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    It's a difficult question & I empathasise. I have not really discussed it on this board, but I was a devoted Eagles & Glenn Frey fan. When Glenn Frey died, 8 days after Bowie (and I was still reeling from Bowie's death), it was devastating. I had seen him live so often & it was only the last tour I saw in 2015 when it was obvious that he was no longer himself. Still, when he died it was a bolt from the blue. Even worse, the 'Eagles' decided after a year had passed to continue without him.

    So I am grateful that Phil is still with us, I admire his fortitude & his courage, & I hope I get the chance to see him live. I am also a fairly recent Genesis addict.

    You will love Jason Bonham and his band. I saw them back in November at the kickoff for his latest tour, and it was even better than the year before. As his "Jimmy Page" this time around, he has Jimmy Sakurai, who is widely credited as being the best "Page" in LZ cover bands. He was formerly in Led Zepagain and his own Mr. Jimmy. Jason was so impressed that he asked him to join, and he (obviously) said yes. You'll love it.

    LZ asked Jason to change the name. Since this year is LZ's 50th anniversary, they wanted "LZ Experience" for themselves. It is yet to be seen as to why, but I am intrigued...

    We thought exactly the same thing!

    We are seeing Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience on May 23 (he has had to retitle his band Led Zeppelin Evening but I booked the tickets before that happened)!

    Steven Wilson on November 8.

    From what I remember of it, yes, but my mother was an English teacher & I was trained to read literature, even something as avant garde as Finnegan's Wake.

    I don't really associate music with books unless I can tie a song to a specific piece of writing; hence Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits, which is my second favourite song (Slowdancer's comments above about associating Making Movies with LOTR are fascinating. I associate it with Led Zeppelin IV).

    The Song Of Ice & Fire books by George R. R. Martin were a new experience for me. I loved them & love Game Of Thrones. In light of what some have said about fantasy/prog I wonder if this made me more inclined to delve deeper into Genesis.

    At least you missed out "Finnegan's Wake" - a wise move! ^^

    "Ulysses" is great. It was also a big inspiration for U2's "Achtung Baby". I really like Portrait of the Artist know, you may have inspired me the re-read Joyce. :thumbup:

    Oh, I've read Finnegan's Wake, she said in her best hipster voice. I will be reading it after Ulysses.

    Sledgehammer is a classic but it's been so overplayed I can hardly enjoy it anymore. I prefer his songs when they make me work a bit for them. It took me years for instance to appreciate stuff like Us, the title track , or Lay your hands on me or the family and fishing net but it was definitely worth it. I can go back to these songs, after decades and they still sound fresh to me,

    I get that. But here's the thing. The So album & Sledgehammer in particular was my PG 'moment' just as Face Value & ITAT was my PC 'moment'. Hence I have never tired of any of those songs. It may happen; I have become bored to tears with certain albums by other artists I used to love. But at the moment I don't think so.