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    Trick, Selling and Foxtrot

    My definition of a great album is the lack of weak tracks, or fillers, and the above fill that criteria.

    As an old Prog Rocker, I obviously veer towards the older stuff, but I did not stop listening after PG left. I think anyone who did missed out on two or three terrific albums just after that, of course being TOTT, W&W and ATTWT. I can’t honestly say that any album after that did not come into the equation for me as a choice for the top three. There is obviously some good stuff in them, notably Dodo/Lurker, Home by the Sea, Domino, and a few others, but there are too many tracks that could be from a PC solo album, IMO.
    The period from Trespass to ATTWT is far and away the highlight of Genesis for me.