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    Phil has worked with Bill Bruford, Chester Thompson and Ricky Lawson. On the Both Sides tour documentary he is seen reporting back to all of the band members, even the loyal Daryl. Daryl and Phil have co-written songs as well.

    So I think that kind of perfectionism is to be expected, of course what went down between Chester and Phil in 2010, was beyond right. You kind of hope that Phil does the decent thing, and that they put their issues to rest.


    There's always more to a story, it is interesting that Chester has been as honest as possible. But lets just say that Phil is like most other humans on the earth, not perfect.

    I'm not sure if it was just drinking that cause problems, Phil has been known to indulge. But the way he treated Chester was disgusting. There was indeed chairs thrown, a table turned over and some disgusting language from Phil. But as Phil once said in an anti drugs/drink commercial. Drink and Drugs can wreck lives.


    The right and only call with April so close. Incredibly exciting to see some rehearsal footage too.

    Sad to see Phil sat down as well as there only being one drumkit.

    Who else spotted Mike's double-headed Rickenbacker?

    Yes it was about time that Genesis / the promoter called it. We may even see those Sept/Oct dates change again.

    Phil has been sat down since his return to live performances, in 2017.

    It was not Mike's double necked Rickenbacker, but his Yamaha Bass / Gibson double necked guitar from the 2007 tour.


    It goes without saying that I would also love the full footage and performances from the available tours, but this also involves money - acquiring the rights and doing all the cleaning up etc.

    I can confirm that all of the Mama tour show was professionally filmed, Los Endos was actually edited and handed to the band. The decision to release or not release is always in the hands of the band and or management.


    The issue of compression, or dynamic range, is easily checked on this website:

    Green is good, not over compressed, red is bad.

    There is a software to check your own CD's, I used to have it, can't recall the name right now.

    The only issue was the Blue boxsets, in particular the CD's. If you spent north of £100 on a boxset for stereo cd's then, you ought to be committed. These boxsets where always about the surround sound aspect. In person conversations with Nick Davis, suggested that those allegations about wall slamming compression, was not the whole story. It was part of the story blown up by those not in the know about music production, as well as music mastering.


    They did the whole catalogue from 2006 through to 2010, the albums were presented in the following formats:

    Stereo CD's (which everyone claims were compressed)

    SACD 2.0

    SACD Multichannel (5.1)

    DVD - A in 5.1 dolby digital and DTS.

    Later on they reproduced these in Vinyl.

    The extra material was provided in the form of single B-sides. So its unlikely that the audio would be revisited again. Genesis tried the Blu Ray audio format with Selling England By The Pound and it didn't fly off the shelves. The artwork is not likely to be expanded, although there is likely to be promo / marketing materials (we have some on our website). That might not be enough to tempt anyone else to buy them. Genesis do not wish to be accused of reselling the material for no additional gain for the consumer.

    The problem with additional unused material/demo's is it starts people down a road of pestering for more, hence most of the trio saying that there is nothing left. There was at least two or three full shows recorded for each tour after the Lamb. Yet they never expanded on Seconds Out or Three Sides Live.

    So its unlikely, even the much reported Deluxe edition of The Lamb has been shelved, its just not happening.


    I'll try once more.

    I personally cannot read it, without an enormous amount of faffing about .. at my age, time is running about, I don't do faffing about anymore. You could solve some of that by scaling images to use the full height of the screen, that would in most cases make it readable without magnification.

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