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    You'll be up near the back of a rear block audience right, raised, the equivalent of about 2 blocks back from the stage. It won't be too bad but like all venues you'll be at the mercy of anyone in front of you who's very tall, has a huge head, high hair like the Eraserhead guy and a coldstream guard's hat. But if he's not there - not sure he's much of a fan - it should be ok.

    Massive kudos for getting an Eraserhead reference into the 'What Genesis shows will you attend' thread!

    I'm still on the fence about doing a second night in Boston but thinking if I don't, I will regret it.

    Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud died this morning, aged just 39. She'd had breast cancer, which is much more treatable now but a year ago revealed it had spread to other parts of her body.

    I'm assuming there probably aren't any Girls Aloud fans here. As far as manufactured pop acts go I really liked them, they had some good catchy songs and put on a good live show. It's very sad news she's died so young.

    I read about that, and it's absolutely awful. They had some good songs, and she seemed like a genuine character. Very very sad.

    I like seeing discussions about non-Genesis related topics, as much as I like discussions about Genesis. I don't really see the site as a forum just for Genesis, more a forum for Genesis fans who can discuss Genesis and anything else they want. That's why there are dozens of different sub forums, no? Including ones like this one specifically for non-music topics?

    Anyway, having bumped the thread back up, maybe now it will sink into oblivion.

    Oh, a colleague bought me a scone for breakfast this morning. It was some sort of raisin with oats affair, and was absolutely delicious. Now I'm having a bitter coffee from a seven eleven, and thinking I really need to get something more substantial for lunch!

    Oh man, what a pity, your whole story. I'm not in a position myself to go to that gig, much as I'd love to.

    The NZ approach has been the envy of many since the start, and I think history will judge Jacinda Ardern very favorably. Hopefully your country's vaccination program can catch up quickly and reduce the need for further lockdowns. One of my favorite stories of the whole pandemic was the anti-lockdown protest in NZ that garnered a huge crowd of one. One single idiot.

    Before I put my sixth sense in, just want to hear others opinions.

    As do I.

    I think the fact that, after his four years in office, Trump garnered the second most votes of any candidate ever (second only to Biden) will be the topic of many political and sociological dissertations for many years.


    Hot take: Biden did what Trump said he would do. So another way of thinking about your question is, would you vote for the person who said they would do something, or the person who actually does it?

    My admittedly uninformed view of the particular issue at hand, is that it has been managed atrociously. At a minimum, collaborate with your allies. Of course, they should never have been there in the first place, which is on Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld et al.

    I've said here before, I understood the vote for Trump over Clinton at the time. Clinton was coming off an inglorious spell in the state department overseeing such historic crusades as the completely needless destruction of Libya and Syria, and was almost unelectable. Anyone else - like Sanders who had a ferocious grassroots movement - and even with Russia meddling, I doubt Trump would have got in. But he did. After four years of his ineffective and harmful bollocksry however, Trump or Biden? No contest. Trump's a sham.

    A nice video from Phil‘s performance at Fukuoka Done Japan, 7th May 1995

    Looks a very cool gig. I like the intro, and a brave choice to start with one of his most demanding vocals with I Don't Care Anymore. It's a great version.

    Also, it's a nice touch that Phil always tried to say a few words in the local lingo, but it's very funny that they had to subtitle his Japanese!