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    That might work for singing it, but poor Tony would have the task of relearning that solo in a new key 😳 Not that he hasn't done it before on In The Cage for example, but that could be a heavier lift.

    Im no professional musician, but I presume they could transpose his keyboard on the fly, so he could play it in the same key, but it would sound a semitone or two lower

    This may sound daft to a lot of people, but I strongly associate Christmas with Genesis, and vice versa. I listen to even more Genesis than usual at this time of year.

    "Why", I hear that person at the back ask?

    Because my first Genesis gig was December 23rd 1981, at the NEC. I wasn't a massive fan at the time, but I fancied it, after getting into Foxtrot.

    I thought I'd better do some revision so I listened to whatever Genesis I had at the time, which was basically just Foxtrot :D

    I also bought Abacab and The Lamb (on the same day) and listened to them constantly in December. They're both now effectively Christmas albums to me...8o:D

    Anyone else find Genesis festive at this time of year? Was anyone else at the NEC? Do you remember the balloons and Christmas hats we all got?

    I meant to say earlier although I don't remember the gigs I have been to in as much detail as would like I remember the Musical Box very well. I remember PG emerging during the musical break to sing the closing section in his old man mask. He walked very very very slowly towards the microphone as he was getting closer I was thinking he had mistimed it and would never there without a quick hop but he spot on and final slow step and immediate singing so slow and right on cue, really dramatic. ( If they do ever do reunion no mask will required now of course)

    And the entire audience would also be in Old Man cosplay...

    Is this where I bore everyone again with my recollections of the reunion in 82?

    There is a recent thread on the reunion, but suffice it to say, it is a very special memory.

    After a whole evening of classics, to see Peter perform Supper's Ready was something I'll never forget. The roar when he announced "Supper's Ready" after a typically mysterious story, was HUGE!

    I feel very luck to have been there.

    I'm guessing it's their most impressive piece, and it certainly packs a punch. I suppose it's hard to argue against the idea that it's their crowning glory.'s not my favourite by any means. In terms of emotional impact on me, it doesn't get close to WOTS, Cinema Show, FOF, EEOM etc.

    Don't get me wrong, I love it. And Apocalypse is wonderful, but as someone above said, there's some stuff I like better

    Really, 38 years ago today! You have summed it up for me exactly including the Kate Bush thing. You were at both too then.

    I went with friends from Cheltenham in a little red metro type car. I hadn't got to know them all that long. And lost contact fairly quick as I was had moved to Coventry . No social media . Can't even remember their names. Would love to contact them again but not much chance. I remember someone I was with throwing an apple core at Talk Talk and hitting the drum. Not that I approve but it seemed to cheer a lot of people up. I also remember near the end my mate saying " all we need now is Steve Hackett" and then as if by magic he appeared. " A great show full of mistakes but that seemed make it better for some reason. It was very warm feeling in very cold weather! Might have been better without the support bands because quite frankly no one was interested.

    It's nice to talk to someone who was at both - the atmosphere at KB was amazing, wasn't it.

    Not sure what Talk Talk had done to deserve getting bottled off - they weren't too pleased =O^^

    I don't always like it when people say "you had to be there", but, you know, you had to be there....

    Not trying to be clever. It's just difficult to communicate how electric the atmosphere was - people were losing their minds en masse.

    After a very long day of being very wet (I've never been wetter) the anticipation was growing and growing, and obviously nobody knew whether it would live up to the expectation.

    Peter was carried onstage in a coffin - when he emerged, and launched into Back in NYC, the whole stadium went BESERK!!!

    Despite the mistakes, the weather, the cold, it absolutely lived up to the expectation. And when Steve appeared for the encore, people lost their minds all over again!

    For some reason, the reunion doesn't seem to get discussed as much as I would expect, given how huge it was. I know it had only been a few years since Peter had left the band, but in 1982 it seemed like it had been a lifetime!

    While this doesn't exactly qualify as news, today is the anniversary of the reunion at Milton Keynes in 1982.

    It was 12 hours of bus rides, queuing, rain, waiting, rain, standing, rain, neverending support bands, drizzle, waiting, more rain and then finally a magical 2 hours that I will never forget.

    The atmosphere when the band hit the stage, and then for the whole show, and something else. For me, it was only matched by the atmosphere at the Kate Bush show a few years ago.

    To this day I have to pinch myself when I think I did see (almost) the classic lineup playing Back in NYC, FOF, Musical Box, Supper's Ready etc etc.

    Anyone else with memories of a great occasion?

    Your second point is also true - as PC said at the launch event for the 2007 tour, "We're not doing it for the money. None of us are worrying about where the next million or two are coming from."


    Slightly off topic I know, but isn't it funny that so many of these tours which aren't "for the money" have such staggering tickets prices.

    They might not need the money, and they might not be doing it for the money, but the ticket prices on the latest tour are staggering so SOMEBODY has said "we can charge an absolute fortune for these".

    I haven't heard the band say this on this occasion, but the common excuse is "we don't have anything to do with ticket prices", which is a lame excuse IMO

    I feel feel a bit cheated here, as I bought The Lamb and Abacab on the same day in December 1981 ( and I can;t select that). This was preparation for the first time I saw them at the NEC that month.

    Looking back, Abacab and The Lamb is a bizarre first album combination!

    I had heard the The Lamb already as someone had done a tape for me, but imagine trying to make sense of the Lamb on cassette, with absolutely no context or help.