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    If you mean the intro section of Illusion, I can kind of see what you mean.

    Nah, Styx had the odd good tune but on the whole I'm not keen and they could be laughably naff and bombastic - which, I got the sense (possibly unfairly) came mainly from Dennis De Young.

    Yes, the intro and outro on GI is what I had in mind. I’m not big on Styx. I CAN’T STAND Dennis DeYoung’s voice. Just something about it totally grinds my gears.

    Now that we are not worried about spoilers on this thread, here is the video of Alison Krauss and Vince Gill doing an acoustic country version of That's All. I doubt we'll hear a version quite this country, but it is nice to hear how Genesis songs can be reinvented.

    Sweet! I never really heard the “country” elements in this song in the Genesis version, despite Phil introducing it as a country & western song during the Mama tour. Now I get it!

    I have seen The Musical Box very often and over the years I became less and less excited. The Extravaganza tour was a nice thing, but obviously they have left their "copy the old shows" concept with that.

    Nevertheless, first time I saw Selling and Lamb live (TMB) was amazig.

    I’ve had the same experience over the years. I thought they were at their best when Martin Levac was their drummer 12-15 years ago. He looked and sounded so much like Phil that it was almost surreal. Talk about a doppelganger. The first time I saw them they did the Nursery Cryme tour. They were great but the setlist of course was very short. Then I saw them do The Lamb tour, and a couple of years later the SEBTP tour. I was blown away. But having seen both tours multiple times now the excitement has definitely worn thin.

    All very confusing. I don’t know what to make of all of this. As an old friend of mine used to say “Cats are sleeping with dogs!” Judging by the release date clearly this particular CD set is linked to the US leg of the tour. But I seriously doubt this compilation reflects the setlist for the tour. I can’t imagine the actual setlist has that many songs. I suppose as others have suggested it’s possible the setlists will differ between UK/Ireland and North America, although, nothing I’ve read or heard in interviews suggests that to be the case. The upside to all of this is that it adds mystery back into the whole issue of what the setlist might be.

    Yup, I remember it well. Truth be told, I wasn't keen on the "lounge lizard" version of Dancing Out. It was really slow and none of the high bits were sung by Phil at the time.

    Listening to the one time Phil sang DWTMK in its entirety (Chicago 1978) you can hear him struggle with the high notes. I’ve always figured after that those parts of the song were off limits from Phil’s perspective.

    On the US leg of the Duke Tour, rather than leading into Carpet Crawlers SEBTP led directly into Squonk.

    Hard to know what the intention is of announcing that this collection represents the majority of the songs they'll play. Trying to drum up interest for the remaining unsold tickets? Seems like a funny strategy. Also, did they unintentional troll the fans trying to avoid this information?!

    I think you’re on to something. Interesting that Amazon in the US lists November 19th as the release date. Clearly the different release dates coincide with the different legs of the tour.

    Yeah it'll be the same PR going to all media I suppose. Either someone's overstepping the mark saying this, or literally just over half those 27 songs will comprise the setlist. Which would mean, there's your source material - get sequencing, everyone!

    I suppose so. Most of the songs on the CD set were slam dunks all along to be played on this tour. Bummer that Squonk is not on the CD, but I’m still holding out hope. One of the teaser vids of the band rehearsing features an image behind the band that sure looks like Squonk. As for Apocalypse in 9/8 I’ve pretty much given up hope. Given his comments in an interview Nic Collins finds it too challenging to play, unlike drummers for dozens of cover bands (sarcasm intended).

    I agree. Upon actually reading the Amazon post, it's a greatest hits album. I misread it as a live release.

    Lol we are headed in opposite directions in our interpretation. I just edited my initial comment to underscore my displeasure with the band publicizing that most of the songs in the collection will be played on the tour. I’ve read basically the same press release on multiple sites stating that is the case.