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    I’d personally wait and see if they will be providing refunds as I cannot see it happening April next year or next year at all. I think it is probably certain they will either postpone till 2022 ( which is annoying as the money is tied up ) or hopefully do the right thing and cancel the tour completely and give people the option of buying again or getting a full refund given what we know now .

    I sadly don’t think that Tickets will sell for anything near what we paid for them which was a considerable sum laying dormant in some companies bank account .

    Lowest “From Genesis To Revelation” , highest I would think possibly Self Titled?. Second lowest Wind and Wuthering or Calling All Stations but I’m just guessing .

    I do feel sorry for all the people whom are not wealthy who haven’t had anywhere near As much care and attention as Trump has. I watch this ridiculous show that is being put on and think to myself if he was poor and a normal person would he be so blasé?, he’s had more doctors around him than I’ve seen looking after 600 people over here. I used to work in the Health services and a consultant would be responsible for many individuals (Trump seems to have a multitude of doctors to himself!). He is riding roughshod over the rules telling people not to be afraid of it and get out there?. It just is so irresponsible and I find it upsetting that the rich seem to have so many outlets of help were as the man in the street has nothing apart from scraps!. If he has had it then he’s got off lightly so it seems. I hope Trump himself comes through it without any issues, but if he is using it for points to boost his chances of 4 more years I really think that is low.

    I do feel though that throwing all the available treatments at it in one go isn’t the way to go, if he does worsen (which I hope doesn’t occur) then they won’t be left with much to treat him with.

    Well not to be pedantic or anything, but...

    I should have been a little more specific as to the UK being the country of origin, the question is correct for England. Both those albums were pressed on the pink label here only first. Before being moved over to the Mad Hatter label. Obviously they must have used it in different areas for longer. With not having access to any USA pressings I was unaware of Foxtrot also using it sorry.

    He's an egomaniacal self-righteous oaf. As much as he and everyone around him lie, I wouldn't be surprised to hear he never had the virus and that this was just a political hoax.

    my thoughts mirror yours, how do we know he has had it for sure. Three days after it and says he feels 20 years younger it doesn’t add up to me at all. Obviously he will feel better after taking dexamethasone, it’s bound to make anyone improve as it’s a steroid at the end of the day and he will have a short term feeling of being somehow revitalised.

    I don’t think he’s has it , let him be independently tested for antibodies.

    One of the best bits was the American guy introducing it and getting booed and running off when he got his timing wrong. Then doing all over again as a zombie and we realised he worked out how to get booed deliberately and his timing was spot on. I think my sweatshirt is ina bag in my loft. Last time I tried it on it was far too small. It must have shrunk.;)

    my sweatshirt also shrunk , it had lots of hammers marching on the front of it nothing on the back. I do have a picture of me wearing it hitching to Donnington Park to see the second Monsters of Rock festival with AC/DC , Whitesnake , Slade , Blue Oyster Cult , Blackfoot , More and Tommy Vance on the turntable . My first outdoor concert. Incidentally, Tommy Vance used to have an annual top 10 tracks of all time and I remember Suppers Ready always was in The top 3 once. Memories flooding back. I vividly remember an ice cream van but not much else as regards facilities (It was freezing and pouring ) and the ice creams didn’t sell that well!.

    I can’t remember but it was Definitely a year or so after the album maybe a little more, I remember that concert like yesterday especially the sound circulating around the arena (if you don’t eat your meat etc) and the plane flying into the wall. Also Snowy white doing a solo from the top of the wall. I think it was about £8.50 - £9.50 or something like that I bought a sweatshirt and a programme and that was me skint!. I do actually have a dvd of the concert (one of them ) somewhere which I traded with someone years ago. Sweat shirt long gone , programme same but memories really vivid even now.

    I would have loved to see that concert I was old enough just at 17, but at that stage didn’t attend concerts on my own so therefore wasn’t allowed to go. I did see Pink Floyd Perform the Wall at the old Earls Court around the same time and Neil Young at Wembley Arena (both taken by a mate and his dad thankfully) but I missed this. Probably one of the greatest regrets of my concert going as a teenager and then an adult along with Led Zeppelin at Knebworth (I did try to go on my own as a 15 year old but I got rumbled!!). Can I ask how easy was it to get a ticket for the event?, and it’s a massive shame they didn’t decide to film it which I believe the band also regret to this day?.

    Fair comment, I just feel it’s a shame that other avenues ain’t explored (my personal viewpoint). If it’s true that there wasn’t much more to release then I guess studio time was very inexpensive!. The Beatles on the other hand went through songs many times In the studio Take xx etc etc!. Such takes have come to be quite lucrative cash cows, and I would think Paul and Ringo are in lesser need financially. I wonder whether opinions would change if money was an issue?, possibly?.

    They could ease my frustration by re issuing those boxes, I forgot to bid on eBay the other day thru being distracted at home, and the complete set went for £400, I was well peeved!.

    It is all really puzzling to be sure, it’s as if that’s done, dusted and we ain’t going back there. Maybe the guys don’t need the money. If Tony can’t be bothered to look at these things then perhaps for the fans sake he could pass the baton on.

    There is money to be made at the end of the day, and fans like us who are prepared to pay for super deluxe sets. I just don’t get it to be frank. With the current uncertainty I don’t think there are any excuses to not consider this. And we don’t have anything really interesting to discuss on the forum apart from memories!.

    at least Mr Gabriel seems to take an interest in issuing other stuff in his vaults ie, the live albums.

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel that the lack of anniversary editions of the albums is very disappointing at best. Nearly every band seems to have an outlet for re appraisal of old releases (think Paul McCartney and Jethro Tull, there are many more). I just don’t understand why my favourite album Trespass and all the rest haven’t been given this expanded enhanced treatment?. Surely they have out takes, studio run throughs and curios that could be added?. I appreciate there is supposed to be A Lamb release this year but this year is nearly over. We haven’t had anything for years and it’s not great to see whatever there is sat in a vault , corroding.