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    John Challis who played Boycie in Only Fools And Horses, just died. One of the best non-lead characters in any show.

    “Did you know, 500 years ago this was a green and peaceful area? The old Earl of Peckham had a castle where the Kwik-Fit exhaust centre now stands. Flaxen-haired maidens used to dance round the village maypole of an evening. And then one fateful medieval day, the Trotter clan arrived in a stolen Zephyr. Before you knew it, the flaxen-haired maiden was up the spout, the old Earl had been sold some hooky armour and someone nicked the maypole.”

    I think without Wright, Pink Floyd should stay dead. It was never just Gilmour and Waters. Wearing The Inside Out is hard proof of that. As was SOYCD of course.

    I'd add Butler to Suede to your list... If they hadn't had 25 brilliant years after he left.

    I can never work out if this is my favourite or second favourite album. I alternate it with We Can't Dance. If you took the best tracks from this & combined it with the best of We Can't Dance you would have an unqualifed masterpiece

    Cool mixture there! We Can't Dance gets precious little love around here and I feel bad for it as it was really my induction album for Genesis. I was 10 and my trusty walkman and WCD cassette were a solid foundation for me.

    What would an Abacab/WCD tracklist look like?

    Any chance of a little context for this list of songs? We don't know the current setlist so what is the first list you posted? If these are songs from the current tour, what is the significance of "drum machine tracks" on those songs? What is a "pre-record"? If they are studio songs where a drum machine is used, so what? If they are songs played live where a drum machine is used, so what? Does it mean the live drummer is not good or should be judged for having an additional instrument on the song or something??

    Totally lost.

    I am a Canadian Football League fan...

    OR a big fan of the World's most popular team Sport.

    You know what the World calls football. A few call it soccer.

    What's your point? The "world" calls lots of things different names depending on where you are. In Ireland football can be Gaelic football or soccer, but the most intolerant pedants would get all high and mighty if you refer to EPL games as football games.

    No. I saw this bit on Reddit the other day and was pretty stunned. Apparently the full version was on YouTube briefly.

    This is the kind of gold they could feel free to dig out of the archives any time they want!

    If you talk about drum machines (Mama, Invisible Touch), ok, but again that doesn't mean that what he has to play is that easy... "Mama" drum part is not "just diddling about over the top"...

    Drum machines are the ground for some songs, but you still have to build the house on it.

    Exactly. Not sure how this could ever generate controversy. Mama, In The Air Tonight, Man On The Corner, Tonight Tonight Tonight just to mention a few examples all have bits with a drum machine. It's just another instrument. Doesn't detract from the real drummer's job in the least.

    Am I missing something here?

    Buffalo at Miami: Miami 18 Buffalo 24

    Las Vegas at Pittsburgh: LV 30 Pittsburgh 17

    LA Rams at Indianapolis: LAR 21 Indy 14

    New Orleans at Carolina: NO 27 Carolina 20

    Dallas at LA Chargers: LAC 20 Dallas 27

    Tennessee at Seattle: Sea 25 Tenn 21

    Kansas City at Baltimore: KC 27 Balt 27