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    I've already written 100 lines " I must not buy anymore copies of Genesis albums." I only have 2 copies of FGTR and 3 of TLLDOB. 4 of everything else except 5 ATOTTs and 6 Abacabs!

    I am a bit of a sucker for these things and actually sucker is probably the right word. I find that I now spend too much time analysing the sound rather than just listening and enjoying with no thoughts of comparisons etc etc. Actually I have So on a 45 speed double album. I don't like it. I don't like having to change it so often and the whole thing is too bright.

    the question is are you tempted though Mr

    Farmer?, if these sound amazing then it’s a no brainer for Me and the covers AS do are Mind blowingly good and thick cardboard to boot!.

    I don't personally have anything to hand right now, but I remember from discussions at the time on the old forum that the 'tech experts' were posting audio wave charts and stuff showing the the old dynamic peaks and troughs had been massively compressed.

    Even now though, these remixes sound uniformly loud all the way through; the contrasts have largely been wiped out.

    I would expect these analogue productions albums to blow any previous release apart From the original charisma pink label of Nursery Cryme well into history. I have Time Out by Brubeck on their 45 and it’s like they are on my lounge playing especially the drumming and bass drum on Take Five. These are really going to be good I think Acoustic Sounds do Stellar Work!.

    Yes exactly like Mobile Fidelity in sound quality but I have found them to be better on a lot of occasions well at least better thank recent mofi. I have around 15 of them from artists such as Bill Evans / Jethro Tull / Miles Davis etc and all are worth the money. Expensive but definitely worth the investment, the covers are superb they open with a creak and are so good. This on SACD and Vinyl is a no brainer and i’m in whatever the wait!.

    Only issue I have is I live in UK and all the other Acoustic Sounds albums I’ve bought cost Me

    Between £90 and £225 when I’ve got them over here, these o would expect To start around the £90 mark in the UK. If your in the USA your laughing as free shipping and a cheaper price.

    This is great news the classic era albums and more are going to be re issued by the excellent Analogue Productions label as part as the Atlantic 75 series. If you know this label as much as I do these are going to be Stella sound quality!!!. Initially limited to 2,000 numbered copies but they are pressing more. They will be good trust me!.

    albums are

    Nursery Cryme / Foxtrot / Selling England / The Lamb / Trick / Abacab and Genesis

    also two Phill Collins albums are included

    Face Value and Hello, I Must be Going.

    and also the Genesis stuff will be on SACD at the same time

    wonderful but the re issues will be spaced out over 3 years.

    Went to see the show last evening at the Lovely York Barbican, first rate performance’s from all members of the group. The vocalist’s theatrics and interpretation of the songs visually was absolutely fantastic. Beyond my wildest dreams seeing the show performed that well and with such conviction. The drummers background vocals were also wonderful. Well done Musical box!!. Although I’ve seen them before at the same venue three years ago to the week this show really was special for me and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    and the encore of WOTS made my hair stand up like it does when I hear it on Three Sides Live.

    Wish I could go again as it’s really not to be missed.

    I hope one day they will at least re issue the 2007 sets, if anyone has any concrete arguments of why that wouldn’t be a good idea I’d love to read them. I nearly bought them the other month but the seller wanted to much dollar, to find out two weeks later that he had dropped his price to what i offered him and he sold them within 30 Mins ( was pretty gutted I can tell you ). These box sets were signed off and agreed in 2007 so why not revisit them again. Looking on Discogs vinyl albums are re issued time and time again but why the small sacd box sets haven’t is anyone guess!.

    I think people who charge such high prices wouldn’t take reasonable offers, George Michael’s album Older on vinyl is getting re issued (limited on vinyl first time around and was going regularly for £1500). Folks even though they know it’s imminent are still asking £600 and £800 for their copies. I hope they fall flat on their faces for being greedy!.

    I saw the full set on eBay last year in Germany and I forgot to bid on them and they went for £400 or something which is what I’d pay for them. Was slightly gutted that I forgot to place a late bid. I wish they would do these again. Sooner rather than later and I don’t feel they have any excuses not to. All the work has been done and it would be just reprinting everything.

    Like probably everyone on here I am appreciative of good musicianship and I myself feel that SEBTP is possibly Genesis most musically adventurous and difficult album to play. I am not musically trained and only go on what I’m hearing, But I feel myself that album is the most uplifting musically via its complexity of music playing and what it presents to the ears of the listeners.

    anyone agree?

    I have put this on my watch list out of interest . I have now been offered a£750 discount!

    that’s very generous of them considering the full set cost that to buy new. They certainly are cheeky expecting someone to be that desperate to pay such a ridiculously high price. If anyone is thinking of buying it at that price they must have have bought Twitter and therefore money is no object.

    I think what’s interesting about Genesis and their popularity with the general public is that many people won’t have a clue there was a “Calling All Stations” era of the group in fact if you played that album to many folks familiar with the Mega popularity period they possibly wouldn’t have a clue who it was!.

    To me Genesis went sort of full circle to an unknown quantity more or less like how they started.
    i definitely feel they were more cool when they appealed to long haired students in the early 70s than they did in the I Can’t Dance period which I feel is terribly dated and “of it’s time”. Trespass and Other albums of that era are timeless and will remain cool I feel and appreciated for Decades to come.