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    I don’t know if he still owns it l, (or ever did) but I was watching a programme called Aerial America on Smithsonian Channel two nights ago and it flew over a home in Florida apparently owned by Phil it said he paid a female pop star $35 million for it forgot who she was. I think I’ll have to take singing lessons and drumming lessons (Oh and acting lessons as well) seems to pay well!!.

    As for Tony and The Lamb, I think he gets very attached to how things were at the time and doesn't seem to move on from that. Both he and Peter were the main lyricists in Genesis back then and he begrudged Peter taking on the sole writing for The Lamb.

    I agree, that’s what I was thinking when I watched it. I do think that the album may not have been lyrically as interesting if you got a few members contributing words for it. I think the scenes that Peter set out with those words are touching on genius as I see it. The fact that he was apparently sat in another room writing those words whilst the others were getting on with the music itself is also amazing. Considering what he was having to go through in his own personal life at that time makes me think it was amazing that he could write anything constructive and imaginative at all. A credit to him that he managed it. Tony Banks though equally has a dominant influence on the album with his keyboard work which I think he can be justifiably proud of, even though he doesn’t seem to look back on the whole experience with much enthusiasm.

    I’ve just had the opportunity to watch the dvd section of the 1970-75 Lamb disc, amazing how much Tony Banks seems to not rate the album that highly?, I wonder if he has changed his opinion of it since then?. Most fans would rate it as their best work I would guess?. A great watch. I do hope they one day re issue these boxes, seems to me a no brainer and would be a good seller now the equipment to play it on has decreased in price, I remember SACD was quite a niche product and expensive when it came out, which for the most part it still is with regard to audiophile labels.

    I listened to the comparison (highlighted earlier in the thread) of various versions and that Reel to Reel tape certainly is an interesting listen, the bass guitar sounds really up front to my ears and it would be great to listen to it all rather than snippets?. It seems a shame that something as interesting as that isn’t available in full for us all to enjoy!. Just my take on it. I mean how long would it take to copy a reel tape to flac and upload it ?, not that long I would guess.

    I wonder how many other folks have had such things on reel tape over the years and ain’t had a clue what they had and copied over it with the weekly top 20!.

    Well I guess Genesis could do the same thing as Bon Jovi did?. If indeed they postpone to 2021?. It would be nice for the fans to have the option if they can’t make any altered dates.

    I’m sure there are a lot of fans here in the UK whom are financially at a low ebb due to current problems and could well do with an extra £400 for food etc. I would anticipate that many Genesis fans are currently in a different financial predicament than they would have been when buying these tickets.

    Thanks to StillCan’tDance and bromleybruce for their encouragement and offer of help. Having a complicated lockdown just now with some health issues with older relatives but once I get time I will have a crack at the downloads. As for the box sets they are really nice to have and sound great and I wonder if there’s any way, as a collective, this forum can make contact with the band’s management and see if an small scale reissue could happen? They don’t seem to like issuing new products or live material but surely making official product available would be to everyone’s benefit? At least they could cost it out?

    count me in for all boxes please if anyone has any possibility of making this happen it would be excellent news.

    Could one of you folks who owns these sacd/dvd boxes remind me what they cost when they came out retail?. I do realise that the price they go for now makes your eyes water!!. I wouldn’t pay the price they ask on the auction site as I’ve never really been into CDs as much as vinyl records, I bought every vinyl record from And then there were three on release or not far from it. Funny how I remember seeing such titles in Woolworths at the time. I really wonder why they haven’t thought about re issuing them again?.

    I agree the remixes that I have heard so far on SACD (that I sadly don’t own myself), are great “Trespass” and “Selling England” are amazing to listen to on that medium. But over £300 on the used market for my favourite box 70/75 is out of reach.

    I agree that it is extremely harsh and uncaring to alter terms like this especially at this time, it shows to me that they are just interested in making money and aren’t at all bothered about the fans. Indeed they are even suggesting fans sell tickets themselves if they cannot attend a show to get their purchase price back!, (People buying tickets close to concert dates expect to pay far less that face value). It reminds me of when I last saw Genesis at Old Trafford Stadium, people outside were actually giving spare tickets away and as fans already had tickets there were no takers!. If these dates are rescheduled, and people who have booked for weekend performances suddenly are faced with having to attend on a weeknight, I can see many unhappy people as a result!.

    If this tour is put back the agency may well have to deal with thousands of people returning tickets they can't use anymore.

    isn’t it now the case that ticketmaster don’t have to refund unless the gigs are cancelled as mentioned above?, my partner read somewhere that they recently changed their terms and conditions?. So returning tickets isn’t an option if you for example can’t attend on so and so a date due to a prior work commitment for example. I may be wrong in that. I guess it could all be a technical matter of when Ticketmaster changed their terms and conditions?, if you bought tickets for such and such a show and the terms of purchase changed after you bought those tickets then maybe they have to honour the original purchase terms. I don’t know maybe someone else more experienced can comment?. I have around 10 concerts lined up over the coming months and fingers crossed they don’t reschedule or push back and I end up with two shows on the same night!. Saying that I’m supposed to be seeing Jeff Beck next Month and it’s still showing as tickets are on sale so it’s all up in the air!.

    The only issue I see with moving the dates is that they could cross over with dates of other shows you may have booked , Then where would you stand getting your money back?. Ticketmaster would no doubt say it’s not our fault you have two concerts on the same date etc etc. Off the top of my head I guess that £60,000,000 of tickets have been sold for these concerts in the Uk and it’s a lot to refund if they get cancelled!. I know I’m into it for around £700 or so for two concerts for two people.

    I agree with EricM above TM must be sat On millions of £/S so cancelling shows would be a hassle I’m sure they wouldn’t wish to go through administratively - but then again sitting on so much money must surely earn a little interest as has been said above. I guess I’m fortunate though as I’m sure there must be a lot of fans whom are travelling from international destinations to see these shows and have more to consider like fights hotels etc etc. I obviously hope that these do happen as planned during the original pencilled in dates but I’m probably a little to optimistic for my own good!.

    Looking forward to that one for sure, a blu-ray of the box sets would be most welcome. Unlike a lot of groups Genesis don’t seem to release as much of their back catalogue as I guess we all would like - could only dream of a King Crimson approach to re issues. A Steven Wilson remaster program akin to the Yes vinyl box set of the Gabriel years would be something to own.

    I would really appreciate it if the band decided to re issue the sacd box sets of a few years back, I missed out on these sets first time around due to not having a player capable of playing the discs. I wonder if it has ever been considered or if they have considered an SACD/Blu ray combination or similar?. I did actually buy the 1970-1975 vinyl set at the time but missed out on the boxes which now as you are aware go for fair quantities of cash on the used market. It would be great if a full discography could be done in a singular box set for the studio material. Does anyone know if a re issue of these sets is in the pipeline perhaps?. Many artists I like seem to go back to the same stuff and re issue it again and again surely these titles demand to be looked at once more.

    Thank you both for your very interesting and insightful comments, I have also booked for Steve Hackett @ Scunthorpe and Bradford and The Musical Box at the York Barbican. Likewise, I feel the Hackett shows especially will be possibly having the same postponement?. I don’t understand though why other artists are just moving their concerts back to August or September which does seem a little presumptive that things are going to be back to some normality quickly?.

    Good evening, I’m a new member Of the forum and this is my first post, I’ve been a fan of Genesis for 40 years now since I was a teenager, can I ask please do you think the tour could be postponed later this year?. I’m thinking that large concerts like these would not be allowed to take place Potentially until a cure for the Coronavirus is found?. It seems unrealistic for the government to allow such events to take place. I’ve booked for Manchester and Leeds. I say this looking at CNN where people seem to be saying concerts won’t be allowed in the USA until 2021 and would guess it would possibly be the same here?.