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    To add to the above, as recently as December I discovered I worked with closet Genesis fans who went to see them, and they were disappointed that there were no Phil Collins songs played.

    Also on the topic of phil as the bad guy in Genesis. I firmly believe the guy is almost a genius musically, and as talented as Tony and Mike are, they are not geniuses really. Phil didn't make them a pop monstrosity, but through his ability he enabled Tony's (and to a lesser extent Mike's) ambitions to be a rock star. To some extent he was a translator for their language to the mainstream. None of us can know how music of today will be judged in 400 years time but I'd like to think that if any artist was labeled "misunderstood" it would be Phil. Popular hack? No. Godlike multivalent talent? Yes.

    And to finish, I do much prefer the compositional beefiness that Banks/Rutherford added to Genesis than I do Phil solo. I think they are unbelievably good, as evidenced by CAS being in my top 3 Genesis albums and above any Phil solo album. It's just that IT could have been The Fugitive 2 without Phil. Yes, the tour would have been Tuesday night at the Odeon instead of 3 nights at Wembley Stadium!

    From a touring side it is possible, however, it would fail like before sadly, because the majority accept Genesis ended in 1992/93 after WCD

    Alternate reality here, I know what you're saying but I think back to what happened in 1997-98 and I think 99% of bands would be ecstatic at what they achieved. Number 2 album in the UK, a lot of success in Europe, an arena tour etc. ie "fail like before" to me should be "succeed like before". I hate that MR particularly was of the opinion that if they didn't have the same level of success as before then why bother. I thought they had a great thing going. I lament that they ended the way they did while acknowledging the reality of the situation.

    I do rule it out but I totally get the urge to coast along on the last thin dissipating petrol fumes of speculation.

    Very poetic and apt!

    I'd love them to magically resume the project with Ray and make a follow up to CAS, which given that they are all able bodied compos mentis talented folks is not impossible. But it ain't happening.

    Turning this around today and predicting an earworm. Having heard Linger by the Cranberries on the radio I already know it'll be stuck in my head today.

    I was never a fan but always loved that song and its tuneful strings.

    RIP Dolores 😪

    I'm not a massive Cranberries fan either but she was an awful, awful loss.

    I loved Zombie growing up. The 90s version of Sunday Bloody Sunday I think. I was a young teenager when the Warrington bombings happened and a kid my own age was blown up by the Provo's. His face was in the news and I remember how sick I felt about it and how raw the words and music felt at the time.

    And hence my earworm is now Zombie! Linger is a fine tune. RIP Dolores.

    I think it's a vaguely unpleasant image.

    That's what I like about it! Genesis were never very unpleasant. It's an aspect they could have explored more musically. Like the darkest bits of Mama and Tonight Tonight Tonight. And the grit of some tracks on the Lamb. Arguably they tried their hardest on CAS but the tide had gone out, and they had lost a massive creative and organisational spark in Phil.

    I myself like to believe anything in the World is possible and nothing can be totally written off, that is everything apart from Roger Waters and David Gilmour seeing eye to eye (now that is even further away from possible than this).

    I think it's more likely Waters and Gilmour will duet together on a cover version of Islands In The Stream, with a cover of the Barney theme tune as the B-side, than Genesis will play Glastonbury. It's equally likely Genesis will play in my back garden this weekend as it is they will play Glastonbury. It is more likely Genesis will play Glastonbury than they will play under a sealed dome on the surface of Io though, so never say never.

    Was just thinking, wouldn't it be good for the band to release an official live albulm for both the Mama and Invisiable Touch Tours.

    It's crazy that this period has been "officially" underexposed and even the video releases didn't include the full setlists / variations.

    I agree with this, whatever about the 70s when they weren't that well known and recording shows was a big undertaking, by 1987 they were one of the two or three biggest bands in the world. How they managed to come away without a proper document of the in the cage medley with SR is beyond me.

    Rod Argent of course had his own band, imaginatively called Argent, best known for the hit Hold Your Head High.

    Yes they played that too, got the crowd going. Overall it was quite a positive experience. Much plainer than Genesis but variety is the spice of life, or something.

    The Zombies.

    Probably one of the only touring bands older than Genesis. When I saw the little picture of them in the ticketmaster app, I couldn't but think of Phil's phrase from the intro to Old Medley; "these magnificently preserved torsos" 😆

    Well, we saw them last night.

    They were good! I recognized more songs than I thought I would. Like "she's not there". The keyboard player, Argent, seems like a bit of a blowhard but told a good story about how "Time of the Season" became a hit.

    The crowd was mostly old, and one or two diehards that got freaky back in the day were rocking as hard as they could. More power to them. The venue was a lovely old movie theater.

    It was nice. I had a beer, and myself and the wife got to do something different with another couple other than watch our kids play!

    From the documentary below on youtube.

    Maybe you all are familiar with this, or it was already posted. If so apologies, it is all new to me. I didn't know about this different cover. The artists' stuff as the documentarian noted is similar to Gerald Scarfe's work and although cool/edgy would have been a pretty big departure for Genesis.

    Also curious why it's "The Duke".

    Well, you could send the cassette to me!!

    I can still play cassettes.

    Then I can do a tape-to-tape for you.

    Send a copy cassette back to you, I keep the originaal.


    Here's a copy of something you gave me because you had no way of playing it. It's worth far less than the original, the quality is worse, and it's in the same unplayable format as the one you sent! Time limited offer!! Cheers buddy!

    I saw this on Twitter and it made me laugh, so I thought it might make someone else laugh too:

    A truck loaded with thousands of copies of Roget's Thesaurus spilled its load leaving New York.

    Witnesses were stunned, startled, aghast, stupefied, confused, shocked, rattled, paralyzed, dazed, bewildered, surprised, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, confounded, astonished, and numbed.