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    the Lyceum recording of Duchess is probably one of the most viewed songs on YouTube for me. Love the atmosphere and the green lighting

    Have already wondered if Phil is actually doing anything with the drum machine or is all pre programmed? sounds almost faultless but as a drummer he should know what he is doing!

    the intro to Duchess is one of my most favourite genesis musical the way it builds with the use of drum machines and then goes into the story

    Always thought sadly underplayed live ...only seen it once...maybe this time round!

    first show was Hammersmith 1982..and then each tour after that. Was thinking about the 2007 gig at Twickenham. Had treated myself for my 40th to some premier tickets and was in about 10 th row. Was sitting next to 2 couples who barely got involved...may have been on a corporate freebie!

    When ITC was played there was a women a few rows in front..probably aged around 50..she was on her feet belting every word out. Was great to watch and I spent most of the song watching her rather than the band!..not being sexist but don't see too many girls going mental over the old was great to see 😊

    was thinking how unusual it is for a band not play all or part of one of their major SR. Most fans who have bought more than the last few albums would probably put it in their top 3 tracks.

    Appreciate the length of song has some reason for this but always thought that any medley could start and end with the opening and closing section of the song and would work as bookends

    Would be even more apt just for the line...' its it's good to see you again...'

    Have to say Duke is one of my favourites...always seems to have a positive vibe and a great summer listening album. The intro to Duchess is for me one of the highlights....and the live version was great as seen in the Lyceum shows. I know it is one of TB favourites and will hopefully see it making it come back on the new tour

    maybe doing something like Rush did on last tour would be cool...start at the latest album and work backwards playing 1-2 songs from each album?

    Would be a i have to start thinking about which tracks which a 2 and half hour set!

    Yes .some bands take different approaches to touring. Springsteen playing different albums on alternate evenings...can't quite see Genesis doing this!

    The staging/lights play such a big part that difficult to deviate too much

    As has been mentioned the health and voice of PC is going to play a part..hopefully his health is improving.. as can't see him letting rip on some numbers from a sitting position..but time will tell

    HI all. New to this forum although been on others in the past but seem to have dwindled so good to see more activity on this forum

    As to a setlist..agree with lots of the comments already stated. Having seen the band live since 1982..the conservative approach has often slightly (only slightly) upset me and would love to see some rare album tracks thrown in

    Was thinking about having seen U2 and Rush in recent years..and often seem to throw in tracks that have almost forgotton about. Would be great to see on this tour but may be unlikely..but still looking forward to