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    I can’t see that been fixed anytime soon it looks like a major issue now 6 full panels have gone. Considering how big the 02 is the amount of material torn is immense. It’s a major shame to be honest, I’m guessing that replacing the roof that’s gone will be a time consuming business it will have to be fully checked and structurally assessed for damage to the sections that held the roof up.

    fingers crossed for the concerts that are due this week and next whoever they may be.

    What a tremendous group your involved with!, I watched the Lamb last week that you guys performed on YouTube from beginning to end as was blown away by how good it was. My girlfriend also a fan watched it and was as equally impressed. I wish you would play internationally but I understand that you ain’t a touring act as such which is a shame for us fans in the Uk.

    Great, Great stuff as are your expert and accurate performances of the other artists You have covered.

    Even though TMB are a tribute group they don’t charge tribute band prices and are possibly akin to the Australian Pink Floyd as the foremost accurate exponents of the tribute band show. The comments above are really accurate I feel. I just wish the Rock Orchestra would play internationally as their version of the Lamb albeit without Screens and all the props was fantastic. Found thet the other day on YouTube and the playing was spot on for me.

    Has anyone else got any thoughts about cancelling, Covid is going to around forever and as such we are going to have to live with it for the foreseeable future. I feel these concerts in the UK were cancelled pure and simple as a knock on effect of cancelling the European dates?. Possibly The group thought it isn’t financially possible to come over to Europe and the UK twice to do the same show so just cancelled the lot of them to do the one trip. There is nothing preventing any group touring England at this time, no restrictions on crowd numbers or anything. Isn’t this what the vaccination programmes are supposed to be for to allow us to live and do things we enjoy?. Obviously Musical Box have their own feelings on what is best for them as a group but delaying a show for three years after so much excitement at finally seeing this show in a couple of weeks really has disappointed the fans. I’m sure a lot of people were really looking forward to it after so long a wait.

    Am completely peeved now just got an email saying concert rescheduled to 2023 !! There are no restrictions here in England why can’t they do them!. I was so looking forward to this concert. All shows here in the UK are allowed so why can’t the Musical Box do these dates.

    Despite our desire to finally introduce you to The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway over the next few weeks, the new wave of COVID-19 infection is forcing us to push back our UK tour to 2023."

    I think that is a lame excuse to be honest, I’ve had Omicron and am triple jabbed and it was no worse than a common cold. I think this excuse isn’t on really as no one else is cancelling shows currently !!. If Genesis can manage to do their shows with covid around and all members are considerably more at risk than Musical Box due to age then why can’t The Musical Box?, I am really disappointed and I feel cancelling is wrong I didn’t expect the UK dates to be affected at all!!. This concert will be more than 2.5 years late

    Phil's been saying that since the late 70's, its his way of dealing with hecklers.

    We saw 5 shows, each had a different atmosphere.


    agreed, that the atmosphere was different but I put that down to me sitting in completely different seats on both nights. 5 nights boy that’s expensive but all power to you!. I went to see Hackett three times but that was a much more manageable £150 total!. I will hopefully take in a London show of someone cannot attend, and sells their ticket at a reduced amount. Genesis tickets are the most expensive I’ve ever bought. The days of seeing groups of a similar quality like Pink Floyd for £7.50 are long gone.

    I’m glad to see that the group have added these extra dates for those European fans to enjoy, Maybe the group are having a second wind and are more optimistically adding dates due to Phil been positive and agreeing to extensions. Long may this continue!.

    Mind you Steve Hackett said the same thing at the three shows I went to so it isn’t just Mr Collins!, for example there’s a longer interval than we usually have and you have longer to get hammered!!. Said the word hammered at all three concerts!. I was a bit jealous as my partner hates driving it the dark so muggins here had about as much chance of getting hammered as winning the lottery ( although I did accidentally block Steve’s Taxi parking up at Harrogate as we were allowed to park near the stage door as have a blue badge) . Security said to me you just missed him , I said missed who she said Steve Hackett you blocked his taxi!!. Oops!!. I was to busy parking the car in the limited space the lady directed me to !!. Left hand down a bit!.

    I went to the two shows at Leeds and both of them were exactly the same, the only thing that bothered me was Phil saying everything exactly the same between songs practically word for word “I remember my first beer” for one. Looking at the YouTube shows gives you a false idea I think and they don’t come across as well due to the amateur footage presented. I think both were money albeit expensive money well spent and I would go again for sure.

    I’m going to see Steve Hackett for a third time later this week , hopefully I don’t sit next to anyone who has either this cold or the virus although I got an alert on my phone last week saying someone at the Bradford show had reported having it. Such is life I guess onwards and upwards!. They report it but they don’t give you an approx seat to make you sweat a bit!.

    Well levels of covid are increasing here in the UK due to the majority of us having the Astra Zeneca Vaccine and it wearing off over the months since. The booster on the other hand isn’t been given as quickly as the government would like. Fingers crossed for these dates but no one has a crystal ball.

    I saw Steve’s Band twice the week I saw Genesis twice, was a very busy week for sure and I really enjoyed both for different reasons. Steve’s show at Scunthorpe Baths Hall was incredibly loud upstairs so much so that I couldn’t stand it and had to blag an alternative seat which was in the stalls and a lot more comfortable for my old ears!!. I also went to see him the next night at Bradford and was sat upstairs in the Gods and the view was pretty abysmal as you were sideways on. If I was a selfish sort I could of lent over the rail to get a view of the show but would have inevitably ran the risk of offending the guy sat next to me by thus completely obscuring his also limited view ( so I once again moved seats to one I noticed was empty by scanning the stalls ) a risk I know which paid off as it was empty both before and after the interval!. Steve’s band are terrific especially the chap who plays the flute/keys and all manner of other stuff. I agree they are probably better than Genesis at playing the songs from the Hackett Era and I did like the sprinkling of Steve’s own stuff prior to the interval. Genesis had a better light show and sound quality but couldn’t for me match the ability of Hacketts band for musicianship. Both great acts in their own way but the intimacy of the Hackett shows and earlier Genesis songs had the edge for me personally. Genesis themselves I feel were worth the entrance fee but it was a massive price difference from £200 Genesis to £40 Hackett which in these times is a terrific bargain for a great nights entertainment. I do think it would be great for Steve to be invited onstage one more time by Genesis to perform the solo from Firth of Fifth that would be something else to see and probably very emotional if it ever came to pass. The touring bands I feel offer something different to the fans to view which makes the shows complementary to one another.

    Emailed you Graham although I’ve already seen the show I would take them off yo if someone who has t been yet to see it decides they don’t wish to enquire. Good of you by the way . It would cost me a bit to travel north of the border but Better than them not been used I guess. Hopefully someone who has t seen this show can attend it.