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    I agree that everyone in this forum seems pretty cool and accommodating. I’ve only been a member on here for maybe a week and half. I’ve never seen Genesis live but it doesn’t seem like that is a qualifying factor for having to be apart of this forum. For me, I was two young in ‘86 and ‘92, and just couldn’t get to a concert in ‘07 because of where I was at in my life. I think a lot of people In their late thirties and early-mid 40’s may be in the same boat. If they do come to the states on this next tour, I’m determined to see them. In the end, it doesn’t diminish my love for the band.

    I'm in the same boat except I was lucky to see them on the CAS tour. I had tickets to two shows in Germany in 2007 but wasn't able to go, something I will regret forever. The concert footage of them in their prime makes me envious of the people who saw those shows, but I totally agree - doesn't make me like the band less, in fact they're my tied-with-two-others favorite band ever!


    nevertheless, I see Nursery Cryme (and also Trespass) as some kind of prototype / test bed for their perfect prog albums that would follow (Selling England and Trick Of The Tail). Nursery Cryme is sometimes a bit rough and also it's not top notch a-z, I never liked Harlequin or Harold the Barrel.

    I love that NC is a bit rough. It's energetic, raw and unvarnished in a way those other albums you refer to are not. I prefer Trick if I'm forced to choose, I just think that album is quite special, but Selling England, despite it's standouts, feels lacking in edge to me. A bit too smooth.

    I remembering buying CAS when it was released. Also here in Philadelphia, local stations played the hell out of Congo. I really enjoyed the album, and still to this day feel that they gave up too easily on their new sound. To me, CAS was darker and heavier than what came before it, and they could have really ran with that mood. The music reminded me of Brother Cain, Fools Shine On. It had that type of feel to it. It was the late nineties after all, alternative music was darker and heavier than the some of the music of the earlier part of the decade. I also love The Dividing Line, and the Title Track. Not About Us is my favorite ballad on the album.

    They absolutely should have stuck with it. Had a great sound, very promising tracks (CAS, Dividing line, Run out of Time) and a big fan base. Ray and Tony were in.

    Thanks Mike.

    Ok, it's hard to imagine now but Phil was in the same category as Michael Jackson and Madonna in 1986 - 87. But he was also playing drums on Apocalypse in 9/8 with Genesis *at the same time*.

    What. A. Legend.

    Seriously incomparable. No one was as good in so many different domains as he was. He had soul and he rocked. He was inventive and technically gifted. He somehow managed to be pretty funny too.

    Flawless? Of course not. But "we'll never see the likes of him again!"

    Also, this isn't an obituary. The dude is still alive. I just felt the urge to say nice things I believe are true about PC.

    I agree, if you ranked Genesis albums from most underrated to least, NC would be close to the top. I think Trespass and Abacab are more underrated, but NC is up there. I prefer it to Foxtrot and SEBTP. I adore Seven Stones. And with tracks like Harold the Barrel and For Absent Friends it feels like it has hidden corridors and back doors. Musical Box, Hogweed and Salmacis are major achievements, all on one album.

    I'm a bit wary taking the vaccine because of these variants. Until this proves reliable then I will take it.

    If I'm forced to take it, so be it. They may stop me all together going out unless I have the vaccine. But that will not happen for a few more months.

    The johnson and johnson one was tested in south america and south africa, and none of the trial participants that received the active treatment (the vaccine) were hospitalized with COVID. It's not a guarantee against infection, but it is very good protection against severe disease.

    To your specific concern: there will never be a vaccine that will protect against all *future* variants. It will keep circulating and mutating, and the situation may eventually settle into a pattern where we need a covid shot every year, along with our flu shot. But to get to that point of stability, we need to cut down circulation now with the vaccines we have now, which will limit the amount of variation to some extent and allow us to get a handle on it. A situation like Brazil is the worst possible, so much opportunity for mutation and escape from immunity (natural or vaccine induced). At least canada is taking public health measures to protect the world.

    Tldr; I understand the apprehension about getting a shot but I would recommend it strongly.

    If I was consigned to live out the rest of my days on a desert island with only a single album to listen to along in addition to the wind blowing through the marram grass and the waves crashing on the beach, this album would be there or thereabouts. So beautiful. Give the first song a whirl and see if you don't want to keep listening.

    Edit: OMFG I'm a giant hogweed. I feel like my world just turned upside down.

    Hey Everybody. New to your group. I just wanted to say that I’m grateful to have found this place to share my love for Genesis with like minded folks! I don’t have really anybody in my circle of friends or family that shares my passion. Look forward to chatting with you all.

    Welcome! Have enjoyed your posts so far. I didn't know anyone that really liked Genesis to much either and was very happy to find this community. Even when the odd war about eras or something silly flares up (I'm partial to them all)!