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    Yes I had a similar feeling. It's their business I know but couldn't help being disappointed. Didn't know TB wanted to carry on. Genesis became something different without Phil but I liked it. From what I have seen I have the impression that that if CAS had been a big success they would have carried on. As it was , big places in the US didn't sell and Genesis would not have sold out stadiums elsewhere. Personally I think it's great seeing artists that used to fill big places now playing in small venues because it's what they do and you can see they love playing. Genesis would never have played to very small places anyway. It seemed it was all about sales , rather than seeing what music they could make. I recognize that MR does what he he wants anyway with M+M but they are not for me. Was quite sad that the two / three didn't continue.

    Hundred per cent agree. If it was about playing and making music instead of selling records and big tours they could have easily chosen to do so but it's just not them. I believe I came across the bigger about TB willing to continue in an interview with Ray where he described calling them both and Tony indicating that he was on board but Mike wasn't. I like the music they made around then so likewise feel something was lost in that decision. Certainly I think they were a much stronger creative unit than M+M.

    I'd have to say PG. Up is one of my favorite albums ever. I really love it. I also listened to 3, 4 and so a ton many years ago. There are some really terrific songs like intruder, wallflower and red rain in there.

    Second favorite is PC. Along the lines of other folks here I like the first two albums, hello! in particular, I love stuff like I don't care anymore and thru these walls. I'm less a fan of his commercial songs, but there are some interesting songs on his biggest albums, like long long way to go and doesn't anybody stay together on no jacket.

    After that MR and TB tied. Smallcreep's day and the first mechanics album are way stronger than anything banks put out, but after that there's mega blandness in Rutherford's canon. TBs albums are fairly weak in terms of the singing and production, and there's some terrible songwriting in there too but there are enough glimpses of his strengths here and there to make them curiosities worthy of a hardcore fans attention. I like quite a lot of the fugitive but am aware that if I played it to an acquaintance they would probably look at me funny and say something along the lines of 'this is terrible'!

    Haven't been able to get into Hackett at all, though I have tried and been surprised at my failure. There's something inaccessible about his work even though trick and w&w are among my top genesis albums.

    I haven't listened to any Anthony Philips. I'm looking forward to trying some given the generally high regard his work is held in here.

    And I like pretty much any Ray Wilson stuff I've heard because I like his voice. That said I haven't listened to all of his material, or even the majority.

    I love the recordings from this period. I enjoyed what they were doing and was really bummed when they decided not to continue. That feeling of being bummed turned to being royally pissed off when I read that Ray and Tony were up for continuing but Mike didn't want to because if the shows weren't going to be as big as they had previously been then 'what's the point?' or something to that effect. What an attitude!

    Would love to have more from the studio and tour. I had the Poland DVD but I think I've lost it. Along with my bloody DVD player.

    Ugh, not happy. Political ineptitude and systems failures are one thing. Some countries manifesting those things (US and UK) are not doing well. Others that I perceive to have better governance (South Korea, NZ) are doing doing better. Lots like Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, France etc have terrible mortality rates but are they all run poorly?

    I hate how little is known about this virus. How it affects individuals (discrepant pcr and antibody tests, scarcely believable spectrum of illness from nothing to inflamed toes to fevers to profound organ failure and death), how it affects populations (different prevalence and morbidity in different countries and different ethnicities) and how it and the response to it will affect economies and society. Apparently you can test positive for the virus but have no antibodies. Does this mean the positive virus test was false? Or that it's possible for people to not become immune? Or that the tests suck? In which case what we think we know about the prevalence of the disease, or the likelihood of getting sick or dying from it, might be totally inaccurate. In which case, how does any government know what to do?

    We're flying blind and it can be overwhelming. I am grateful for everything good, up to and including the free Genesis movies on YouTube which provide a couple of hours of escape. Seriously, it's a small thing but I am appreciative.

    Yes then as I said, immediately BOOM! something big and loud crashes in. Or - "... hasn't it" - DINGLE DANG DINGLE DANG DINGLE DANG (ie Dance On A Volcano) or BAAAMMM DAH DAH-DAAAHH (ie Behind The Lines)


    Haha, you misspelled dangle!

    I'd personally be happier to hear SR all the way through, but if you were going to mix songs that would be a good way to do it. I like the behind the lines idea. Or dodo!