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    I got a copy of a Lamb show from January ‘75 in West Palm Beach, FL. Some of it sounds really good, other parts sound crappy and like it cuts out. Don’t know if that was the band working out kinks early on in the tour or the recording itself. I’d like to collect more.

    One of my favorite bootlegs of the Lamb shows is January '75 in Lakeland, FL. I have 2 different copies one version by GASP and the other by PRRPGS. I think I have around 40 different Lamb shows on CD.

    Prior to jumping onto the forum I went for a walk and I happened to put on The Lamb fro the Genesis Archives, which most people hate because of the overdubs , which I don't mind

    I haven't listen to it is so long but when it started it took me back to when I was 16 and a neighbor of mine gave me a cassette to listen to. I immediately lost my shit, I had now idea what i was listening too. I told her I was going to see PC the next night, which happened to be the No Jacket Required Tour. She said she was a Genesis fan for years and she knew Chester Thompson from church when she lived in LA.

    About an hour later she stopped by and said she was able to get hold of Chester and has 4 tickets for that night's show. Brilliant show and after we were invited backstage, PC was feeling sick and left early, but did get to meet everyone else.

    The next night PC came out, sang I Don't Care Anymore, and he announced that he couldn't carry on anymore and had to end the show. Everyone is still waiting for that make up show.

    Wow, that was a tangent.

    I was able to get 2 tickets for Detroit. I saw “Follow” was the pass code for Chicago so I started typing song names and at some point I was let in.

    I chose 2 seats in the lower bowl, I wish I was a little closer, but I won’t feel stressed out trying to get tickets tomorrow for general admission.

    I might get tickets for Chicago closer to the show.

    What city are you looking for tickets in? Hopefully you come up with some options in the General Public sale or they add a show to a city (which they announced some already) you can make it to. I was considering being more aggressive price wise for tickets but the tickets really close were just laughable and some of the other "Premium" deals were far enough away from the stage that I didn't think it was worth it. At the Ottawa show in 2007 I ended up with 4th row seats in the Fan Presale and actually made it up to the first row for the second half of the show when some young women who were sitting there disappeared??

    My first choice is to buy tickets for the Detroit and for fall back option I would go to Chicago. And then when I go totally insane and spend way too much I will end up purchasing both....

    For the 2007 show I had floor seats about 10-15 rows back and lower bowl. My brother and friends rotated half of the show that way to get the full experience.

    Not sure where the best place to post this, but Genesis is dropping a record on Record Store Day June 12th. Or for my friends across the pond 12 June .

    GENESIS Live at Knebworth 1990

    Side A 1. Mama

    Side B 1. Turn It on Again (Medley)

    It feel a bit left out. I'm a huge Genesis fan, obviously since I'm on this site, but I was not chosen for the presale. 50% of me is worried I will have to overpay for seats and the other 50% of me is thinking it will just work out.

    I was not able to attend PC Not Dead Yet show something came up at the very last minute and gave away my tickets. I'v have been regretting not seeing the show and don't want that same feeling again.

    I remember watching the first time it aired... Dam I'm old.....

    Phil is so funny. I do have a Phil Collins "Hello I Must Be Going" memorabilia tie and looking for another one. If you or anyone has one for sale please let me know.

    Thank you

    Liquid Len, I was sent just an opposite email saying I'm on the waitlist??@#@#? I already see tickets for sale on 3rd party sites, for real how is that possible?

    I do suggest to login about 10 minutes early to get in line.

    Good luck!!!!

    Looking for a passcode to purchase Detroit tickets

    at the "Farm" Theres lots of 76/77 board tapes....i would like to get a few more "Lamb" OAM/SDB recordings..there a multitrack recording from the UK "lamb" tour....and the guy who copy the tapes of Milton keynes rehearsals H Odeon 82... could have the Milton Keynes show from the desk its not multitrack recording ,the show was recording in 2 C90 tapes

    Wind & Wuthering was my least listened to Genesis album and now I feel I wasted years by not listening to it.

    I did talk to Nick Davis when the box sets were starting to come out and asked him if there were any recordings of Eleventh Earl of Mar from Seconds Out recording. I just wanted a version as good. I have many recordings but, they just don't have the "warm" of Seconds Out.

    I've been a fan starting back in 1978 at the young age of 11. Thanks to my older brother, his friends, and their older brothers who were still listing to Genesis Live at the time.

    I can don't mind if 90-95% of the setlist are the hits, but I am hoping for some of the less-known songs. During the 2007 tour, I thought Duke's Travel, Duke's End, Ripples, and Carpet Crawlers were good surprises.

    I did my best not to know the setlist before going into that show.