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    I was a fan of the original Stiltskin and immediately (re-)liked Genesis when Ray Wilson joined. I also enjoyed Wilson's subsequent 'solo' reworkings of the band's material. The first part of this album was probably among his best original solo work, but I have not bought the album, nor have I heard the second part.

    This is based on those that (a) I know, (b) have heard and (c) can remember, albeit briefly. For example I don't think I have ever heard And Then There Were Three and have heard A Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering only a few times. I cannot remember Seconds Out at all. The albums at the top of my list I know very well. I hope this makes some kind of sense.

    1. Nursery Cryme

    2. Foxtrot.

    3. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    4. Calling All Stations

    5. Selling England by the Pound

    6. The Genesis Archive 1 1967-1975

    7. Genesis Live

    8. Wind and Wuthering

    9. A Trick of the Tail

    10. Abacab

    I voted for:

    Nursery Cryme - Contains my favourite Genesis track, The Musical Box, which I first heard on Alan Freeman's Saturday Show;

    Foxtrot - A good all-round album;

    The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Contains my second favourite Genesis track, the title track. My favourite version is when the band played it live with Ray Wilson. The bass guitar sound, at this time, really took the track to another level, although I am now in some doubt as to whether it was played by Rutherford.

    I also like:

    Selling England by the Pound - A strong album, but not as good as the above.

    Calling All Stations - I stopped listening when Gabriel left and Collins became lead singer. Ray Wilson took them back to making interesting music. The BBC broadcast live tracks on the In Concert programme and Johnny Walker's Saturday afternoon show, and I think the beeb or Genesis really should release this material.