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    Right now I'm listening to Pain of Salvation - BE. First listen and WOW! It's so different. I like prog albums that sound unique and have a wide variety of sounds and styles in them. Really enjoying this.

    I also listened to John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - Bare Wares and Galahad - Battle Scars yesterday.

    By the way, in case you guys are wondering why I'm suddenly back and posting albums I'm listening to after years of neglecting to, basically what I'm doing is this: Going through my iTunes library and FINALLY, at long last, listening to all the albums in it that I've either never listened to, or haven't listened to in years. There are so many - dozens upon dozens - that I've never even touched, or haven't listened to in so long that I've forgotten how they sound. They need to be heard.

    And yes, as you can probably tell I'm also going alphabetically! Lots of Bs to get through! Next will be Pallas - Beat The Drum, which I haven't listened to in at least seven years.

    Sorry to hear about your loss NSOV....:(

    Thanks Noni for the condolences. :) Even though it's technically Jaap and his family's loss, losing Anja still feels a bit like losing a relative. They were both at my Mum and Dad's 25th anniversary in 2015 for example. They're Dutch (they live just outside of Rotterdam) so they couldn't visit all the time, but when they did it was a very happy experience.

    I'm so very sorry, NSOV. How tragic. We too have people close to us who've died of COVID. My wife and I just don't go anywhere. We're fully vaccinated, with a booster shot as well. All of our groceries are delivered, and I haven't been in a store in 2 years. My 83-year-old mom got COVID, but she survived with very few symptoms. We didn't even have a Christmas celebration this year because some family members weren't feeling well. As you mentioned, Anja was unlucky. It's tough times right now. I wish you and your loved ones peace and comfort.

    Thank you CountingOutTime for your touching response. :) Also great to hear your mother survived, that must have been a very scary experience. And although my family did celebrate Christmas last year, sadly my half-sister, who usually visits every Christmas, couldn't be here because she caught COVID just before Christmas and had to self-isolate. She recovered but it was a shame she couldn't attend. Lots of people we know have had it - our nextdoor neighbours, our handyman, some of Mum and Dad's other friends. None of the people in my household have had it and we are staying as safe as we can, always wearing masks and limiting contact where possible.

    One of my Dad's best friends, Jaap, lost his wife, Anja, to COVID earlier tonight. She was 61. Fully vaccinated but sadly she was unlucky.

    This is the third time now my family has lost someone due to COVID-19. First my dear Uncle Brian, who was like a grandfather to me because both my grandfathers died before my birth. He sadly died just before the vaccine rollout. Then one of our neighbours, old Mr. Pinner, who used to look after me when I was little whenever my parents had to go out. He had his first vaccine, but died before his second one. He wasn't in good health, but it was still sad to hear.

    Now one of my Dad's best friends lost his wife, and she was taken far too soon. They visited us a couple of times and we visited them over in the Netherlands back in 2011. Jaap and Anja were such lovely people and took us all over the place - to Rotterdam, a beautiful Dutch park with a koi pond, a model village, and on a ferry trip.

    I'm now honestly terrified of who this virus going to take next. Three people I knew, all gone. Just taken away from us. I also lost my Great Aunt Joan last year, although she died due to old age (she was 95) instead of the virus. Even so, another death. So it's actually four people I've lost since late 2020.

    Certainly, if you include 5 years either side of 1971, I'd agree.

    To me 1969-1976 is the best era for music along with 2007-2013 which was also an absolutely remarkable era for albums of multiple genres. There was obviously loads of great albums between 1977 and 2006 as well but those two eras I mentioned contain the vast majority of of my favourites. :)

    A true prog rock classic that expertly balances heaviness with gentleness and the first of the classic lineup we know and love. Happy 50th to Cynthia and her croquet mallet!

    OK so I've watched several clips and I must say, I really, really hope this is the last tour now, because seeing poor Phil sitting down on a chair singing this songs and straining his voice is kind of sad to watch. Not that the performances are bad - they're actually impressive. But compared to the 2007 tour excellence, it doesn't feel as special as it should.

    They're still talented, but they really, truly are at the end of their road. They took a big risk with this tour and while the audience is clearly happy I just cannot see them doing this again. I'm going to watch more clips though because I am enjoying them. :)