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    Excellent description of something that could have been awkward to describe! Not sure if that was me regarding the verse (probably not), but I can definitely hear his vocal as he is doing what we used to call "seconds" in school, and it's high in the mix, surely the most prominent he's been on a Genesis track. Being around the time of The Fugitive, he was clearly willing to wade in vocally. That said, although I don't have a source to hand, I'm pretty sure Phil tried to get Tony to sing the main vocal on the album, and Mike to sing Just a Job To Do, but they didn't go for it.

    Would have made what is already one of the stranger album sides in Genesis' ouevre even more odd!

    Would love if they had tried it out live.

    I always wonder how many of the fans who bought albums like IT and WCD and were new to Genesis, are still die hard fans or was just a passing music phase in the 80's?

    The setlists seem to be made up of numerous songs from this period, but would the majority of people buying tickets for 2021 prefer a more varied setlist?

    Personally I could easily give WCD, HOMH and LOC a miss for something else

    My guess is the fans who go to see them in 2021 would agree with you. But the band themselves seem to have always labored under the assumption that concert goers will riot if they don't hear all of the band's biggest hits, treating them on some level like Rick Astley fans expecting to hear Never Gonna Give You Up. Maybe there are a handful of attendees who remember IT on the radio and decide to bumble along for the fun. But I doubt that will be the majority.

    See also the multitude of rants I have posted about setlists that don't vary in a tour, which greatly restricts the scope to throw in deep cuts for longer term fans. Let them play ICD and HOMH, but why every night?

    I think the most likely surprises are Squonk, Many Too Many, or maybe Watcher of the Skies. I expect one or more of those.

    Other than those, I suspect most of the guesses above are going to be close to the mark.

    Recently, I played the "Shapes" album a lot. Still not in my Top 3, but this has grown a lot over time. Especially Silver Rainbow and Just A Job To Do

    Love those tracks. They are very different (from each other, and in the 'sounding odd' sense). Along with Mama and HBTS, that album is half amazing to me. The other tracks all have something going for them, but there's just something uneven about the album. It's like if they spent another two months on it, added a couple of other tracks and made an EP out of the weaker ones, it would have been better.

    Actually, just occurred to me, at the time maybe they were each holding good ideas back for fledgling solo careers. It was the first album where every song was Banks/Collins/Rutherford I believe.

    So sad that Jim Steinman has died;(

    Bat Out of Hell 2 was one of the two albums that most informed my subsequent tastes in music (and to some extent the person I am). The other was We Can't Dance. I can see elements of all the rock, pop, metal, grunge, electronic music etc I went on to enjoy in those releases.

    Jim Steinman's passing has prompted me to go back and rediscover his work.

    I’d love to hear CAS songs. CAS, Shipwrecked and Not About Us would be great.

    I'd love to hear them too but the chances are below zero. In theory, it would be no different than the band playing The Knife, but practice is often different from theory! Also I think there's a good chance Phil's voice wouldn't be up to a song like CAS which is comparable to Mama vocally.

    Jim Steinman 😢

    This shocked me when I saw the headline. He was only 73 but apparently had been sick. He has written some of the most enduring songs of the past half century including Bat Out Of Hell and Total Eclipse of the Heart. He seemed to have a love-hate relationship with Meat Loaf, in that they frequently ended up in court suing each other, but they always seemed to come back around and did their best work together.

    If I recall correctly, he was also going to sing some early song himself (maybe even Bat out of Hell, or more likely an earlier song from some stage production) but a female biker broke his nose so he was unable to and the job fell to Meat Loaf. The favor was somewhat repaid when Meat Loaf ruined his voice touring Bat out of Hell, and was unable to sing the follow up album (Bad for Good). Steinman lost patience waiting for it to recover, and sang it himself. It was a relatively minor hit; when Meat Loaf was finally able to sing again, they released Dead Ringer which was much more successful that Steinman's solo attempt.

    Anyway, a larger than life character, a nice guy too by all accounts, and a certified giant in the songwriting world of rock. RIP.

    Have you noticed a specific influence of Genesis or the members on a song or other artist?

    Two come to mind for me. Nine Inch Nails "She's Gone Away" from Twin Peaks The Return episode 8 heavily derives from Mama, I think. 'ha ha ha ha'... Etc. Check it out…Vaw0VTJzWxrN8ZFOD4xbU2nov

    And much less specific, I think Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins liked to compare Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness to The Wall of their generation, but I always thought The Lamb was a much more accurate comparator. Mellon Collie was a lot less monolithic than the Wall, and a lot more varied and melodic, like the Lamb. I think The Fragile was The Wall of the 90s.

    Not for nothing but Silver Rainbow would be a very odd song to end an album on.

    That said, it's a very odd song no matter where it falls in the running order. I'm very fond of it.