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    I went for a run tonight. It's been around three months. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It seemed chilly, but not cold, which I thought would be perfect. However, I failed to factor in the wind chill and now my knuckles are all cracked and sore. Turns out it's 2c, feels like -7c. 🤦‍♂️

    From a music point of view, I used to run with wired earbuds connected to my phone in my pocket. At some point I made the change to wireless earbuds which made a huge difference. Last year, I made the leap to getting a service called Deezer on my fitbit. Now there's no phone! Music on my watch plus bluetooth headphones. Perfect for running.

    I have always loved this song with a passion, even though my husband keeps telling me it is a rewrite of Frank Zappa's Heavenly Bank Account. I never get tired ot the video. I would love it if they played it but I doubt it.

    Yeah it's one of my favorites too. It's a great rock song, but has that off-kilter, somewhat dark angle that's all Genesis. I still grin when I think of my religious granny who once heard me singing it when I was around 12, and thought some sort of miraculous conversion had taken place (an anecdote I'm certain I've shared here before!).

    Whipping Boy - Daze

    Bent - Eagle and Swan

    Depeche Mode - Cover Me (Alt Out)

    R.E.M. - Chorus and the Ring

    Ace of Base - No Good Lover

    Perfume Genius - Leave

    Chevelle - Sleep Apnea (acoustic version)

    The Void Pacific Choir - And It Hurts

    Japanese Breakfast - Diving Woman

    Genesis - Conversation with 2 stools

    OMG the satisfaction of rediscovering an old loved album. Haven't heard this in a couple of years inexplicably. So, so great. Highlight is A Strange Day. Like 5 minutes on another, colder, planet (blind dancing on a beach of stone...). Then Cold starts and you actually feel... cold.

    That was quite a unique show! I love seeing Phil being "just the drummer" for a full show. Great to see and he looks like he and the rest are having fun. Interesting version of ITAT, I kinda like that. And who knew John Macenroe played guitar?

    Somewhat sheepishly I have to admit I did. I love tennis and discovered it somewhere along the way. How strange to have him playing with Phil collins as the drummer though!

    Random aside: stephen king also plays guitar and sings, and has toured with a band of other celebrities who play in an amateur capacity. I think they were called the rock bottom remainders or something. As he said, 'you don't pay to see it done well, you just pay to see it done at all!'. They had warren zevon play with them a few times, which I guess from a literary rock point of view is a bit analogous to having Phil collins on drums.

    People of many nationalities appreciate dry humour.

    It just struck me as odd appearing in a printed press release sent out to media outlets where intonation is more likely to be lost and editors are more likely to read the words and take them literally.

    I don't want to make any presumptions about you, and your point is well made, but being from the (british) isles and living in north america, I've noticed how elastic language can be in Ireland and the UK where you can literally say the opposite of what you mean or couch your meaning in obscure terms and be reasonably confident that you will be understood. The situation is almost the opposite in the US (and probably other places) where universally you must say what you mean, or there is a very high probability you will be misunderstood.

    Veering off piste here, I think it's partly why straighter genres of fiction like thrillers and sci-fi (eg: sopranos, x files etc) work equally well in both territories, but comedy is so radically different (eg: everyone loves raymond vs fawlty towers. Of course there are exceptions that prove the rule, like frasier and south park).

    First barbecue of the season. Salmon, with a little salt, pepper and a simple spice mix from the local spice shop (i find the big brand ones are often mostly salt). Potatoes cut in cubes, carrots and asparagus, all with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

    Add fire + smoke and you can't go wrong.

    Look at what Pink Floyd do - or King Crimson.

    It seems everybody else is doing nice boxsets and archive stuff - but not Genesis. ☹️

    Yes, I think they are light on this front. Not sure I'd want the insane prices Pink Floyd had for some of theirs where the packaging was seriously over the top, but some sort of boxsets/archives would be welcome (to me at least). It feels like the band just aren't that interested.

    I don’t think we will ever get a list.
    some shows are pretty much known for different reasons, but since they never realized the Board Tapes project, I assume we won’t get additional info that easily.
    also, times have changed. Physical discs may not be an option for such a project anymore.

    I don’t think anything will come anymore ...

    I agree, and it's a shame. I wonder if they ever did a feasibility study to show it wouldn't be worth it, or if they just decided it wasn't worth the effort. Either way, what a waste if no one ever gets to hear them.

    talking more about it been a dig at religion of sorts

    Love the song myself

    I don't know, I can't see too many taking great offense at this stage. If it was a pointed dig at the messenger of a certain religion's deity I could see an issue, but the target is christian TV evangelists and the song is nearly 30 years old.

    Anyway - I'm with you, would be delighted to hear it on the tour. If nothing else, Phil's vocals are less likely to struggle with later material I assume.