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    This probably fits better into a "things you still don't notice after all these years" thread, but where exactly is the reference to Blood on the Rooftops on the Seconds Out version of IKWIL?

    Once I know I can legitimately post it in this thread!

    The first single I ever owned was Blockbuster by The Sweet when I was 7 or 8. I don't suppose I actually went out to buy it myself, but it my single.

    All my mates were big Bolan fans, but I always liked the Sweet better, and still do.

    The very first PROPER pop album I bought was Abba Arrival. Again, Arrival is an album I still play and love to this day, even though I had a good 20 year break from Abba from the late 70s, when I started obsessing over Genesis!

    Blockbuster and Arrival. All in All I don't think that's bad.

    If I remember rightly, when I saw Phil at the Manchester Apollo on that tour the album wasn't even out.

    Even months later it seemed inconceivable to have seen Phil in such a small venue.

    At the show, I remember being particularly impressed with Inside Out and OYKAIK, which was more powerful live I think.

    Tonight, Tonight, Tonight was my favorite of Genesis and my favorite of this album. Incredible sound, incredible chorus and incredible instrumental sound during the middle of the song. A masterpiece.

    I remember listening to the album for the very first time and TTT, and Domino stood out straightaway.

    IT is not even in my top 10 Genesis albums, but at the time I remember being relieved, as I thought it was big improvement on the previous album, which was only half and album in my opinion.

    Stagnation, Knife, Looking for Someone.

    I prefer this album to Nursery Cryme. NC may be closer to the classic Genesis sound/lineup, but I think Trespass is underrated.

    My least favourite is probably White Mountain, which is a bit corny, but it's still a good track. Considering how young he was Peter found his voice really early on.

    I actually heard Seconds Out before this so when the instrumental break at the end of Stagnation came on there was such a thrill of recognition, obviously from the live version IKWIL. Embarrassingly I didn't spot the lift from Visions of Angels on IKWIL until years later, when someone pointed it out on the old Paperlate mailing list. No idea how I could have missed it!

    I've said elsewhere I find NC somewhat cold, which is probably why I like this one better.

    Wow, BOTR is top. It makes my top 3 but I didnt expect it to be top.

    I wasn't really aware of Genesis when it came out , as I only discovered them in 1980, so I on'y discovered this album in retrospect. For me, one their very best, and it's hard to choose my very favourite tracks, but I went for (clear top) EEOM, then OFTV and BOTR.

    I'm not surprised that YOSW is so low down - for years I always skipped it. That only changed for me when I heard the Australian version with strings and I finally realised what a song it could have been. Having now heard some live recordings from the WAW tour, I think it sounded a lot better live, partly because I think Phil performs it better live.

    For me, EEOM is only second best to WOTS in terms of greatest album opener.

    It's telling for me that I voted last week and I'm not sure what I voted for!

    If I did it today it would be Lamb, TOTT and WAW, but I think I voted for SEBTP rather than WAW.

    I'm pretty certain they would be my top 4, but WAW and SEBTP are forever locked in combat to secure the third slot.

    For me there aren't any huge surprises in the order other than the Lamb - for me it's first by a country mile - and WCD being higher than Trespass, which is enough to make me spit out my coffee

    Ah, thanks, that's really helped. As I suspected, I was looking in the wrong place!

    Apparently I am not connectable for some reason, (Norton Anti Virus maybe) so I have to sort that first.

    But thanks for your help, I'm getting there!

    Ok, I'm really rusty here. I registered with the Movement ages ago, but I haven't collected any new recordings for several years. I have Zurich Revisited but it sounds like the new one is an upgrade.

    Is the Movement just a list of the known recordings, or are recordings available via the site?

    Sorry for the noob question

    Young drummer from Germany, Sina Doering. She's also known as Sina-Drums with close to a million subscribers to her You Tube channel. Ian Paice from Deep Purple recently picked her out as the new, young drummer to watch after he saw her drum cover of the old Deep Purple song, Burn. He rates her very, very highly. And when Donovan plays in Germany, Sina is his first choice as his drummer.

    I'm very happy that Sina chose this epic song to take on. My favorite Genesis song...

    I bought an electric drum kit about 3 months ago and i have watched this video very closely. But sadly I think I was some way off FOF

    Her version of Highway Star is fantastic. She looks like she is having so much fun

    The Milton Keynes gig was one of the first bootlegs I ever got (this was when you got a bootleg in the post and then copied it for three other people). I've listened to it once. I guess you just had to be there!

    I get that. The recording I have isn't brilliant, and the performance is a bit ragged too.

    But it was an AMAZING night, and I still smile when I think of it. I'd be interested to hear other people's views on it. The atmosphere was incredible.

    I have to say, I wasn't keeping up with the band by the this point. WCD was the first tour I hadn't seen since 1981, which I now regret, and I didn't even buy CAS when it came out. I was still listening to the pre-WCD stuff though.

    When I did eventually buy it I was really surprised, and I like it a lot more than is common it seems. It's not perfect, but neither was WCD by any means.

    I think several songs stand out - for me One Man's Fool is one of the best songs post ABACAB. Good first half, followed by a fantastic second half.

    I also went for TMBSOW and TDL.

    Queued all day in December '76 outside the Free Trade Hall, Manchester to get tickets for the W&W tour got to 20 feet from the door and told 'Sold Out''. Out of the country for Knebworth '78, saw them in Manchester 2 x Duke April 1980, Birmingham NEC Abacab Dec 1981, Milton Keynes Oct 1982, Roundhay Park '87, and Old Trafford '07.

    Pretty close to me actually. I didn't see the Duke tour unfortunately but...

    ...First one for me was NEC Dec 1981. I walked in as a casual Genesis fan, and walked out a full on convert and have been obsessed ever since. From that point I bought everything I could and I had every Genesis album by the time I...

    ...was at Milton Keynes 1982 - which was the most euphoric I've ever been at a gig (tied with Kate Bush in London). I still pinch myself sometimes and listen to the bootlegs with a big cheesy grin on my face.

    I saw MAMA tour at Birmingham - which I enjoyed, but it was in support of my least favourite Genesis album.

    Leeds Roundhay park 1987 - my last mega gig - I haven't been to a "stadium" gig since, other than

    Manchester 2007 - which doesn't count because I could sit down!

    And hopefully later this year too.

    Domino, TTT and TIAA.

    I remember when it came out and being pleasantly surprised after the disappointment of the previous album. I remember watching in disbelief as the band turned into one of, if not THE biggest band of the planet for a while. So it holds a special place for my heart.

    As I've mentioned in another thread, I don't think it has aged well, mostly because of the production. But I reckon it's full of really good songs, with the exception of ASD, the inclusion of which baffles me now, as it did then

    Its never going to stand up to Duke or what came before (IMO) but I still like it lot.