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    You may have perceived a tone in my message that was entirely unintended. You'd pre-emptively apologised in case the RS piece had been discussed in another thread, my reply was saying that we do have a media thread but no the article wasn't mentioned there. I wasn't having a crack at you for a lack of media-thread-checking competence!

    Its all good I was having a crack at myself! I am extraordinarily lazy and didn't snoop around before posting.

    That explains why Jon Favreau referred to a scene in one of the Star Wars films as a "deep cut" in a recent documentary I watched. Who comes up with these idioms? I'd love to know so I can smack them upside the head as a reminder that the language was working perfectly well before they started dicking about with it.

    It works perfectly well after they started dicking about with it too. Ever notice how we don't speak or write exactly like they did in the 1600s? Language isn't static unless it's dead. Apart from that I don't remember a time that I didn't know what a deep cut was, ie I don't see how it could be a controversial thing. I dislike buzzwords (precision medicine, actualize, move the needle and the absolute, most grievous of all, PARADIGM SHIFT 🤮. Also, do not circle back to me, never 'loop me in' and stay the hell away from my radar). But I don't think deep cuts is buzzy at all.

    Also, I didn't know about the media thread. Clearly, because I didn't bother my arse looking carefully enough. Sorry bout that mr moderator man!

    Feeding the fire anyone? Love that middle bit with Phil doing melodic scat singing before it all comes crashing down.

    Forgive me if there's another thread discussing this RS article; I've seen it before and came across it again recently prompting me to post. I think they chose some deep cuts I'd definitely have if I made a playlist of twenty Genesis songs. Feeding the fire, you might recall, evidence of Autumn, the Brazilian ... very unusual to see these songs discussed outside of a fan forum!

    Not sure about On The Shoreline however.…pet-crawlers-1999-148785/

    I fucking love this album.

    Calling all stations, dividing line and there must be some other way.

    I became a Genesis fan with We Can't Dance so this is the only studio album for which I was able to experience the release as an established, massive fan. It will always hold a special place for me if for no reason other than that.

    However, I also love the music on it anyway. The title track is one of those rare tunes that sounds cold and fiery at the same time. The vocal performance is awesome. Congo is a great dark pop song. Uncertain weather is a classic Banks ballad with the same kind of yearning as Heathaze. Banjo Man is a cool song too, and Run Out of Time is a bit overwrought but what a great, smoky sound. I really wish they had pushed on from this album.

    I wanted to lamp the pillock. I'm not exactly the greatest prog fan apart from about 5 or 6 bands and rarely ever like any modern prog I'm directed to. But this notion of prog being the great embarrassing unmentionable genre, only to be referred to in a mocking/dismissive way, really pisses me off. It's a recognised and perfectly legitimate genre. This stupid sheepish apologetic tone some adopt about their prog fandom only adds to it.

    Well said. I think prog gets the same kind of rep as science fiction. Uncool or nerdy or something. I'm sure these stereotypes have been promulgated countless times in popular culture, social media, school corridors etc. I know I was not cool for liking Genesis in school (it was the 90s. Kurt Cobain was God). No one should feel embarrassed to admit enjoying these things. But... some people (let's call them assholes) can be very judgemental and others (asshole enablers?) can be very self conscious. If I ever give a high school graduation speech I'm certain to conclude with 'don't enable the assholes, kids'. Or something to that effect.

    I would have always steered myself away from those types of bands, but I really liked Take That's comeback album when it came out.

    Another one that I listened to a ton was Justin Timberlake's futuresex/lovesounds.

    It does pay to have an open mind about music.

    Seven stones, fountain of salmacis and giant hogweed. Hard for me to pick two out of salmacis/hogweed/musical box. Seven Stones has been a favorite for many years though.

    As I mentioned on the other thread, this album has worn well on me. During a rediscovery of the band after a couple (or more) years away from Genesis, it was striking to me that I enjoyed NC more than I remembered, and Foxtrot less than I remembered. I find it to be a more dynamic set of songs. Less ambitious and more vibrant somehow. Maybe it's their innocence coming through.

    Don't know any of these artists ^^

    Mixture of stuff I discovered on college radio, from shazam-ing background music on shows and going deep down the rabbit hole of 'similar artists' on Google play so it's a pretty obscure bunch! Except Beach House which is a fairly big dream pop band from Baltimore. Their last album 7 was terrific (the whole thing has an ethereal Hairless Heart vibe). I think Lucy Dacus did a cover of In The Air Tonight recently.

    I should note that, as much as I'm currently listening to them, I doubt any of them would be on a list of my 10 all time favorite bands/artists (that would have Genesis, Pink Floyd, Suede, Smashing Pumpkins, Cure etc). A couple of albums from them would comfortably be in my top 10 or 20 if I ever made such lists though. I really like Brodie Dalle's solo album and the aforementioned 7.

    it's very easy for fans such as yourself to say that they should have gone on.

    Marvelous, except what I actually said was

    they could have easily chosen to do so

    and also

    They could have continued to make albums and tour arenas or theatres.

    Should vs could :/

    Could they have continued? This seems inarguable to me unless I'm missing something. They could have. They were able bodied talented musicians working in a world free of the oppressive yoke of a pandemic.

    Should they have continued? That's much more of a judgemental question. We'll never know as we can't know what would have happened in this alternate universe. I was very disappointed they chose not to as I've already said. I gather from what I've read that at a minimum they should have resolved the situation with Ray better, although that is a somewhat separate issue.