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    This is an interesting one to me. I'm not an OLD OLD Genesis fan by any means - I only discovered them in 1980 with Duke when I was 15. So I'm certainly not one of the "Phil ruined everything" brigade.

    But I was a full on Genesis fanatic by the time GENESIS came out, and I was pretty disappointed with at the time. Over time I have revised my opinion, to the point where I now think it was REALLY REALLY disappointing.

    I went to see the tour and all that, which was great, but I would class 5 tracks as filler leaving Mama, HBTS/SHBTS and IGGB.

    And yet I can tell by listening and reading that a lot of people love this album. I find that refreshing and confusing at the same time!

    But for me its the closest they got to being lazy with the songwriting

    This is tough, as I love Peter's solo career.

    While it might not objectively be his BEST album, my favourite is US. When it came out I was a bit disappointed to be honest, after the behemoth that was SO. But it grew on me a lot, and for me it was humanness and honesty of it. I find it such an emotional, soulful album. At the end of the 90s I was going through a very rough time emotionally - this album and the Secret World album, helped get me through it. I couldn't even tell you how or why, but those 2 albums in particular helped. So this album means the most to me.

    Then PG3 - mainly because its absolutely bloody genius. Very little to say that hasn't been said.

    Next one is very tough - maybe PG1 because of the great tracks and the accessibility of it. But as an album I might prefer PG2, which is too often overlooked. A quirky pitstop on the way to full weirddom with PG3.

    I love SO of course like any right minded person, but my main issue now (and with PG4) is the very 80s sound, which hasn't dated well in my opinion.

    In a nutshell, I love most of them and like one or two. The only one that doesnt get regular airplay is UP

    1. Genesis. So much to the point I'm having to force myself not to, simply because I've got other stuff I want to hear..

    2. The Beatles.

    3. Steely Dan

    4. Super Furry Animals

    5. XTC

    As someone who generally prefers the PG albums, this is my least favourite PG album (other than FGTR).

    As a listening experience I definitely prefer Trespass - I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. I think that NC is further down the road to what Genesis would become - and objectively I can see the tracks like TMB and Salmacis are a step forward from Trespass. However for some reason I don't engage with them in the same way I engage with The Knife or Stagnation.

    I think FAF and HTB are as close to filler as Genesis got until the PC years - I like them a lot, but I think there are stronger tracks on Trespass. Even Hogweed leaves me a bit cold in comparison. Maybe its the production?

    I can imagine TMB, Hogweed and Salmacis were all great live, but they're a bit flat on the album IMO.

    Of course, we are talking in relative terms here - I still love NC and every track on it. But in comparison with the other PG albums I think it's the weakest.

    It was an excellent pointer to where they were headed, and they absolutely nailed it with Foxtrot, which is on another level IMO

    Ok, no surprises here. BTL, Duchess and Duke's Travels.

    One of the easier choices for me - these three picked themselves IMO.

    Ive grown to love Please Don't Ask a lot more as the years have gone on, and conversely I like Alone Again less than I used to.

    The very first notes I heard Genesis play live was the opening to BTL on the Abacab tour - a show which turned me from a casual fan into a Genesis nut.

    BTL is an amazing album opener, and show opener for that matter. Hearing it at the TIOA show was magical

    I just watched the first episode of Watchmen last night - as usual I'm behind the curve by several months...

    I haven't read any of the graphic novels , but I have seen the film, so I have no clue where the series fits in terms of characters and continuity.

    But anyway, I really enjoyed it. Familiar enough to be engaging, and different enough to be interesting.

    First show was for PG4 in Liverpool, in 1982/3

    I don't remember an awful lot about it, other than he started Family Snapshot, and had to restart because somebody outside the venue was kicking really loudly on one of the fire exits. Funny what you remember...

    I think it was a relatively basic stage show, in keeping with his early 80s feel. I think that tour ended up on Plays Live album.

    I saw him around the same time at Milton Keynes, with some other proggers you might know...but that's for another thread....:)

    I went for the 3 which were top anyway - FOF, CS and DWTML. Im not at all surprised to see those 3 top. Though I love every second of this album, those 3 pick themselves for me.

    FOF and CS are probably my 2 favourite ever Genesis tracks and I find it hard to pick between them. The musicianship is great of course, but it goes way beyond that.

    I could hear the instrumental section from CS everyday for the rest of my life and not get bored with it.

    FOF is just as good, and also contains my favourite ever guitar solo. SH proving here that great guitar playing isn't about notes per minute, but about the feel.

    I'm aware that I'm not saying anything about these 2 tracks that hasn't been said - they're not exactly hidden gems..

    And yet that's how they're supposed to be heard.

    Yeah, I get that. I know a lot of people are very passionate about the mono mixes, but I grew up with the dodgy stereo versions, and my brain can't cope with different versions.

    The Beatles and Genesis are the 2 artists I've listened to the most in my collection, so I'm more than familiar with them. Anything new sounds jarring. I know I'm missing out on the new mixes...

    New to the forum, so a bit late to this party....

    But, this is a pretty much impossible task. I prefer The Lamb as an album but the consistent quality of the songs on this album is ridiculous. Choosing 3 is nightmarish.

    In the end I went for Dance, Los Endos, and after much debate, TOTT. I think TOTT is an underrated track, and is currently bottom of the poll. Admittedly it's up against strong opposition.

    As someone who LOVES singing and singing along to whatever I'm listening to, TOTT is my favourite on the album for that. I love the melody, the way the lyrics scan and just the general fun of it.

    No surprises from this voter. SR, Watcher and Can Utility.

    WOTS has possibly the greatest intro of any song, by anyone imo. All these years later I still get goosebumps when I hear it. And fortunately the rest of the song lives up to the intro.

    Can Utility feels likes it has aged really well. Beautiful acoustic work, and great climax.

    For me, the weakest is Get Em Out, by some distance. Maybe it worked really well live, but I always thought it was a bit out of place on the album.

    And I think that's the dilemma for me. Everything "sounds" better, clearer, punchier. But they sound TOO different to my ears - to albums I've listened to for 30-40 years

    Hi everyone, first time I've posted here in a long time, and I have a new email address so I've started from scratch again...

    I'm curious about something, so I thought I'd get people's opinion.

    I've been trying for some time to get along with the remasters, but I have finally given up. I appreciate that sonically they sound great, albeit too much compression for me, but I think it's the vocals that ruin them for me.

    I got into Genesis in 1980 and started with Duke and Foxtrot. Ive been listening to those versions for 40 years now, and I got every other album within in a year. And I have listened to them a LOT, to the point where I know every note and nuance.

    Was listening to ATOTT last night and the vocals are just too different for my liking - eg some harmonies too prominent, some parts too subdued. Some vocals are so different they sound like different versions, even though I know they're not.

    To be fair I prefer SO as you can actually hear Steve a bit..

    It's like when the Beatles mono box set was released - they were just a bit too different from the version I've listened to over the years.

    I think it's a shame as I would like new and improved versions of the masters, but the new ones are too different for me

    Anyone else in the same boat?