

    'It’s a ‘no holds barred’ album riding that wave, unleashing those demons, dreams and nightmares, all crashing together over the shore. I enjoyed the power of this album allowing my guitar to scream in joy and rage…'

    OK Steve, whatever you say. I hope so. I also wish that you would change the font for your name & album title.

    Very sorry to hear about your friend. It sounds like she is making the most of her time.

    As regards songs that come to mind when events like this encroach, I always think of Keep Me In Your Heart by Warren Zevon. It is the last song on his last album. He was dying of mesothelioma at the time and the words are very much those of a man with very little time left. They often bring a tear to my eye. The video has his friends like Bruce Springsteen coming into the studio to hang out and say goodbye.

    Loved Zevon.

    I feel a similar sentiment with the final track on the Eagles' Long Road Out Of Eden, which appears to be Glenn Frey's farewell, although it was released in 2007 and he didn't die until 2016. The song is called It's Your World Now. He sings 'be part of something good/leave something good behind'. He did. Shame his bandmates didn't appreciate that.

    I digress. Some here may remember I had an operation to remove a liver tumour in 2017. I'm still here & still OK & greatful, although I have had a very bad cold this week & that makes you feel vulnerable. Everyone stay stafe. Sorry to hear your news, Backdrifter.