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    I inadvertently waiting a few hours (I forgot) so there were only 3 ahead of me and I got the ticket within a few minutes. $340 or so for some section on the floor. Steep and probably not the best seat. It will do. More expensive than I thought it would be.

    So I got an email that they notify us tonight of whether we were chosen for the presale. Apparently if so we will be able to purchase tickets tomorrow startup at 1000am US eastern time. If that’s the case do I have to be ready at exactly 1000 or if I don’t around to do it until like 1130am is it a big deal?

    Not sure. I got a text with a code in it so I assume I was chosen, if that's the right word. I assume it will still work later, but imagine the longer we wait the less choice we'll have. And I have no idea if more people pre-registered than they have tickets for or how that works. Like will there be a huge demand at 10am? I'll be signing on later than that. Fingers crossed it works out!

    Leeds 2-2 Tottenham

    Sheff Utd 1-0 Crystal Palace

    Man City 1-2 Chelsea

    Liverpool 2-1 Southampton

    Wolves 1-0 Brighton

    Aston Villa 1-1 Man Utd

    West Ham 2-0 Everton

    Arsenal 2-0 West Brom

    Fulham 2-1 Burnley

    Bristol City 1-0 Brentford

    Cardiff 2-0 Rotherham

    Coventry 3-1 Millwall

    Nottm Forest 1-0 Preston

    QPR 2-0 Luton

    Reading 2-0 Huddersfield

    Watford 1-1 Swansea

    Dense and ambitious, with moments of breathtaking beauty. Billy at his most Bowie, singing about "counting the spiders, as they crawled up inside her...". The interplay of rich artwork, complex imagery and intricately layered instruments makes this album one I think of as a feast. Try "The Crying Tree of Mercury" or "Blue Skies Bring Tears" and see if you don't feel like you are on a musical planet with a thinner, unsettling atmosphere.

    Yikes. I admit I haven't looked at it in quite a while, but that number seems extremely low. Like maybe a year ago I went on and there were dozens of shows. Sure some with one seeder maybe. If I left them overnight I'd have the show the next day, and would have been uploading them too for most of that time.

    Hope it stays alive. But even more, it would be terrific if the band released some of the (apparent) trove of live stuff they have in the vault.

    Going from three recent Nic interviews, he's hinted that they rehearsed something really difficult (from the drummer's perspective) which they haven't played in many years...and decided not to add it to the final set.

    I'm therefore drawing a conclusion that they tried Watcher and decided not to select it. Shame.

    Hopefully whatever it was shows up on some DVD of the rehearsals, I thought I read on here they filmed them in case the tour never happened because of the pandemic.

    I registered for the pre-sale for the show in Washington, DC on November 18th. Getting to see these guys again makes my year! I’ve converted my girlfriend into a freak for old-school Genesis. Before she met me her knowledge of Genesis was limited to Throwing it all Away and Invisible Touch. Now she’s totally geared to hear Supper’s Ready live in November. I haven’t had the heart to tell her it probably ain’t happening.

    She might be surprised!

    I am going to try for Toronto tickets. The situation in our city and province is not good - are third wave is stretching our health care system severely. We are vaccinating, but have a long way to go. Still I can hope for what the situation might be in 6 months. It also could be worse again due to new variants and other things we can't predict. So I will be prepared to see the show cancelled or to even lose my money if we decide it is not prudent to attend even if the show goes on.

    Canada is in a tough spot (my brother and his family live there), but I'm betting 6 months you will be in great shape. The current fire will go out with the lockdown measures, and then vaccination will take hold. And the health system is terrific. I've worked in it.

    The jack in the box is a new variant that escapes immunity but despite the raging infernos in the US first, then Brazil and now India... It hasn't happened. That's so many millions of opportunities and that risk continues of course, nearly a million confirmed infections a day globally but probably 1 - 10 million in truth. Still immunity seems to hold. I think we're gonna be ok.

    I think Genesis fans would like this a lot. It sounds to me like if REM and Genesis were fused into one band. The drumming isn't as virtuosic as Phil's but the way he hits the snare drum like a counter punch is very reminiscent of our man.

    Manchester Orchestra "The Million Masks of God".

    Absolutely agree. I see that in Genesis and other bands forums. It's just that there is a section genesis fans who are not just disappointed the that Genesis vetted away from the music store they loved but are plain angry and stylish off the band more than any other music critic anyone else. Anger aimed mostly at Phil. Which is sad as they did such wonderful music, which would not have been half as good without PC

    Totally agree with the sentiments on this thread. Most of the fans I've interacted with are respectful but there is that small, unfortunate minority that aren't satisfied with enjoying what they enjoy, and want to attack other fans for enjoying something else. I find it pretty odd to be honest. Why do you give a shit if I love PC era Genesis? I also love PG era Genesis. There are tracks across their catalog I love. I don't prefer one era at all. There are a handful of tracks here and there I can live without, old and new (Battle of Epping Forest, I'm looking at you).

    Second point you mentioned about the music not being as good without PC. This. Is. So. True. Tony Banks can write great music, but it takes a superhuman effort to make his songs rock. How Phil could take his lyrics and make them soulful or rocking is no mean feat. I think that aspect of Genesis is often overlooked. To be fair, Mike did his fair share too, being an incredible bassist.

    I follow this up with “In Too Deep’s” B-side (in the UK that is) “Do The Neurotic” which reminds listeners that Genesis could still write a kickass prog instrumental.

    Why the outtake version, what is the difference between it and the original, and is it on an official release? Thanks.

    Does anyone know the ticket prices? I'm going no matter what, but do I need to hold off buying a car? :)

    I am on the pre-sale list for Detroit.

    Kidneys can fetch a handsome price on the second hand market.

    In all seriousness, I am so happy they announced these dates. I've only seen them on the CAS tour and would love to see this lineup. Sure, Phil won't be clattering the leather off the drums at the end of Abacab, but I'm guessing with the rehearsals they've done it's gonna be a brilliant show. I wonder if they'll have the same setlist both sides of the pond? Didn't they do That's All in North America on the WCD tour but something else it's place in Europe?

    This intrigues me, as someone who came to appreciate them in the mid-1970s and experienced their progression as each album came out (having done my own early stuff catch-up, essentially the PG years). I'm interested to hear about those having a different experience and going back from near the end of their recording career to discover their earlier material. I reacted and acclimatised to each new release whereas you time-travelled into the past to get to grips with them in a much shorter time. What was that like? Being a new fan around the time of WCD and then discovering the early 70s stuff which bears practically no resemblance - that must've been quite a wild ride. And how much had you already known of the solo stuff before this?

    Looking back, it was strange and exciting discovering Genesis' "old" music. I had WCD and the Shorts and Longs cassettes. So my expectations were somewhat set by those. The Old Medley seemed pretty intense and I was excited to get the older material. I also had the Way We Walk tour video, and remember thinking how cool the Domino bit was with Phil howling about "blood on windows" and "the beautiful river of blood". I think the first older album I got was Wind and Wuthering on cassette. I saw the song title Blood on the Rooftops and thought 'oh man, this is gonna be great', expecting something wild and aggressive. Then the opening guitar notes play and I was thinking 'okay... What the hell is this?'. Of course I love that song now but it's funny how an 11 or 12 year old brain can set stupid expectations.

    I believe I pretty quickly acquired NC and maybe Live 73 and even though the sound was so different to the later years, there was always something that made me want more - the haunting melody of Seven Stones, the ostentatious aggression of that live version of Hogweed. I acquired the rest in a jumbled chronological order if memory serves, so I learned not to have expectations when it came to Genesis because you never know what you're going to get!

    I had minimal exposure to the solo careers before discovering the band's music. I got into some of that after, but not all.

    I love your story. I always think of WCD as my 'first' Genesis album as I bought it on cassette when I was 10, but in truth, my first exposure to Genesis was IT. I was only 7 and my parents had it playing on cassette in our car when we took a road trip to France. I vividly remember The Brazilian standing out to me the most, followed by the sense of danger from TTT. I'm fascinated by the neuro-cognitive aspect of this, as I would have had no framework for articulating why I liked those bits at that age, and can only think they reflected something of my forming personality.

    I also can't choose just 3, I have 4 favorites (trick, duke, Abacab and CAS) but more and more The Lamb is nudging it's way into that top tier.

    PS If it's not established that the JB song is plagiarism I hope the very stark title of this thread doesn't prove to be problematic for the forum!

    :D This made me picture Pennywise Bieber wearing clown makeup and holding a red balloon, peering out of a rain gully at us Genesis fans and baring his sharp teeth in a ferocious smile. "They float... And when you're down here, you'll float too!"

    Wow there is stunning beauty and energy in the music on this album. She channels Bowie quite a lot in my mind. Earthier but with her eyes firmly on the stars.

    "Sitting at the bar, I told you everything
    You said, "Holy shit, you almost died""

    Btw it's Sharon Van Etten's Remind Me Tomorrow.

    I'm still mourning Jim Steinman's passing - have been unable to get Objects In The Rearview Mirror's lyrics and beautiful piano melody out of my head for an entire week now. But it's good to refresh with something *totally* different. I do love the ridiculous sharpness and melody of Snoop Dogg's version of rap. Sometimes it's like the words and rhythm are constructed the same way as an absurdly complicated maths problem. Soft and whispering mixed with deadly intent. On first listen, I love this new album.

    Concert goers are always a mix of die-hards, holding onto faint hopes of an obscure track being performed, and people who just want a fun night out, enjoying an evening of live music and nostalgia (and maybe a little catching up with friends during the quiet bits of less familiar songs).

    At a Genesis concert in 2022, I would expect the latter would make up the vast majority.

    This is a good point, well made. I would never say Genesis have an easy time satisfying "all of their fans". But I strongly believe that within the universe of Genesis' songs, they can do better with their tours. Of the group of fans you refer to, their world will not implode if ICD isn't played every night. Their night out would suck if the setlist was all dense prog tracks, but I'd never suggest that. They also likely wouldn't care if the band played Cinema Show one night, and Twilight Alehouse another night.

    I maintain that Genesis has huge quality throughout their discography and I'd love to see them indulge, either massive three+ hour shows, or wobbling certain tracks from night to night.