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    Have been binge watching Star Trek . So far first 7 films.

    For a change have really enjoyed The Favourite.

    Star Trek 2 is a legitimately great movie. You don't have to be a fan of Sci Fi, I think it's an absolute classic.

    3 is deeply underrated. 4 is pretty overrated. 1 is evenly rated I'd say. 5 is dire. Really, really dire. 6 was good. 7 is underrated too. 8 was terrific, probably the best after 2. The rest were forgettable. I don't even know how many more there were.

    For the reboot, the first one was very very good, and the second one was gouge-my-eyes-out-NOW bad.

    For movies, I'm waiting arrival of a deluxe DVD of David Lynch's Dune 😃.

    Absolutely love Abacab. It has a special place in my heart. There's something more freeform and disinhibited about it than any of their other albums. Favorite tracks are the title track, Me and Sarah Jane and Keep it Dark, but it's all good. I even love the back end which feels hidden somehow because tracks like Like it or Not and Another Record are deep deep cuts (like Eddie Murphy's character in Beverly Hills Cop going deep deep undercover), and always feel fresh to me whenever I hear them.

    Happy birthday Abacab!

    Edit: giving it a 40th anniversary whirl and feeling more struck than before at the menace in that middle section of No Reply At All. It's all bright and breezy and then suddenly it stops and there's Phil yowling and the drums going half time. Very effective.

    There are two OutKast songs in the top 50, and no Pink Floyd ones? I like OutKast, but what the hell kind of list is this? Smells Like Teen Spirit is in the top 10 or something, but the Pixies song it's derived from (Gouge Away) isn't in the top 50. Or maybe not even the top 500, I'm not bothered looking through the whole thing.

    And how will we ever know what the 501st best song of all time is 🥺??

    All of a sudden! Talking about 90s stuff prompted that, I suppose? I still think Wide Open Space is one of the best songs from that period, it does that thing really good songs can do, of having a real feeling of tension. I always liked Take It Easy Chicken as well. I think they were about to go on tour before touring ceased to be.

    Yep! They had a really good tune on their album Six too, I think it was called 'Special/Blown It'. Surprised to hear about the potential tour, I thought they were still inert.

    90s was a stellar decade for music IMO, though there's always great music if you're willing to dig around. I just think great music was abundant then and relatively accessible.

    I was a pretty big fan around the time This Is My Truth came out, and worked backward from there. Richie Edwards brought quite a bit of Syd Barrett mystique to them, topped obviously with his disappearance. A Design for Life was a big hit when I was in school and for me, stood above some of the other stuff in the charts at the time (Oasis and Blur etc).

    They played a lot on the festival circuit around then too (late 90s/early 2000) so I saw them a few times in that context. They always struck me as hard-working, which is maybe not the most noteworthy attribute you want to come away with from a band!

    Same as others, my interest tailed off with the follow up to This Is My Truth as it seemed less interesting, and I never really rediscovered them. Wouldn't be averse to doing so however now that my memory has been prodded.

    Might dig up a bit of Mansun too while I'm at it!

    Will everyone please promise to not post setlist details in this thread, only in the setlist spoilers thread! I don't want to know until I'm sat in the Glasgow Hydro in 2 weeks time.

    In fact, from the start of the tour I think I'll simply avoid this entire board altogether, just in case.

    Safest bet. Songs played are gonna be sprayed wall to wall across here, in lots of threads, in thread titles. I can imagine some new user going by the name "icantbelievetheyplayedsquonklastnight" popping up on the introduction thread.

    Can't believe it's so soon now. Holding out hope that all goes smoothly and everyone has a blast.

    Whether that all results in them actually playing something they haven't since the 70s or early 80s is still a bit of a mystery. Moonlit Knight looks certain to appear in some form, but while it was dropped from 83 to 07, it is still something of a favourite on other tours. Didn't they do a bit of it on the CAS tour too?

    Yep, they did the opening bit as part of the acoustic set. It was a nice moment in the concert, Ray had a good voice for it.

    wouldn't know much about the Gabriel era and as far as I know is 'Carpet Crawlers' the only song from that era that may be on the setlist ?

    I Know What I Like and Firth of Fifth have been major staples and I'd be surprised if neither were included. And I still hold out hope of something left field. Watcher of the skies or something they haven't done in a very long time.

    It is simply incomprehensible what she did. Does not compute.

    She is the very definition of why sport is just brilliant. Young, unheralded, out of the blue, astounding skill, unbelievable poise in the face of huge pressure and pure joy reveling in what she is doing. And I could have written almost the same thing if her opponent had won!


    At the moment Pink Floyd are on at Earls Court 1994. Includes tracks from Dark Side of the Moon. I love this album.

    from the Division Bell tour? Stunning. The light show for Comfortably Numb on that tour is mind-blowing. The played DSoTM completely and apparently did approach Roger Waters about joining them but he was still being a massive bollocks about the whole thing.

    And she's gone and won it. Straight sets in the final. 20 sets in a row.

    Beyond extraordinary.

    Edit: let me go out on a limb here and predict that in the next 100 years, a qualifier is not going to win a grand slam without losing a set.

    I agree with your point that the recent spate of articles are clueless to Phil's recent history.

    And he completed a big solo tour. And they have obviously rehearsed extensively for this tour.

    And I - someone slated to see them on the last two shows of the North American leg of their tour, having only seen them before on the CAS tour - hope more than anyone that the world gets to see Genesis 2021.

    But I think beyond the recent press, there's legitimate concern for Phil's health. Maybe the lighting and his head tilt showed him in a very unfavorable light in the recent interview but it looked to me like he has bad protein-energy malnutrition/muscle wasting. It's very uncomfortable for me as a huge fan to see these things and I'm obviously among like minded people here. I hope he's more ok than the interview suggests, or I can't see how a whole tour could possibly happen.