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    Here’s hoping we won’t have all this “Jab and Go” situation which we are seeing on a famous companies adverts here in the UK. At this rate probably 10% of those who are attending will be vaccinated and what’s the betting most of those will have only had one jab !!.
    I can see it being a stipulation of attending such shows when we eventually get back to reality.

    I was listening to a radio broadcast yesterday and they were interviewing a guy who worked in the live music and performance industry here in the UK, and he gave some very interesting thoughts about concerts for next year. He was involved with tours and live events and obviously had a lot of knowledge as to the state of play with concerts. He said that he didn’t think any concerts would be back to normal before the end of next year at the earliest and most likely 2022. He said the new virus mutation has really affected planning for any live events. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    This should of been a great christmas with memories of the tour lingering in our minds

    Hope im wrong but sadly think March/April 2021 is too soon for big indoor concerts even with the good proximity of the venues (it's all located in the same Isle and not a world/european tour). If it's to be rescheduled once again let's hope it can be done in Autumn 2021

    I can’t see it happening 2021 probably April 2022 with all this what’s happening in the Uk with the mutant strain of the virus. Not a chance I’m afraid!. Also by April I would guess that not even half of the country will have been vaccinated and they more than likely won’t let you come into the show without it.

    The Dire Straits albums have been re-released in this way. There was absolutely no point in my buying them. There were no undiscovered tracks, no nothing.

    it all depends if you already had the items I guess, i haven’t got these high resolution discs or the books or the video footage so for me it would be a valuable re issue probably more than any other I can think of.

    They could at least re issue the three box sets (red/Blue/green), for those of us who didn’t get them first time around. A lot of groups have re issued box sets or repressed the same content recently for example Marillion with Misplaced Childhood who repressed 2,000 copies of that which have quickly sold out again. I’m sure the box sets would sell well.

    Record pressings nowadays are a very hit and miss affair I’ve found, I’ve read good things about the Seconds Out but didn’t buy it due to having it four times already and I always thought that was good enough for me. If you can get any of the original Uk pressings that’s a good place to start. If you can afford the Japan pressings then that is also an Avenue i’d consider if I could afford it !!

    I still think they will change the shows to outdoor if intending to have them early next year (in the summer months). If not I think it will be delayed to October onwards at the earliest on an enclosed performance.

    april - moved to June/July outdoors nice weather and less risk.

    I personally wouldn’t be against that if the vaccine hasn’t been given to most of those at risk. And if it was outdoors or nothing at all then outdoors would be ok.
    I would also anticipate that most of the attendees average age would be over 40 (I’m 55), and therefore not be as carefree as say an 18 year old attending these shows

    the last time I saw a concert was Jan 2020 indoors it seems an age ago!, i’m looking forward to seeing anything to be honest it’s been so long.

    I honestly feel it’s a simple thing regarding this tour, if they as a group felt they couldn’t pull it off it wouldn’t be happening at all. I’m sure that the three of them wouldn’t want to be the object of ridicule or a laughing stock. As I have said before they have a reputation to uphold and as proud as they are I’m sure they wouldn’t want to go out with bad reviews. For me I’m thinking this is going to be great, I am sure it will be great!. I went to see them at Old Trafford and I thought that was marvellous even though I was sat well back. I loved it and will love this if it happens!.

    They don’t need the money and don’t need the hassle of been classed as past it!, look what happened to poor Keith Emerson people ridiculed his later work and it tipped him over the edge. Musicians are only human and I’m sure if there was any chances it’s not going well in rehearsal the plug would be pulled and it would be cancelled. I do think a small test Concert may happen just to Be doubly sure it’s going to work out - which it will!.

    I'm probably the most relaxed of the lot around here: since Genesis died in 1977, I haven't the slightest expectation ;)

    can’t understand that point of view at all with respect. Although I’m a Gabriel era fan firstly I rate

    “Duke” and “Self Titled” up there with their best work. They moved with the times, became more commercial but for sure those two albums are as good as anything they did with Gabriel and better for me than Wind and Wuthering.

    On the rear of the cover in small print it says

    “Half Speed Production and Mastering by Original Masterworks. Specially plated and pressed on high definition super vinyl by Victor Company of Japan ltd. special static free - Dust free inner sleeve. Special heavy duty protective packaging. Source - The original studio master tape. Mastered with the Ortofon Cutting System. Manufactured and Distributed by MFSL.

    I’m actually giving it a spin now haven’t played it for 10 years and Entangled sounds superb when the ? Mellotron comes in it’s amazing. Recommended

    The same as that one on eBay basically you get a MFSL publicity insert which is usually the same size as the LP , telling you about the wonders of their recordings. You don’t really get that much. I’ll check mine later. The one on eBay basically has all you get, for most of them people generally sling those survey sheets. The double sided advertisement sheet is what you get usually wrapped around the LP with the actual LP in a MFSL poly liner.

    If they send as a gift you don’t have to pay import duty from USA if they specify value for example $10 and minimum postage then you won’t get stung with import duty and charges. I once bought a Gibson dobro acoustic from the States and the import duty made my eyes water !!

    Ideally buy from the EU if it’s a good price to save all the hassle but if a considerable saving from the USA may work out cheaper If you have a seller whom is prepared to negotiate. I bought Rick Wakeman Journey MFSL and a few others via the USA Discogs.