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    To be honest I think a more sensible solution to this but ultimately not acceptable to all I guess would be to plan on altering these shows to outside venues, you could then limit the amount of people inside for example - football grounds to lower numbers then would normally be the case. For example say old Trafford in Manchester holds 80,000 seated?, then you could allow the 40,000 who booked for the Arena shows x 2 to attend an outdoor show with more space and room for them. With the added bonus of the virus transmission not been as easy outside?. It would have benefits for the group and especially Phil not having to do 20 shows which could be more tiring given his poor health. I know it isn’t perfect but looking at this could be an option. I do believe they are planning on doing a trial of opening outdoor sporting venues later this year. You could fit the 40,000 for the two Manchester dates in Old Trafford and only need the one show and have plenty of room for social distancing . Also put seats instead of standing on the pitch.

    You could then distribute the tickets based on purchase price paid initially, if you paid premium price you could sit in front of the stage and further back if you paid less. I know this is probably not agreeable to some given acoustics and the sound not being as good, but it’s a compromise I would accept!.

    If there is a vaccine by April you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be available for everyone, only those at increased risk, Keyworkers, the elderly and compromised physically will be first to get it and rightly so. Although none of us has any idea of what could be around the corner with this

    , I doubt this tour will happen in April. Don’t get me wrong I’d love it to but how many people will be uncertain about attending any of these massive shows if there is coronavirus more widely circulating than current times. Although I’m not a betting man I think they have took the first dates available and should have looked at least July or August 2021 onwards. Hopefully we don’t have a bad winter or second wave but if we do I think April will be a no go area for concerts of this scale?.

    I’ve just

    I agree April is very optimistic. Does anyone know anything about the Newcastle gigs and old tickets not being valid? Have had a garbled message from my son who arranged the tickets and I’m not sure I’ve understood him correctly and I can’t speak to him yet as he’s in work

    I’ve just had an email saying that Tickets are valid for the two I’m going to at Manchester & Leeds so I would presume that you would have the same choices, unless they are changing capacity at Newcastle which I doubt?. I’m sure you will be fine.

    Even the Prime Minister has just said that he doesn’t think the UK will be over this completely till the middle of next year !. I can see everyone having to wear masks at these shows anyway, it’s going to be fun at the bar when people start taking their masks off to have a glass of wine and a pint of beer!!. Who ever thought of April just doesn’t seem to get it for me.

    Can just see Phil saying Manchester Arena how you all doing tonight? - 20,000 muffled replies in return due to the masks!. Going to look great on the concert Blu-ray All the masks looking back at him!!.

    for me any concert over 1,000 people in a 3,000 seat venue till a vaccine is available is very foolhardy !.

    ...though there are drive-in gigs happening from next month.

    how exactly will this work?, a good idea but are you expected to sit in your car for the full performance?. What if nature calls etc?, also I imagine the sound quality sat in your car won’t be that brilliant and what if your a passenger in the back seat!. Move your head I can’t see etc. At least they are trying though to put something on!.

    I can imagine die hard fans getting there 10 hours early before the gates open and a queue of cars forming to get optimum position.

    I am in a similar position. I’ve Got tickets for both Manchester and Leeds first shows, why they just don’t announce it and be done with it?, Steve’s announced his are now pushed back as has all the other artists I’ve booked for. In fact, I haven’t got a single concert still showing as going ahead apart

    from the Genesis shows. It’s a long wait though a year and a half !. It’s sad but no concert will be safe until a vaccine is found. They opened all the pubs here as you know and some have had to shut due to patrons having it so what chance have 20,000 arena concerts?.

    foxfeeder, sadly on the subject of SACD I think we are in agreement. A real shame as a format it had great potential.


    it may well be not as popular as regular cd or Blu-ray but SACD still is used by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab and Analogue Productions for most of their releases. Neither of these use blu ray audio as far as I’m aware?.

    I have heard all of the SACDs out of this box set and they are superb and then some but haven’t got them myself.

    If anyone has the box sets in triplicate and want to sell them on I’d gladly give the initial purchase price !!. As has been mentioned earlier it’s been such a long time since these box sets were out why not take a chance and re issue them ?. A lot of artists have re issued box sets three or four times. I have just bought the Bill Withers box set which like these Genesis sets went up price wise, it’s great to see things that were expensive on the used market being released again (same goes for the Tears for Fears box sets that were recently re issued).

    Are these hybrid discs high res on the stereo section? , I note you mention that you can play them on a standard CD player which can not accommodate high resolution and are limited to 44?. I’m only interested in High Resolution formats in stereo similar to the SACD medium?. Which is a very high level of sound quality in comparison to the standard audio compact disc, obviously Blu-ray audio would be acceptable as that would include 24/96 stereo along with 5.1 24/96 for those who prefer it.

    My current speakers are Meridian 3200 actives which go up to 24/96 resolution and upsample everything else apparently. But Meridian ain’t really into the SACD format so I have to use an alternative headphone amp to listen to those.

    The above post was most welcome and appreciated ?. I do feel that there is a market for the SACDs being released again , would be tremendous if the full discography could be bundled together in a box set. SACD is still a prized format for audio enthusiasts. I consider myself to be into audio but 5.1 has never really been my bag (due to limitations of space in my small flat), if I had 6 speakers I would be falling over them!. I hope someone who has any scope for re evaluating these will take a look at it again. As you know these box sets are going for close to £1000 for the three studio editions on the used market which I cannot afford or hope to. If an sacd hybrid box set came out of all albums for say £200 - £250 they could take my money and I’d be a very happy fan!.

    I think there is demand for a lot of releases which don’t seem to be given any thought at the moment, there is money to be made and they can gladly have mine if they decide to re issue, re appraise any of the material. I don’t get why why haven’t had any high resolution basic stereo releases. Obviously the box sets were 5.1 24/96 but what about folks like me who only have traditional stereo set ups. I really feel this all could be looked at again. The TSL is a good idea by the way although I do have all the originals on vinyl including the live albums.

    I would love further releases like the MFSL of ATOTT why stop at one!. A lot of groups And artists seem to have extended runs of these MFSL re issues for example Elvis Costello who’s had nearly all of his discography done!.

    Maybe Genesis should employ someone to re evaluate the material which is there like the Prince Estate have done to brilliant effect.

    I would love Super Deluxe Editions of Duke with extras such as Studio run throughs and the duke suite actually spliced together to form one continuous piece!!. Also potentially bundled with a remastered Live at Lyceum for example - now I’m dreaming I know !!.

    I’ve still got the following artists with no change yet

    Level 42

    Nick Mason

    Steve Hackett And Genesis
    doubt any of them will happen 2020.

    why they don’t just re arrange them now it makes more sense?. And I cannot understand why I’m getting email after email saying this show is due in October and November from all the ticket agencies?.

    I can’t see these shows happening this year, I would like to think they would but I’m thinking more and more there is no chance at all. I have booked to see another group in September At the Barbican for a 5 Night run and they have just emailed to say they are postponed for 12 months. I can either have a refund of the money or wait for 16 months!. Also Nick Masons Saucerful of Secrets (which I would have seen a couple of months ago), has been put back to October but I think that’s totally unrealistic as the concert scene seems to be progressing at this time.

    It just cannot be correct in the current circumstances, why don’t the masses protesting just think for a minute about the wider implications of those actions!. Such massive protests give the virus the chance (a massive opportunity as I see it) to come back with a vengeance. Im all for people being peaceful and using their democratic right to show solidarity but it’s just wrong at this time. Apparently reporters who cover such events have never seen crowds so packed together and huge.

    What about those at risk here!, don’t they deserve to be considered by the protestors!, what about the NHS in a few weeks potentially?. The government will blame today as a catalyst of any future heartaches and pain.

    If coronavirus had intelligence it wouldn’t believe its luck!.

    I ask myself this question?,

    if George Floyd had of been murdered two months ago at the first height of this epidemic here in the Uk - what would have happened then?, would 50,000 people have broke the lockdown and protested then?. What would the authorities have done in response if they did?.

    it was wrong terribly wrong what happened to that poor man and showed just how low some humans can get, but isn’t protesting at this time wrong to?.

    Well today I must say I’m a little concerned, watching Sky News and seeing probably 50,000 people protesting in London today (maybe more) isn’t right in the current circumstances. No matter how much we feel revulsion and anger over the murder of George Floyd (and I do feel anger, although I’m white I have black mother and half of my heritage is from West Africa on my mums side). They shouldn’t have protested In such ridiculous quantities and so close together. Do they think they are immune to the virus or something!!. It’s still there and for sure some of those will get it in that crowd, travel back to where ever they come from and give it to others and we will be back to square one again . Nobody has listened at all to the governments requests. I’m fuming !. Ok protest , show your anger and empathy with black citizens Worldwide but gathering in massive crowds like that is just asking for trouble.

    You can’t really consider coronavirus without the political aspect with respect, they both are intertwined. I personally feel we here in the UK should have got on top of this from the beginning and those in charge of us (Politicians) weren’t decisive enough in the beginning. Personally I feel they have let things slide with cutbacks for years and years, refusing money for this cutting a little back here and a little there. This has been predicted for years and I believe that they should have been more prepared than was the case. They should have stockpiled PPE and built up a supply over years, ok it may have gone out of date but at least it would have been there available and ready?. All the indecision has made this a lot worse than it should have been. Look at Germany, testing done in massive amounts, no where near as many people losing their lives to it. They seem to know what they are doing, why can’t we be the same?.

    Will we learn the hard lessons if this ever improves?, I doubt if I really do!. Will the government stockpile equipment and ventilation equipment for the next pandemic or will they think lightening doesn’t strike twice it can’t happen again so quickly?. I appreciate that once this took hold it’s hard to get to grips with and I don’t envy anyone in power from having sleepless nights. But I feel they had thought possibly that it’s not going to happen as bad over here?. The reality is it’s worse here than nearly everywhere else in Europe. And you’ve got to ask yourself why exactly is it?. I remember a few weeks ago on the tv they where saying “Italy has it bad due to an ageing population”, well it’s been as bad and worse here. Our demographic of populace cannot be that much different from other European nations and we are still showing R of 0.6-0.9 after 10 weeks of lock down?.

    Well after great fanfare we can now have 6 people in our gardens!, it’s times like this when I wished I had a garden to sit in!!. I honestly don’t understand why they haven’t said nominate one family member Or loved one who doesn’t live with you who can come into your flat etc, one only and the same one no compromises!. I live alone my partner lives alone 100 miles away, we both only have small numbers of relatives and have religiously followed everything to the letter and will of course continue to do so. He hasn’t done anything for people such as us and it doesn’t seem it’s on the horizons or remotely anywhere near being announced!. I was feeling pleasantly optimistic before this afternoons press conference and now I feel as if there will be no change to the current situation for months. If I didn’t live alone it would be easier, I only have internet on my phone and they ain’t doing installs due to the pandemic so no FaceTime for me just 3G communication and chats on the telephone.

    It would seem listening to the Radio here in the Uk, that people are now prepared to do exactly what they feel like or are intending to break the regulations. I like probably all of us are getting sick of the isolation but, I’m sticking to it for the sake of keeping people not as physically able as myself safe. I haven’t seen my partner of 15 years for nearly three months now (we both live in separate towns and we ain’t allowed to enter one another place of residence). But due to Dominic Cummins action it seems other people are now using it as an excuse to have people in their homes, parties in their gardens and basically just carry on as we did prior to lockdown. Although I actually was repulsed and felt sorry for him the other day (when the press were all over him like leaches, and seemed to be really putting the pressure on) I feel like he could of at least said sorry I was wrong. And stated it from the heart!, but he hasn’t, It makes me wonder what hold or knowledge has he got about Boris Johnson?. It just doesn’t add up to me how he is still in post?. Amazing how the actions of one man can push others to use it as an excuse to break rules which are there for everyone’s well being?.