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    Hello I must be going for me. I listen to it the most, love the sparse sound and atmosphere on I don't care anymore and thru these walls. Has such a different creative energy and aggressive edge that you might never suspect if you only knew sussudio and can't hurry love.

    Second the love for Fly So Close! Love that song.

    He said it should be deferred because mail in voting will lead to fraud. This is garbage - he can't defer it and he knows he can't. There's also no evidence that voting by mail leads to fraud. In fact there's evidence it doesn't. He also knows this. So why is he saying it? A: To sow the seeds for his legions of supporters who believe Barack Obama wasn't American and that fauci created covid, the same people who think masks are muzzles and that studies showing HCQ doesn't work are part of an anti-Trump conspiracy, the same people who are likely to find themselves in a minority in November.

    And this is a big fucking problem. The divide between 'those people' and these people is already a chasm and will become a schism that cannot be undone or repaired if he continues this reckless messaging. Those people probably already think they know what's going to happen in the election. I can imagine some smaller subset preparing for violence if he gets voted out to squeals of "see, I told you! fraud!!". Like they said in the dark knight, some men just want to watch the world burn.

    I don't agree with, " if there was any remote risk to the fans I’m sure it would be cancelled all together? " During this pandemic I think you need to look out for yourself, as not everyone as your best health interests at heart. Like the pubs and restaurants re-opening in the UK, that's just about money!

    I agree with this. I don't think the risk would be remote at a concert either. Which has me thinking that genesis can't possibly be the first to go if and when gigs resume. They are pioneers - first band to use a full set of varililites! - but they won't want to be the first band to infect a couple thousand fans with COVID19. Which makes me wonder if they chose April because there are some or many gigs scheduled before then?

    I had forgotten about ”Living On My Own”. Wow, what an impressive song! It was released in September 1985, so it may well have inspired Phil in the same way as Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” did in 1982.

    I was only a little gasur in 1985, my memory of it is from the rerelease in 1991 or so. He had another solo track around the time, Barcelona. But yes, Living On My Own is a pretty great song

    Yes FM used to just randomly do it between songs didn't he? Definitely something starting with a "deeee". Similar to his scatting in Under Pressure, which a lyric site I just checked actually writes out thus:

    It was very prominent on his solo track Living On My Own too. I think the chorus had a "zee za day-ay" thing and then there was a whole middle bit that was only scat singing.

    My memory of old Trafford was light till well gone halfway.. Stays lighter a bit longer the further north in Summer. I think genesis really need it dark to really display their show right from the start or the show looses something. They need to know that if they consider any stadium shows that I would only be happy if they started at 9.30 at the earliest. How can I tell them?

    Mike's bedtime is 10.15 so the show would be too short. The only solution is to have it in November - February, preferably in the Arctic circle.

    Oh yes the old "he's a winner" chestnut. As a Tottenham fan, I understand all about that - we were apparently going to win everything when Mourinho took over.

    it was a quote from the man himself (the chosen one!).... I've rarely laughed so hard. Such amazing lack of self awareness. As a Chelsea fan I say give JM time. He never should have been fired from us first time around. His reputation has taken several major hits in the last decade including his second stint with Chelsea but there is an incredible manager in there somewhere. He was never as boring as the press made out. We destroyed Barcelona at the bridge when we had to. Damien Duff through for our third goal within 20 minutes of the start... Beautiful stuff.

    Just finished Dark. Good ending. It ended at the begining. Not a spoiler. May watch it again in random order of episodes.

    I enjoyed Dark a lot. Very intricate storytelling, well acted, well produced. Waiting on the third season of The Rain now. Also started another show called The Woods which has a similar brooding atmosphere to Dark and The Rain (and is in German I think) - the biggest difference I see is no supernatural/sci fi element... Yet!

    Edit: I was wrong, The Woods is in Polish

    And farewell Denise Johnson... she sang on screamadelica and collaborated with Bernard Sumner/Johnny Marr, pet shop boys and a favorite of mine via Suede, Bernard Butler. Check out her backing vocals on his track Stay on Jools Holland.

    Why are genitalia used as insults? They're damn useful and they bring us pleasure. Surely they're good things?

    The employer of the term wants you to feel the depth of their emotion on a visceral level. It works for me! It's hard to beat a properly enunciated, deeply intoned 'balls', dragged out just long enough to evoke how disgusted/annoyed the swearer is.

    That's no reason to celebrate....

    Plus, they couldn't get their shit together to actually beat Villa and keep Bournemouth up. (not my team but my mum's, I've enjoyed them being in the PL - much better to watch than crappy West Ham - I'd have loved to see them get relegated)


    They couldn't be relegated. Impossible. Their manager is a winner. That's what he does - he wins. (Yes 28% of the time, or whatever it is, but a winner is a winner).

    To be honest I think a more sensible solution to this but ultimately not acceptable to all I guess would be to plan on altering these shows to outside venues, you could then limit the amount of people inside for example - football grounds to lower numbers then would normally be the case. For example say old Trafford in Manchester holds 80,000 seated?, then you could allow the 40,000 who booked for the Arena shows x 2 to attend an outdoor show with more space and room for them. With the added bonus of the virus transmission not been as easy outside?. It would have benefits for the group and especially Phil not having to do 20 shows which could be more tiring given his poor health. I know it isn’t perfect but looking at this could be an option. I do believe they are planning on doing a trial of opening outdoor sporting venues later this year. You could fit the 40,000 for the two Manchester dates in Old Trafford and only need the one show and have plenty of room for social distancing . Also put seats instead of standing on the pitch.

    You could then distribute the tickets based on purchase price paid initially, if you paid premium price you could sit in front of the stage and further back if you paid less. I know this is probably not agreeable to some given acoustics and the sound not being as good, but it’s a compromise I would accept!.

    Interesting suggestion. Maybe it's a failure of imagination on my part but I can't see 40,000 people in one place come April.

    Not technically a movie. A ha! Gotcha. 😜

    EDIT: I mentioned Armchair Theatre. Dammit! (though it was a sort of tangential add-on)


    Yeah I'm guilty of skimming the title of the thread and taking it to refer to any Phil on celluloid. As an aside, there's apparently an episode of Miami vice that heavily features 'standing on the outside', a chilly meat loaf song I love. I've never seen the TV series at all, not one episode, but find it a nice oddity that the genesis/meat loaf worlds cross there.

    Buster, right? I'm doing this without Google or IMDb.