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    Sledgehammer is a classic but it's been so overplayed I can hardly enjoy it anymore. I prefer his songs when they make me work a bit for them. It took me years for instance to appreciate stuff like Us, the title track , or Lay your hands on me or the family and fishing net but it was definitely worth it. I can go back to these songs, after decades and they still sound fresh to me,

    I get that. But here's the thing. The So album & Sledgehammer in particular was my PG 'moment' just as Face Value & ITAT was my PC 'moment'. Hence I have never tired of any of those songs. It may happen; I have become bored to tears with certain albums by other artists I used to love. But at the moment I don't think so.

    Thanks Witchwood. So apart from Transience which I've noted, would To The Bone be a good starting point for someone like me? Remember I am a fan of later period Genesis & I am definitely not hard core prog.

    We will be seeing him in November. All we have by him is the Porcupine Tree live DVD/Blu Ray. I would appreciate it if some of you could give me some recommendations for some music, either by the band or solo. From what I have heard he will be playing some Porcupine Tree songs he has never played with his own band. Thanks in advance. NB I do realise there were threads on the old forum, but that was then!

    Neil sadly has two sons with cerebral palsy. What are the odds?

    I was a massive fan of his when I was at university, which always seems to be the age when people discover overwrought singer songwriters. He did one of the best shows I have ever seen back in 1985, but the more left field & inconsistent he got, the less I liked his work. The last album I bought was Living With War. I find there are only so many ten minute guitar jams I can take.

    My favourite Neil Young songs are:

    My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)


    Heart Of Gold

    Cortez The Killer

    Like A Hurricane


    After The Gold Rush

    El Dorado

    Rockin' In The Free World


    Three of those are from Rust Never Sleeps which I think is his best album.

    I suppose I have been influenced by my husband's tastes. When we first met I didn't have any time for Rush but I've heard enough of them now to enjoy them. The same goes for Aerosmith, another favourite band of his. But I couldn't really say there was any act I 'despised' & came to love, although I never liked the Bee Gees until I heard Stayin' Alive.

    The Beatles, reacquainting myself with Live At The BBC & the Anthologies

    Harry Styles (His album is really good, seriously)

    Robert Plant

    Led Zeppelin

    Fleetwood Mac

    These days it's really the other way around; he includes a few solo numbers amongst all the Genesis classics.

    I'm a huge fan of the Genesis material but wish Steve would revert to solo-only shows after quite a few years of the 'Revisited' gigs.

    I can understand how people who have seen Steve a few times would like him to do only solo stuff. However, when I saw him for the first time last year, if he hadn't done any Genesis songs it would have been dreadful. Who else will I ever see do Genesis songs? (It won't be The Musical Box because we had front row seats & they cancelled their tour).

    How do you guys find the time to listen to so much music? I play albums in the car (right now, the Beatles' Anthology 1). The rest of the time I play my iPod. One of the songs I heard yesterday was Long, Long Way To Go, one of my favourite NJR songs. Does that count?!

    Count me in as a big fan of that song too. If you're upset/angry about something, "I Don't Care Anymore" and "Do You Know, Do You Care" are GREAT therapy.

    I also prefer "Hello I Must Be Going" to "Face Value", but only by a whisker - they're pretty much co-favorites. I even like the off-the-wall songs like "Thru These Walls" and one of the most unusual-sounding pop songs ever, "Like China". How did Daryl come up with that dissonant guitar riff and bizarre solo - I love both! 8)

    I have been talking about the therapy value of those two songs for years, and that's why I prefer them to most of the later ballads. Same for Thru These Walls. Like China is just funny. I love Phil when he sings in an English accent.

    Why do you find it inaccessible? It contains Games Without Frontiers & Biko! Phil's on it! There is not a bad track. Shock The Monkey on the other hand I don't like much either.