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    Mmmm, maybe 9/15??

    A typical M&M track. Not awful, but doesn't really set the world on fire either.

    Maybe it will grow on me?

    Spurred on by the original post on this thread I have just listened to every live version of The Knife I posses including the 1980 live versions.

    Very interesting.

    It was the one song I saw Steve Hackett play live in Nottingham I felt (for me) that Steve did not absolutely nail in the guitar solo section.

    I realised on reflection that I was comparing Steve's rendition to Ant's on Trespass, which is of course different.

    Daryl does a slightly different take again in his versions.

    Would love to hear a live version of The Knife with Ant playing - does that exist anywhere???

    I waited so long for So to come out - I had such high anticipation.

    It was released in the UK in May 1986.

    I was also waiting for Genesis to release Invisible Touch too. That was released in June 1986.

    So now at long last I had two new albums from my idols.

    The waiting in between albums seemed so long back then.

    Now, time and the years seem to simply fly by.

    So, back to the songs.

    Genesis Invisible Touch was such a disappointment for me personally. I quickly went through the album trying to find the band that I loved, but apart from Domino, I was left saddened and deflated.

    I put So on my Technics record player, hoping against hope that Peter would not let me down...

    Boy did he restore my faith in his songwriting and singing ability from the get go.

    I can still remember the very first time I ever heard Red Rain...

    The build up on the drums that became very quickly a joyous crescendo - the fluid, playful and joyous bass guitar, infectious keyboards and Pete's confident soulful vocal.

    The lyrics grabbed me right away. What were they about? I didn't know, but I knew I would enjoy finding out.

    The album artwork itself was clean, sharp and included the lyrics and details of the musicians and producer.

    I knew two minutes in that this was going to be a GREAT PIVOTAL ALBUM for Peter.

    I was a Gabriel 4 fanatic, yet here was Peter giving us pop, without losing the sensibilities of Lay Your Hands On Me or Wallflower.

    What an artist. What a genius.

    I give the track and the whole album 10/10.

    It's a time of my life when my favourite artist was producing simply sublime music.

    Invisible Touch? It's grown on me of course, but it was no So.

    But I was happy to have the two albums in my then much much smaller adolescent music collection!

    Well I never knew this!

    Tears On The Ballroom Floor - Bucks Fizz - Anthony Phillips Composer:

    Tears on the Ballroom Floor