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    I’d personally go the USA route and ask if they can send as a gift to you, it’s a great album but £140 is a lot of money for it. No matter what it sounds like. Obviously the original album is good sound quality but this pressing really is something else on a good turntable but I think 140 is a lot of money. Saying that though I’m thinking of paying £175 for the new Aqualung UHQR!.

    there are a few on eBay at the moment one ending in a few hours which is here in the uk and looks mint

    this on eBay

    Genesis ‎ A Trick Of The Tail Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFSL1-062

    It definitely is worth getting also if you like Yes Close to the Edge on the same label is equally as good. I have been into these type of pressings for a long time and although they are expensive to buy on the used market - ie, the Alan Parsons Project UHQR of I Robot, they are well worth getting. The site above does seem to have some at good prices and equally some at high prices but this album for sure sounds brilliant.

    I absolutely refuse to get downhearted about stuff that may or may not happen. What we know is that it's planned for April so may as well look forward to it. I've even got a new set of clothes especially for the event.


    no wonder Armstrong and Aldrin took so long to get out of Apollo 11 having to get into these suits !.

    A Trick of The Tail on MFSL sounds absolutely astounding, having owned this album for many years and never tiring of it or the incredible sound does anyone know why they stopped at one album?. It seems such a shame to me that they didn’t do the same with the first five albums as they did such a good job.

    It will be miraculous if it does, glad to see they are practicing anyways maybe a new album will come out of these sessions at least !.I would anticipate these are recorded and filmed for use at a later stage would make sense?.

    I really think it’s time that something should be given back to the fans about these shows. I think there is a general consensus that these shows may be postponed again possibly?. It’s only 7 months till these are due to take place. Obviously I will be over the moon of it all happens as planned but I don’t think the fans such as us are being kept abreast of developments. On average we have probably each invested £400 minimum (some substantially more than that me included) and I feel that Genesis management should be saying if there is a strong possibility that it won’t be happening in April. I am getting excited and apprehensive at the same time, our money which we could all do with at this difficult time is in limbo and has been for months now. If they do postpone again I will be very upset and I believe they should just cancel it and start a fresh. This is my personal opinion but I feel all this talk of Genesis working on the tour is a little speculative at best, great if it is indeed happening but big shows like this indoors are not going to happen. If they can’t arrange indoor performances of a ballet attended by a few hundred people sitting quietly how can they expect a rock show like this to go ahead?. I think if it is postponed they should offer a refund and stop all this messing around for the fans. I know this has been discussed a lot but I’m trying to be realistic. Would I take a refund if offered one today - yes. Moving the goalposts continually for these shows although understandable to some extent is causing a lot of people hassles booking hotels , and cancelling hotels etc etc. If we did a poll here I’m sure that less than 25% think April will happen?.

    Due to the nature of what the next few months may hold I would contemplate that April is already been looked at as not viable for the tour to take place, giving the fans the option of getting their money back should be the first thing the promoters think about if indeed it is put back again.

    Does anyone agree that there is so much money tied up in this tour that it would be impossible to cancel?, I bet there have been discussions about it behind closed doors but with tickets costing a minimum of £150 or whatever it was your talking a lot of money to return to the fans. I can imagine that would be impossible to do smoothly. I myself feel it will be postponed again and again

    How much would a streamed event be?, probably a lot more than the current £15-£20 ($18-$23) average. Like everything related to this tour ticket wise I’m sure it would be more like £40. To watch a live stream?. Probably a few add ins as well to boot - if you watch the stream you can buy a live bluray of the event in a velvet lined box with obi strip for £200.

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    I’d personally wait and see if they will be providing refunds as I cannot see it happening April next year or next year at all. I think it is probably certain they will either postpone till 2022 ( which is annoying as the money is tied up ) or hopefully do the right thing and cancel the tour completely and give people the option of buying again or getting a full refund given what we know now .

    I sadly don’t think that Tickets will sell for anything near what we paid for them which was a considerable sum laying dormant in some companies bank account .

    Lowest “From Genesis To Revelation” , highest I would think possibly Self Titled?. Second lowest Wind and Wuthering or Calling All Stations but I’m just guessing .

    Well not to be pedantic or anything, but...

    I should have been a little more specific as to the UK being the country of origin, the question is correct for England. Both those albums were pressed on the pink label here only first. Before being moved over to the Mad Hatter label. Obviously they must have used it in different areas for longer. With not having access to any USA pressings I was unaware of Foxtrot also using it sorry.