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    Rutger Hauer was terrifying in the original version of The Hitcher. A very overlooked film, full of psychological tension and with one of the most gruesome and disturbing on-screen deaths that still freaks me out now. It underwent a pointless remake, totally unnecessary when the original was so striking.

    And anyone who’s seen The Hitcher - a film full of gruesome deaths! - knows which one you mean. I don’t much like horror movies, but The Hitcher was great & the remake was indeed pointless: Sean Bean is very good in most roles, but he didn’t have the presence for that one, & the tension of the original was lost. No one could replace Rutger Hauer!

    Oh not Rutger Hauer! :(

    Loved his 80s movies. He appeared in so many things ranging from classics to dross, but throughout his career he always made whatever he was in worth watching, & I can’t say that about anyone else.

    RIP Rutger ;(

    There was a mildly interesting 2-part documentary on BBC4, called “I can go for that” about a genre mystifyingly described as ‘Yacht Rock’. This seemed to encompass the highly produced American west coast sounds of 1980s bands like Hall & Oates & Toto, who were interviewed extensively, although it also included some Eagles & Michael Jackson. Anyway, if anyone who can get BBC iPlayer is interested it’s here:…ck-series-1-2-episode-two

    Rocketman. It seems inevitable that you would compare it with Bohemian Rhapsody, more so given that John Reid is portrayed in both! Though I enjoyed both films, I have to say this one is more satisfying, perhaps because I know less of Elton. Being a Queen fan from almost the start, the many "history rewrites" grate, and seem pointless. Here, as you may know, they didn't set out to be historically accurate, but to see things from Elton's drink-and-drugs fuelled memory. The songs are not chronological either, but used as the lyrics best fit the moment.

    I'm sure many Elton fans will find fault, but in the end, as a film, I feel it was the better of the 2. I also enjoyed seeing 2 cars exactly as I owned them back in the day, a Cortina mk3 in "evergreen" (the colour) and a mk 1 Escort in the same colour. But that's just me! ;)

    I enjoyed Rocketman & thought it worked much better as a musical than it would have done as a straightforward biopic, especially since Elton had such a wonderful range of costumes to recreate. I’m not a big fan & didn’t know his career in detail, so the historical inaccuracy wasn’t off-putting, although Taron Egerton being much taller than Elton was!

    John Reid came across as such a villain that I googled “Is John Reid dead?” on the assumption that he must be past being able to sue :D, & thus could be painted as black as the late Paul Prenter was in Bohemian Rhapsody. Also not surprised Elton didn’t make the film until his parents were dead, seeing how badly they came out of it.

    Luckily it stayed dry for the open air production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at Chilham Castle in Kent last week. Only 8 actors in total so lots of doubling up, with men playing women & vice versa. The 2 drunken knights were Irish & their victim, the idiotic steward, was Australian!

    Though this is rather old news. Being a F1 fan...

    RIP Niki Lauder, who survived the odds, given the last rights in bed during the Germany grand prix back in 1976, where he crashed and got extremely burnt..

    He was a key figure in the F1 paddock and will be sorely missed. I was extremely gutted hearing this news.:(;(

    Indeed, a legendary name from the days when F1 was genuinely exciting & not just about the car.

    R.I.P. Niki :(

    We appear to have very male-centric tastes don't we.

    Just out of curiosity what female artists and female-fronted/voiced bands do we like?

    Very few! I’ve liked a handful of female-fronted bands – the Pretenders, Blondie, some of Siouxsie, & now Starcrawler - or bands with female members e.g. New Order whose keyboard player is female, & Abba. But the only female solo artists are Kate Bush & early Lily Allen.

    Some of the most highly rated female artists leave me cold. I must be the only person who doesn’t like Janis Joplin, or Carole King’s Tapestry - but I’d rather listen to either of them on loop than have to endure Adele or Ellie Goulding! ^^

    What is the movie called?

    Simply called “Tolkien”, on general release in the UK from this weekend. Apparently it’s a dramatised biopic suggesting how his early experiences like serving in the First World War might have inspired him to write.

    Will probably watch it when it comes around on TV.

    The new film about JRR Tolkien’s life has just premiered in the UK. Not sure how accurate it will be, but Lily Collins who plays Mrs Tolkien is pictured on the front pages of 3 national newspapers today (Times, Telegraph & Daily Mail) - wearing what the Mail describes as “a groovy kind of gown”.

    Then down to the smoke for Todd Rundgren (Saturday night) at Hammersmith Apollo.

    Was he worth the trip? It seems surprising he only played 1 gig in the UK rather than doing a few cities, but then he’s probably one of those big American names who’s not particularly well known over here.

    ... it followed Brothers In Arms. It couldn't live up to that masterwork (and it is a masterwork, despite all the sneers about 'people only bought it to test their new CD players').

    Just an aside that some of us didn’t have CD players but bought the Brothers in Arms LP, then got Making Movies on cassette so it could be played in the car. Despite playing both a great deal, somehow never got around to their other albums. In the UK they were universally popular in the mid-80s, & then in the early 90s they suddenly became the old dinosaurs everyone sneered at. Maybe a reaction against over-exposure, similar to what happened to Phil Collins?