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    Several non-remastered Genesis songs.

    Honestly, it just makes me kinda sad. I'm gonna say it and I don't care who disagrees. The non-remastered versions are absolutely phenomenal, and the remastered versions are inferior, existing only to be louder and removing so many sounds from the original versions that I didn't even know where in there. I own only the remastered versions and I wish I owned the non-remastered ones.

    Edit: That said, comparing these versions, I can hear some of the sounds lost in the remasters to some extent, they are just harder to identify. If anything, it's good that the remastered versions helped me spot them. It's just that there are some sounds that don't come through well. For example the original Dance On A Volcano is oddly more emotional sounding with more strings that are pushed to the back in the remaster.

    I still love the Genesis albums I have though, even if they aren't the ideal versions.

    Earlier I listened to the fifth album by Kaiser Chiefs: Education, Education, Education and War. Really good album, tons of energy.

    I've really got way more into the Kaiser Chiefs ever since seeing them February 1st last year. I already liked them but I've found I like them even more now. Their songs just rock along so well.

    Happy New Year everyone! 2021 can't be any worse than the now legendarily atrocious 2020 :D

    One of my new year's resolutions is to re-connect with older friends as much as possible! I will try to visit this forum at least once or twice a week!

    Also one thing I need to make clear: While I am pleased Biden and Harris won, I still believe that they are both highly flawed candidates. I've adopted increasingly left-wing views over the years and I now consider myself a socialist. So I am not "fans" of capitalists Biden and Harris. I just think Trump is considerably worse in every way. Biden and Harris are part of the corporate Democratic establishment and the Democratic Party continues to prove that it isn't willing to become more left-wing just because their voters are shifting leftwards; they are a centre-right party and will comprise with the Republicans until the cows come home. Don't get me wrong, they will do the right thing on occasion, but all of the progressive stuff Biden campaigned on will be blocked my Mitch McTurtle and GOP-majority senate.

    Why? Where has it got you, apart from maybe depressed? I didn't bother, and STILL came to exactly the same conclusion as you.

    It's to be hoped that he gets his come-uppance when the tax people etc catch up with him, but frankly, if he just disappears and Brand Trump never gets near any political office ever again, I'll be quite content.

    I followed it out of sheer morbid fascination and interest. It was such a crazy roller-coaster ride. So many twists and turns, and it just got crazier and crazier. Also I have a degree in American Studies and Media so I'm naturally fascinated by American affairs.

    I'd like to add, that I followed everything about Trump since 2017. Every imbecilic tweet, every scandal, every antic, every lie, every insane moment, every unconstitutional disgrace, every psychopathic crime against humanity. Trump is the worst leader of any country in modern history and these last four years have aged me. And I'm not even American! This whole presidency was like an extremely moronic reality TV show that transformed into a multi-layered political crime drama, there were so many times when I had to question reality. So many characters too... Stormy Daniels, The Mooch, William Barr, Kavanaugh...