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    Agree with all of the above. I have a very negative view of Trump.

    But I noticed this snippet from a recent article about an all-girls robotics team from Afghanistan:

    In 2018, then-US President Donald Trump intervened to help several team members get visas for a robotics competition in Washington DC.

    It reminded me of a story I read in the run up to the 2016 election. A young child was profoundly sick and needed to fly from California to New York for medical care. Apparently commerical airlines refused because he was too sick so the parent appealed to Trump, and he sent his jet out to California to fly the kid to New York. Thing is, this happened in the 1980s and wasn't touted during the 2016 campaign as evidence that he was a good guy, so I just found it odd.

    Also, wasn't he a registered democrat and socialized with the Clintons before they were evil incarnate. And at some point, maybe in the 1990s, said that if he was ever going to run for president he'd run as a republican because their supporters are stupid enough to vote for him.

    All of which led me to research if there was any *good* stuff he did while in office. The answer is not much, but he passed something called the Creates Act which facilitates generic drug manufacturing. He also passed the First Steps Act aimed at reducing the federal inmate population.

    Probably there's more stuff. I'm comfortable taking sides here, and to be clear, my side is democrat/Biden at this point. But I think there's a tapestry of badness that's much bigger than Trump and to make him out to be the overarching villain is much too simplistic. This big present day mural of unnecessary chaos goes all the way from the DNC doing Sanders out of the primary in 2016 to Russian sponsored (or at least 'ignored by Russian authorities') online activists hacking national health services and spreading disinformation about the pandemic online. It's not just Trump. I think he's a bad guy who (charitably) did a terrible job as president. He actually ended up in a position where he could have done astounding good but through ineptitude, laziness or bad-mindedness chose not to. Associating with white supremacists and inciting insurrection were unforgivable.

    Sigh. Done waffling temporarily. Have also been very busy and unwinding with an IPA here and thinking of the Chinese curse about living through interesting times.

    Emma Raducanu UK, 18, against 19-year-old Leylah Fernandez Canadian for the US Open title.

    Wow!!! Emma was ranked 338 in the World and now in the finals in a major open.8|.. The youngest ever player.

    It's truly phenomenal. Achievement in sport is, I think, easy to overstate and superlatives are often bandied about when they aren't justified. But in this case it's very hard to overstate just how incredible this person's achievement is. Her attitude is awesome too, she seems quite nonchalant about the whole thing. Just to summarize, first qualifier male or female to ever make the final of a grand slam, she's 18 *and* she hasn't even dropped a set en route. She hasn't even been pushed to a tie break in a set. It's mind boggling.

    Her opponent in the final isn't far behind in the phenomenal stakes, and has beaten higher ranked opposition to get to the final, but she didn't have to qualify for the tournament to begin with.

    Phil's appearance has made it's way to an article in the guardian focused mainly on his health, including the comment that it has 'raised concerns on social media'. Hope the tour can go ahead but more than that I hope Phil is ok. He's only 70. He looks very uncomfortable all the time but I'm sure they wouldn't be going out if it wasn't feasible or if he didn't want to.…n-barely-hold-a-drumstick

    Really hoping they don't open with Duke's Intro/Turn It On Again, again.. if only because they did it last time. Would prefer a different opener, for a fresh tour.

    Kind of agree with you on this one. It would kick ass if they walked out and played Squonk or something. Also not keen on Turn It on Again for a closer as that's been done before too. Very curious to see in what aspects they branch out given the time gap since the last tour and probability of this being their last. Based on the spoilers so far, the evidence would suggest they won't, at least not much.

    If his solo tour is anything to go by, Phil's voice will get stronger as the tour goes on (you just need to watch/listen back to his first Liverpool gig in 2017 compared with, say, Peru in 2019). Undoubtedly he's a bit frailer, but vocal chords are like a muscle and get stronger the more they're used. Yes he's lost some natural range (who hasn't after 30 odd years!) - and you can see how much effort it takes now to get some notes - but he's still got some power when needed.

    Hope you are right. I'm slated to see them on December, by which time he will either sound like Pavarotti or Shane McGowan after chain-smoking 40 cigarettes.

    Here goes nothing (or, watch a Genesis fan make a total fool of himself!).

    Dallas 3-21 Tampa

    Pittsburgh 9-3 Buffalo

    New York Jets 20-30 Carolina

    Jacksonville 17-26 Houston

    Arizona 6-12 Tennessee

    Philadelphia 15-28 Atlanta

    LA Chargers 24-26 Washington

    San Fran 12-3 Detroit

    Seattle 22-18 Indianapolis

    Minnesota 33-12 Cincinnati

    Miami 14-21 New England

    Cleveland 3-27 Kansas City

    Denver 9-12 NY Giants

    Green Bay 21-18 New Orleans

    Chicago 30-18 LA Rams

    Baltimore 16-10 Las Vegas

    Yes, some of these scores are probably not mathematically possible but that adds to the mystique. Or something. I've watched a few games (literally 4 or 5 in my life) in the past usually in the run up to the Superbowl and actually enjoyed it at the time. The stop-start nature and tv ads are distracting but it's enjoyable nonetheless. This might spur me to watch a game more regularly. Maybe pick a random one each week.

    Watched it, for better or worse. Yes, there are lots of spoilers - as there might be in the post below - but I don't mind.

    Gah. I deleted a long post by accident. Don't even know how, I found some magical fuckulator button that deletes shit.

    Anyway, the cliff notes are that I got the impression they're doing the full version of TTT, the band sounds great, the back up singers are a very nice addition, the visuals look mind-blowing, Phil's voice got stronger as the documentary went on, the lower scales is most prominent in Mama but I got used to it, maybe Misunderstanding will be included too, and Tony Smith seems ageless.

    I'm more excited for the show after watching the doc than I was before.

    Aw, nothing wrong with a good sturdy handshake, and a look straight in the eye. To me it shows respect. At least that’s how I was raised.

    All I can think of is Macron and Trump with your description!

    I could live without those gestures myself. Fist bump is the least offensive to me, although it doesn't come naturally. More and more people I encounter, usually through work, do it. Where I was raised, a half grunt accompanied by the slightest twitch of your head was enough to acknowledge the existence of a fellow human. Sometimes with a select few vowels and consonants from the phrase "how is it going?" rolled into one partially formed word, something like 'sagoan?'. If the person being greeted was doing spectacularly well and in flying form, the reply might be a barely audible 'grand' or 'alright'. If not, a resigned sigh and shake of the head.

    I considered invoking Kramer, Marge Simpson or the Bride of Frankenstein but opted for Henry.

    You will indeed regret not adding Boston 2. You'd sit there thinking about it happening and feeling excluded. For my part, as ludicrously expensive as this 4-gig extravaganza is, I have no qualms about it as there's no question in my mind that this is finally it and that makes it huge for me. I'm fortunate enough to be able to do this so I'm doing it.

    You're dead right (on all counts). I went for it.

    So excited!

    Now they just need to play a cover of the 'lady in the radiator' song 😃