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    And don't forget Elf. We watch that movie every Christmas. RIP James 🙏 :( Also Stephen King's 'Misery,' where he played the guy who's car broke down near Kathy Bates house. Great movie.

    Happy Independence Day to all the Yanks. Makes me wonder what America would be like if the Brits had won the war. What we need most right now is independence from insanity. Watching the news last night, it appears the entire world has lost their collective minds. There are now mass shootings across the globe, in malls, restaurants and elsewhere. These are places we should feel safe. July 4th is traditionally a festive and fun day with barbeques, good food, fireworks, friends and family getting together...but today I'm really not feeling that there's all that much to celebrate.

    It has become a habit for too long that the ones who win in politics are the smallest evil, the least worst as you phrase it. Where's any good rulers?

    Unfortunately, the U.S. government is inherently corrupt, so an honest candidate doesnt have a chance of winning.. Biden is used to working "across the aisle" with members of the Republican party, but since Trump has been in office there haven't been enough honest congress men and women or senate members to make a difference. He's had the opportunity on numerous occasions to use executive power to get things done, but in the end he wimps out. Believe me, when the Republicans have a majority, they know how to get things done. The problem is, it's never for the American people. They only pass bills that put money into their pockets and into the coffers of the corporate pigs who keep them in office. I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. Take away some of the perks these clowns get for doing nothing and see how they react. Free medical, free security, free haircuts, great pension, incredibly high income, travel perks, a congressional pin they wear that gets them numerous perks, including parking in illegal zones, free shuttle and subway service, and then there's all the bribes they accept from fat cat business owners, which makes sure the average citizen will never get what they need.

    As Mark Twain once said: “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in.”

    We're going thru a severe heatwave here in SoCal. We rarely get below 90° F. Today was 100 and we even had two straight days this week of 106. Thank God for A/C!! 8):thumbup:

    We are in a terrible drought that this part of the U S. may never recover from. Our water basins are evaporating rapidly. Scientists say they don't believe our lakes will ever fill up again.

    Lake Mead is the water supply for 22 million people in 3 states (Arizona, California and Nevada). It's water level has gone down 26 feet in one year and is only 150 ft. from what's called 'dead pool' status, when the reservoir is so low that water cannot flow downstream from the dam.

    Praying for rain :|

    Is this worth getting. I assume it is?

    If you like Deadwing, The Incident and The Raven That Refused To Sing, you will like the new album. I've only spun it twice, and it's growing on me. The band is a threesome this time around. Steve is on guitar, as well as bass. Colin Edwin wasn't asked to join them for some odd reason. Steve does a great job though.

    Yes, thus removing restrictions on the concealed carrying of weapons outside the home. WHY? How does that help people?

    These decisions are calculated and are meant to pump up the radical right in the hopes that they will turn out in droves at the polls on voting day. It'll probably work too. The radical left is just as guilty of stoking the fire within their base as well. The voting public needs to come to the center of their party's values in order for the U.S. to ever see what we used to consider normal ever again. And yes, the world is watching. Autocrats and dictators around the globe are drooling as they mastermind their own brand of evil, based solely upon what our government is up to right now. We are no longer united. We are definitely on the fast track to becoming what Trump would define as a shithole country.

    Anyone use Windows 11? My PC has 10 installed but I keep getting the message asking me if I want to install 11. Resisted so far but wondered if I should. Any thoughts?

    I'm continuing to resist. Ive heard bad things. From what I understand, they made it better for gamers, which I couldn't care less about, and threw everyone else under the bus.

    Just finished watching The Unforgotten, a British crime drama series. Now watching Bosch, also a crime drama, but American. Before that, it was The Lincoln Lawyer. The same author wrote both Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer characters in a series of books. Apparently they were half brothers, sharing the same father. All these are highly recommended.

    Wichita Lineman: maybe one of the most perfectly arranged pop songs in rock history, courtesy of songwriter Jimmy Webb.

    My family went to a Glen Campbell concert in Las Vegas in the late 60s. I love his music. Glen was a member of The Wrecking Crew, a group of studio musicians who played on many of the greatest songs of the 60s. They were the cream of the crop. If you've not seen The Wrecking Crew documentary, it's available on many streaming sites. Highly recommended!!

    Two losses announced today: actor Ray Liotta, probably best known for his lead role in Goodfellas.

    And drummer Alan White. Of course most of us here will think of his work with Yes, understandably. As a major Beatles fan I'm going to post a tribute to his work with John Lennon. Here he is playing on Instant Karma on the BBC's Top Of The Pops.

    Wow! Two greats. Loved both their works. RIP Ray and Alan :(