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    Is it the title of the album occurs on the first side only as a Abacab Says Abacab and lamb has a picture on side 2

    mind you I have two pressings of it one with orange label which is a German pressing which says Abacab on both side a and

    No I’m well off the mark but a good question all the same

    I never thought the rescheduled shows would happen and I agree the next step will likely be full cancellation.

    I agree with you, I can’t see them happening now unfortunately. Even if the R Number over here drops to the levels of a month or so ago, in January it’s not going to prompt test events restarting (that’s my guess). I can’t see any concerts of this scale at all until either there is a massive immunity in the population or the population has had 3/4 vaccination. It’s just not going to happen sadly. They won’t take chances on 20,000 people being under one roof, maybe 5,000 in a 20,000 arena but full attendance no chance.

    How are we all thinking about these shows now with the new 6 month of regulations that were announced yesterday, it really puts this into a different perspective. From what I’m reading and watching test events are now postponed until further notice. I don’t think April is looking any good at all now, and I can see The Musical Box been postponed yet again as that’s within the 6 months of extended measures?.

    I guess you’ve got to ask yourself what’s going to happen on arrival at these shows, I think this as a minimum , temperature checks, masks at all times in the venue, Alcoholic drinks may not be on sale as the queues would be horrendous (whatever show I’ve been to in the past there has always been a scrum at the bar). Regarding the virus in general I guess if any earlier concerts are shown to be a source of even the smallest outbreak then this will have to be reconsidered. You can almost guarantee by probability that one or two people in the crowd will have the virus and be contagious and not know about it. if you get the virus at a concert and are not the only one, could litigation against the promoters be a potential outcome?.

    Just had a read on AXS and it says this

    If the event is rescheduled, we'll advise what options are available to you. As a general rule if you are able to attend a rescheduled date your original tickets will remain valid.

    it reads a bit sketchy doesn’t it?, as if they ain’t prepared to say exactly what you can do if you can’t make a show. If they will give you your money back or not. With them mentioning “options” it does seem to leave the door ajar to potentially getting your money back. Maybe AXS will refund if the date clashes with something else which is a lot better than Ticketmaster seem to offer (which is absolutely nothing at all).

    It does bring the question of purchasing tickets and what you are entitled to. We buy a ticket thinking that the show is on a Saturday as we can’t make a Wednesday due to work or kids at school in the morning etc, when they change from a Saturday to Wednesday do ticket agents expect you to be happy with this alteration?. Or do they offer the alternative of refund as you can’t attend?. I doubt that!, they expect people to just alter their plans and go with the new dates.

    regarding the ticket resales I think the best thing would be to contact the agent concerned I bought mine with ticketmaster I note that you got yours at AXS maybe they have a resale site. Not to sure myself, the problem with selling tickets is that the ticket agents themselves are cracking down on profiteering by touts and only release The tickets at the last Possible postage moment. I think it’s going to be difficult to sell any of these tickets as you mention due to Covid and the fear of the public of going indoors. I feel you could wait and see as these shows may well be cancelled yet again and then you would get your money back in full.
    obviously changing dates isn’t ideal for anyone, I don’t know what will happen if they postpone again?, there could be a mutiny from those who feel that the ticket agents are just stalling to keep hold of the cash for as long as possible.

    At the end of the day you do what’s best for yourself with this, if you ain’t happy due to the current pandemic no one would hold it against you for wanting to sell or to get a refund, but I feel a refund is going to be the last thing the promoters wish to do. Whatever you decide I hope it works out.

    If you read the last line of ConChoo007's post, he mentions Covid19. " Also with Covid I actually think its a very dodgy environment to be in! " Very understandable!

    I understand that and read that myself and I do agree Covid is a worry but if there was any remote risk to the fans I’m sure it would be cancelled all together?. but specifically I was referring to the comment before it about the forthcoming gig probably not being any good. I honestly can’t see these shows being anything other than excellent, granted we are all fans at the end of the day with different opinions but I myself feel Genesis have an immensely positive history for State of the Art live shows to maintain, and I’m sure they wouldn’t go for it to fall flat on their faces and get negative reviews, they have a reputation to uphold at the end of the day and if their was any possibility of it being any where near below par I’m sure it would be cancelled altogether?.

    I can’t see it being anything other than value for money and an experience not to be missed,

    Lights, sound and memories for us all!.

    I just dont think the gig will be any good in my opinion with Phil Collins not really on form for past few years.

    With Respect, Why actually buy the tickets in the first place if you thought this?. We all are aware of Phil’s health but I personally didn’t hesitate myself and still wouldn’t!.

    I think personally if you are wishing to sell your tickets you have to possibly do it through the official ticketmaster website?. And then you sell it at what you paid for it which is the done thing I would suggest. If they are going for £800 it is what the so called resale sites charge and is basically scalping in a more legitimate way. I haven’t got any physical tickets myself and don’t expect to get any at all just before the concerts are due to happen.

    If you sell them yourself I would expect to not make anywhere near to what you paid for them, as people will be reluctant to go as you have already mentioned. I think anyone who sells tickets now is looking at a considerable loss on face value due to Covid. Phil Collins sadly has been ill for a while now before these concerts even were mentioned. It was to be expected that he wouldn’t be anywhere near what he was even in 2007, but we are fans and have to realise these facts and appreciate it for what it will be. I don’t myself expect him to be chucking a tambourine in the air and vigorously performing the drum duet prior to Los Endos!! Just isn’t feasible!.

    At Cardiff they could close the roof, I don’t know how much light gets it ( long time since I went to that venue for the Speedway Grand Prix ) but I vaguely remember it was pretty dark with the roof closed!. So they could start well before Mikes Horlicks is due to be on his bedside table!.

    The idea of reverting to stadiums might be a good one but then availability and number required would become a factor to cater for everyone with an existing ticket without having to scrap the whole tour and start again.

    I think changing to Football Stadiums would be far easier than booking 12 arenas again, you probably could get away with five or Six. Only issue is the stage set which no doubt is already into the finalised stage in storage by now!, that would need a complete redesign and add to the costs already incurred ?. They may well already have an outside stage designed just in case they decided to go Stateside and play outdoor events?. An interesting topic though.

    Wembley two dates

    Manchester one date

    Scotland stadium - ibrox , Celtic Park or Murryfield

    Cardiff - Millennium Stadium

    Dublin - Croke Park

    Birmingham - Villa Park

    That’s 300,000 people accommodated, I don’t know how many tickets they have sold?.

    I feel a bit of a fraud to myself paying to see an ill man perform but if he’s up for it then so am I!, you’ve got to think about the logic of adding more and more shows though. I guess bands take out insurance beforehand in case things cannot happen?. but all power to him if he feels up to it then go for it. A lot of fans are probably of an elderly age now themselves but also a lot of fans will be new to the band and are more than likely overjoyed they are getting the opportunity to see true legends live for one last time. And I for one am grateful.

    I guess regarding adding shows on top is due to demand to give more people the chance of seeing them but an open air slot would do that. I feel there will be open air dates added maybe a Glastonbury headline slot?.

    To be honest I think a more sensible solution to this but ultimately not acceptable to all I guess would be to plan on altering these shows to outside venues, you could then limit the amount of people inside for example - football grounds to lower numbers then would normally be the case. For example say old Trafford in Manchester holds 80,000 seated?, then you could allow the 40,000 who booked for the Arena shows x 2 to attend an outdoor show with more space and room for them. With the added bonus of the virus transmission not been as easy outside?. It would have benefits for the group and especially Phil not having to do 20 shows which could be more tiring given his poor health. I know it isn’t perfect but looking at this could be an option. I do believe they are planning on doing a trial of opening outdoor sporting venues later this year. You could fit the 40,000 for the two Manchester dates in Old Trafford and only need the one show and have plenty of room for social distancing . Also put seats instead of standing on the pitch.

    You could then distribute the tickets based on purchase price paid initially, if you paid premium price you could sit in front of the stage and further back if you paid less. I know this is probably not agreeable to some given acoustics and the sound not being as good, but it’s a compromise I would accept!.

    If there is a vaccine by April you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be available for everyone, only those at increased risk, Keyworkers, the elderly and compromised physically will be first to get it and rightly so. Although none of us has any idea of what could be around the corner with this

    , I doubt this tour will happen in April. Don’t get me wrong I’d love it to but how many people will be uncertain about attending any of these massive shows if there is coronavirus more widely circulating than current times. Although I’m not a betting man I think they have took the first dates available and should have looked at least July or August 2021 onwards. Hopefully we don’t have a bad winter or second wave but if we do I think April will be a no go area for concerts of this scale?.

    I’ve just

    I agree April is very optimistic. Does anyone know anything about the Newcastle gigs and old tickets not being valid? Have had a garbled message from my son who arranged the tickets and I’m not sure I’ve understood him correctly and I can’t speak to him yet as he’s in work

    I’ve just had an email saying that Tickets are valid for the two I’m going to at Manchester & Leeds so I would presume that you would have the same choices, unless they are changing capacity at Newcastle which I doubt?. I’m sure you will be fine.

    Even the Prime Minister has just said that he doesn’t think the UK will be over this completely till the middle of next year !. I can see everyone having to wear masks at these shows anyway, it’s going to be fun at the bar when people start taking their masks off to have a glass of wine and a pint of beer!!. Who ever thought of April just doesn’t seem to get it for me.

    Can just see Phil saying Manchester Arena how you all doing tonight? - 20,000 muffled replies in return due to the masks!. Going to look great on the concert Blu-ray All the masks looking back at him!!.

    for me any concert over 1,000 people in a 3,000 seat venue till a vaccine is available is very foolhardy !.