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    I don't believe there is any full footage from any one date but some people have put together compilations from what is available.

    There is half an hour's worth from Tokyo which includes mostly full songs shot with two cameras:

    Then there's a few pro clips in the Three Dates With Genesis BBC doc which is quite interesting in it's own right but that's about it:

    One YouTube user called Mamagog666 put together a compilation drawing from various sources including those above and the various 8mm clips in circulation.

    Domino has also been made available!

    This is really cool stuff, shows an interesting alternative perspective to the Wembley video we're all used to! Different styles of editing and of course a totally different performance. If anyone from The Genesis Archive is reading, I for one would love to see the rest of the songs! In particular The Brazilian which is edited really fast on the Wembley video. Thanks again and keep it coming!!!