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    Anyone finding the tour has made its way into their dreams yet?


    I had a dream that Genesis did a BBC Radio 2 special where they opened with the instrumental versionof Watcher Of The Skies and then Phil said as this was a one-off special they'd play some songs that won't be heard on tour. After that they played the expected things like Abacab, That's All, Domino....then full Supper's Ready and an acoustic set which included one verse of Let Us Now Make Love...then Invisible Touch and ending with Mama....encore of a 15 minute Duke medley.

    Not going to happen but what a dream!"

    Also a brief clip of Cinema Show. Given that Phil gave the full song a try during rehearsals last time but couldn’t hit the high notes I’m guessing we may be in for the usual ITC/Cinema Show/Afterglow medley, with some other bit folded in between CS and Afterglow. Also would seem to mean that Supper’s Ready didn’t make the final cut.

    I thought Phil wanted to try it but Mike refused as he "can't remember" the guitar tuning for the opening section.

    that's bee Mike's reason for not playing some early material since at least the Mama tour. No doubt some truth in it but I know at least two guitarists he could ask....if he wanted.

    I don't think there's any evidence that they got as far as finding out if Phil could handle the whole song. Tony wanted it. Phil was up for trying. Mike was not. Mike won.

    One thing that disappoints me a little is the keyboards sounds. When Dave Kerzner revealed he had helped to set up Tony's rig, I was hoping Tony would get better sounds than in 2007 (I'm not an "old analog gear" fetishist, modern keyboards and computers are much more convenient and reliable, and can sound better).

    From what I've heard, it sounds very much like 14 years ago, no so good, especially this Cinema Show lead synth.

    A Korg Oasys can sound good, so it's really a matter of programming. Maybe they didn't have the time to review and redefine everything because of Covid, so Tony had to reuse the programs he had back then.

    Tony Banks can probably do anything he desires regarding synth one must assume that those are the sounds he wants. Dave has stated elsewhere that he's provided Tony with patches and samples which mimic the old analogue synths but it's up to Tony if he uses them.

    I love analogue synths but fully understand a touring musician wanting something far more modern, reliable and updatable. But I don't know why he chooses sounds that are very different to the original in some cases. I agree that Cinema Show really sticks out. In recent interviews it's clear he still remembers how he got those sounds in the early 70s, and he still listens to the he must know they sound different the way he plays them now. Must be how he wants them to sound.

    I'm also curious about what audience assistance we could lend for Watcher of the Skies. To be honest, as an audience member I'm not prepared to help with anything other than just being there, enjoying and applauding.

    Everyone could wear bat wings on their heads.

    Chances are 70% of the audience wouldn't know the words to sing along. Though I do maintain that the intro and instrumental parts are so powerful, along with modern visuals, that it would make a stunning opening to a Genesis show in 2021.

    They'll play something from The Lamb, because they have on every tour since The Lamb....but likely the old favourites....Carpet Crawlers is almost certain. The title track seems to be heavily rumoured though I don't remember if Nic has talked about rehearsing it. Cage medley has to be a possibility though I have a feeling they'll leave that one out this time.

    It's Gonna Get Better is another safe bet, possibly after Land Of Confusion. I'm guessing there will be as many happy tunes and as few sad ones as possible. If The Knife was rehearsed they may have gotten to, "Some of you are going to d....wait, let's not do this one. Too soon."

    Squonk, Watcher, and most songs from The Lamb are possible with help from the backup singers and audience.

    I like thewatcher's idea of Phil doing a Willy Wonka walk-on. At the very least I'd like to see him do a short walk for I Can't Dance.

    They assuredly didn't rehearse The Knife. Mike and Tony made that clear in the Prog Magazine interview in March 2020. They both laughed at the idea that The Knife might be "dusted off" for this tour. There's only one conclusion, they discounted the idea before any rehearsals began.

    I do like the Willy Wonka entrance idea. Phil might well think it's fun too.

    I agree completely, though I must admit some confusion as to how my name got changed from Moonlitknight to SquigelyFox.

    I've been having issues with the quote function. I think somehow the forum software still thinks I have a draft message on the go quoting SquigleyFox even though I've tried deleting it multiple times. So apologies for the incorrect attribution.

    I blame Brexit. And Trump. And Corbyn. Probably Obama's fault too. And Phil Collins' most recent ex-wife. All their fault. (vague attempt at humour)

    More evidence that not getting vaccinated is not simply a matter of individual rights: my girlfriend’s co-worker has refused to get vaccinated. The co-worker just tested positive and is showing symptoms. Now they have to close down the business at least for the rest of the week. My gf is a massage therapist at an upscale spa in a resort town. No customers = no income for this week. Thank you selfish dingbat co-worker.

    At my wife's place of work they hired a new PA who started last week. "vaccine sceptic" who hasn't been immunised. Last week Wednesday she felt sufficiently ill to book a PCR covid test, but still went to work on Thursday. She was being trained by someone working in close proximity to her. PCR test came back positive during the work day and of course she left - but took several hours to actually tell the company what her illness was.

    Now that has a knock on effect. Everyone in the building now has to be tested. But more importantly, the person training her hadn't seen their elderly parents for over a year. They were waiting to be fully vaccinated themselves before booking travel (they do not drive)...and had booked to see their parents this past weekend. They had to cancel because while they were able to swab for the PCR test on Friday, the results didn't come through until Sunday.

    Thankfully negative but again, the utterly stupid and selfish actions of one employee caused unnecessary worry and someone to further delay seeing their parents.

    An example at my work, which is a large school. We've been brilliant at using bubbles to contain isolated cases. The only incident where we had any spread was where a senior manager decided to hold a meeting in an office designated for two persons.....with five people, no masks and the windows closed. Said senior manager later tested positive after developing symptoms and four of the five others caught it from them, testing positive the following week. One was hospitalised, and all passed it on to families.

    Don't be covidiots.

    I know people are worried about the UK dates but ask a full theatre/arena show currently legal in Ireland? No. Is such a show currently legal in England and Scotland? Yes.

    Provided things don't go very wrong, the mainland UK dates can proceed. Hopefully most of the US dates too, though some states are looking decidedly dodgy.

    I think the biggest surprise is gonna be

    I just have a feeling it'll be played.

    It features a lot in the rumours....and used to be a's conceivable...more likely than some titles being mentioned.

    If I really had one wish, it would be for Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips to join them on one date for a full on 10 minute smash through The Knife.

    It's not going to happen. But that would be my one wish.

    I do get the impression that some people confuse "I really want that song to be played" with "They're likely to play that song".

    I'd absolutely love them to open with Watcher, even an instrumental version, and close with The Knife. They could play two hours of improvisational jam based around Whoudnnit in between and I'd still have a blast. But I am realistic enough to understand that is *extremely* unlikely. They've stated they are not "dusting off" The Knife, and the indications are that they may have rehearsed Watcher but it didn't make the cut.

    Realistically they're going to play Invisible Touch, Mama, Land Of Confusion, That's All. Not only are they the most familiar "hits", all but one has been heard in the teaser videos. They'll likely have a couple of better known hits from WDC too. And Follow You, Follow Me. They'll play the songs Nic has talked about - Apocalypse, Home By The Sea, Abacab.

    Knowing Genesis there may be one genuine surprise...though that might be the aforementioned Apocalypse.

    I do think we need to look at songs that *they* enjoy playing night after night....not simply our own personal wish lists. I don't know why they poo-pooed the idea of closing with the short version of The Knife, but they did...back in march 2020. Maybe they just don't enjoy it any more? Despite it being loved by most fans of 70s Genesis and a real rocker of a song that the fans of the hits can probably get behind too...and only being a few minutes if they don't. If Mike, Tony and Phil don't specifically enjoy it....they're not going to spend endless hours rehearsing and playing it.

    What an odd, oddly hostile post.

    I'm hoping the stateside leg goes smoothly. But I can't for a moment imagine what a logistical nightmare it must be to organize events of this scale in different territories with different local rules, fans crossing borders to attend, and worst of all, a dynamic situation where the rules are liable to change at short notice.

    This is why Tony Smith is a rich man. It is indeed almost unimaginably difficult, even when there isn't a global plague. Different visa requirements, local union laws, differing regulations regarding safety and so on. All the regular headaches of scheduling travel, booking venues that everyone else is trying to book....Plus all these regulations and laws change over time. The tour manager and their people need to keep on top of all of this, and effectively take the worry away from the musicians.

    Regarding "foreigners" travelling to the UK shows, it seems fully vaccinated people from any EU country are now welcome with a couple of PCR related caveats. There are other "green" and "amber" countries too where such travel is permitted. It is hardly the fault of Genesis or Ticketmaster if someone's country of origin has been lax with vaccine rollout, or their countrymen have been hesitant to take them.

    Even stranger. The full list of what's in the vaccines is published for all to see. Yet people fold their arms and proclaim "I don't know what's in it! I won't take it! Look how pious and clever I am!".

    Take a look at the list of the substances which make up an apple, even one which has not been subjected to pesticides. You'll probably have a heart attack if you look up the constituents of human blood. Just because you don't understand it and didn't pay attention in your biology class, doesn't mean it's dangerous.

    At least government really seems to remove the last covidiotic rules soon so maybe a tour could be possible in the nearer future. And more artists like Eric could help going back to normal. Sadly, only few have the balls.

    In what way is it idiotic to use well understood, proven methods of slowing the spread of a disease to which we have no natural immunity?

    Bear in mind you're talking to a scientist here. Not Karen who "researched" things sitting on the toilet.

    Further referring to Mr. Clapton. I have huge respect for his musical talents but some of the views he's expressed down the years are......not good.

    He has said this, yes. Hope it doesn't come back to bite him. Ironic if he caught it from an audience member and had serious consequences.

    It's not segregation. Those who choose not to vaccinate have made their choice, Those who have, have too.

    Unfortunately Eric is a bit of a conspiracy theorist and even wrote/sang an anti-lockdown covid conspiracy theory song last year. He's had some.....less than savoury....views in his lifetime.

    It is certainly not segregation. When the Beatles refused to play segregated venues in the USA that was, of course, the disgusting practice of racial segregation, and The Beatles were so big that they helped put an end to it. Segregation and discrimination on the basis of a characteristic someone is born with, is totally different form people who have made a personal choice not to care about public health. Venues can indeed choose in the USA. I dread the results.

    Covid Deaths are rising in the UK, so certainly not all good here.

    Barely. I think the hopeful sign is that deaths are just 10% of what they were the last time we had case numbers as they've been for the last few weeks. The majority of cases are also in those aged 15-24 and unvaccinated. The majority of people going to hospital are unvaccinated. Sure, every hospitalisation and death is lamentable but things are a lot better than 12 months ago. We've had almost 4 weeks of pretty much everything being open and have not had the apocalyptic case and illness numbers that might have happened if vaccination wasn't working.

    Additionally, I would assume that in order to enter one of the UK concerts ticket holders will need to prove they've been fully vaccinated, have natural immunity from recovering from covid recently, or have taken a recent negative covid test - or are medically exempt from vaccination and have taken a recent negative test.

    There's still some way to go and things could turn downhill....but the signs are about as promising as they could be. And trust me, I'm no fan of our PM...but I do follow the data closely and have a scientific background.

    I have a different take on what Nic said....bearing in mind I think I've listened to three interviews given in 2021 where he says the same thing....he's very careful to state that he'll only mention song titles if a piece has made the final set - so as not to risk disappointing hopeful fans.

    And he goes on at length about rehearsing Apocalypse, how tricky it is....he even corrects himself in one interview by talking about playing "Supper's Ready" and then correcting it to "about half of Supper's Ready - Apocalypse in 9/8 to the end".

    I honestly will be very surprised if it's not in the final set given what Nic has said, on multiple occasions.

    Nic can't be much more than a year younger than Phil was when he first played Supper's Ready.....

    Bizarre thought. If it comes out on cassette I might just buy it.....because I still use a Walkman and a compilation is good for train journeys and flights - when the latter are feasible again.

    I am struggling to find a reason to buy the box set as things stand....but I did buy Pink Floyd's Echoes.....having said that, I didn't own a couple of Floyd albums at the time.