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    Seems ages since we've had an update on the latest issue with a link - is one due?

    Does Big Al post on this forum?



    Yes, I think I remember Mike Rutherford politely saying that Peter had got a bit sidetracked with the XPlora - Although I can't imagine that would put Peter off releasing an 'Xplora Plethora' edition at some point during the century - notice I didn't say which century...

    Peter Gabriel - Ovo: the lost solo version


    Chappell is also preparing material for producer Stephen Hague, who is working on a revamped version of Ovo, with Gabriel singing all the songs, which is to be released later this year in the US as a genuine Gabriel solo record. A remix album, which will see people like Tricky and Trent Reznor having a go at various tracks from Up, is also expected in the shops towards the end of the year.

    Published May 2003…l-recording-peter-gabriel…lost-solo-version.415544/

    Is this one of those Gabriel things that is never likely to happen?

    I was told this album was so bad and not worth a listen by older, wiser Genesis aficionados when I was young, that of course I wanted to seek it out for myself and listen to it.

    My friend taped it for me and couldn't even be bothered to write out the track listing for me, instead getting his sister, who I fancied like crazy and still keep in touch with even today to do it for him.

    I still have the cassette with her lovely elegant writing on it.

    One day, many years later when we were both older, we hooked up together after many, too many years apart, so the line 'She looks at me and gently smiles as if she knew I'd ask her all the time.' has always had a special significance for us both.

    Yes, the album is not Genesis at their best, but they were only young lads doing their best and giving it a damn good go against all odds.

    It definitely is their first album and I find some of the lyrics still resonate with me after all this time no matter how young, naive and inexperienced the fledgling band were at the time.

    The album caught me at a similar age to the guys when the they wrote it, so maybe that makes me a little more forgiving and tolerant to this oft overlooked recording.

    A good song from Steve. I gave it 11/15 which seems to be a popular score.

    Regarding Steve's vocals, for me they seem to have improved over the years.

    I remember Chris Squire saying he wasn't aware that Steve sang before they did the Squackett album together - love the singing on the track 'Aliens' on that release.

    Would love to hear Steve and Ant attempt a song together utilising both their guitar skills and vocal harmonies.

    Love this track. Genesis were, and still are about seventeen years older than me.

    They seemed so worldly wise, well read and knowledgeable about mythology, literature and with this song the ways of love..

    Whilst there was I - still fumbling around and hadn't yet gone 'beyond the silver rainbow'..

    And yes, they were indeed right..when I eventually got there I found that yes, 'you won't know if your coming or going'...

    I always envied them their older, more mature worldly wisdom, so it saddens me now to see them all growing older..

    Just had a re-listen to the whole remastered version of the album.

    I had always considered this a bit poppy and also the absence of Steve pervaded my thoughts as I always listened in the past.

    Today, I appreciated the songwriting, lyrics and many references to the old Genesis sound still there in the background.

    Standout tracks:

    Undertow - would love to hear Peter Gabriel sing this.

    Snowbound - Crafty lyrics disguising a bittersweet song from Mike.

    Many Too Many - Classic Genesis - they can still pull it off, even if there's only three of them.

    Follow You, Follow Me - Genesis do a love song and yet still manage to include a prog keyboard solo!

    Burning Rope - great tune, possibly even better live?

    Deep In The Motherlode - great lyrics.

    It's taken me many years to come round to this album. It was originally given to me almost forty years ago in school by a chap who sat next to me as he knew I liked Genesis.

    I was heavily into the Stagnation,Musical Box, Hogweed, Lamb, Suppers ready era and I took the tape home expectantly. Compared to the earlier stuff it disappointed me, but today all these years later, listening to it in isolation and without comparison I am enjoying it!

    A brilliant song - one of my fave's by Phil. Phil himself said in recent youtube interview with an Australian tv show that Take Me Home & Can't Turn Back The Years were his own personal favourite songs..

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    I struggle to hear Sting and Peter Gabriel on the backing vocal. Can anyone separate the vocal track in the mix to isolate the vocals more clearly?

    This is not a criticism, but the song has always reminded me of a jazzed up take on Peter Gabriel's 'Lead A Normal Life' off Gabriel IV

    Back in the early 1980's a much older Genesis fan than myself told me that Peter had removed the first two letters from 'Israel' to come up with the name Rael.

    I don't know where he got that info from or if anyone here has heard that before??

    Never thought of that one - a good choice!