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    My favorite song of the Both Sides album and also my second favorite song of Phil (the first was Another Day in Paradise). This song was very a masterpiece. This voice in this song was a mix of rage and sadness about her situation and i cry or calm me depend my situation when i listen ver vocal performance. Musically, this rain and the particular ambiance of the guitar and the synth add a spiritual and calm ambiance in this song (he never easy use this spiritual feeling in her music before). The chorus painted a picture and this song sound like in the nature. One of the best and haunting ballad of his career. The whole Both Sides album was a experimental album, and it's in evidence for this and Both Sides of the Story.

    If it weren't for "Inside Out," "Take Me Home" and "We Said Hello Goodbye" (my favorite Phil solo song), I might not even own NO JACKET REQUIRED. That said, "Long Long Way To Go" isn't bad. Subject-wise, it seems to belong on BUT SERIOUSLY.

    Same thing, this ballad was in fact a good song. Help by Sting in the background vocals. The major problem of this song, was the ending. In fact, the ambiance was haunting, the harmony of Sting with Phil voice add a dramatic thing in the song and the lyrics was very good, but in fact, the song ending too brutally while the song not finished (at the 4.21). The Live Aid and the live version in 1997 in fact was more better with the ending not ending like in the album.

    The production of this song was incredible. My favorite song of No Jacket Required and the best song in the album (with We Said Hello Goodbye). The beat was incredible, the chorus very incredible, the vibe very haunting, the harmony of Sting and Peter Gabriel very fit in the chorus. A excellent song and her best single in the album.

    I was listening to SO the other day and I must say, in time it has decreased considerably in my list. I remember it had a huge impact on me, when it was released. It was Peter returning to a more traditional song structure but it hasn't aged well with me, although I still love Red Rain and I believe it is one of his best vocal performances, the other songs suffer of that infamous mid 80s flaws that spoiled a lot of music for me back then.

    Today, i listen the album So myself in youtube today. This album was more commercial to her old album and was very pop oriented, but this album as excellent. I love this album The only song then i not like in the album was There is The Picture. In fact, Sledgehammer was not one of my favorites, but in fact this song was good to listen and that song didn't bother me when i listen in radios. Mercy Street and We Do What We're Told remain in his habitual experimental styled, but beautiful. My favorite was Mercy Street and Red Rain, two incredible songs and a incredible time of tea for me. the fact that because many people ear too much the song Sledgehammer. In the other hands, example of Phil Collins,, No jacked Required was his best selling album, but it's was one of my least favorite album of Phil and the album was very inferior to her two first albums. The sales not rhythm with quality of a album for No Jacket Required. l'm 27 and i discover the Phil and Peter work the last year and months. I listen later the others albums of Peter later, because i love the album So.

    I didn't vote before to listen his albums.

    For many question: in her 2016 autobiography, Phil said that In the Air Tonight was her first song written as a solo artist. Against All Odds was also a another song written during this period. Her first solo album was not in her plans until he was heard the demos at the president of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun. He loved the demos and the president proposed to Phil to recording a solo album and the rest was the history, her debut of her successful solo career.

    The album also had a great B-Side, You’ve Been In Love

    ok, around the world in 80 presets was also great 😎

    Yes, the three b-sides was very good. The ...But Seriously was her best period (i like all the songs of this period) and this album was my favorite of him. My favorite B-Side was That's How I Feel. Similar in the sound of Heat on the Street, this song was very beautiful, a incredible beat, more punch to Heat on the Street. I noted the presence of Steve Windwood in the organ in this song. Phil said in interview he played organ Hammond for three songs in recording sessions, but only one finished in the album (All of My Life). I know That's How I Feel was the second song that Steve Windwood play organ (i heard the organ Hammond during the end), but where is the third song then Steve play organ?

    You could say the album is very '80s'. That can't be helped. To me the album which epitomises '80s' far more than But Seriously is Don Henley's Building The Perfect Beast.

    The major problem of this album, was this album was inferior of her two first albums and the later two later, i listen more 80s music, like Madonna, Janet Jackson, A-Ha, U2. A great exemple of U2, the ''Joshua Tree'' was a major album of the music, the album was a very great album and the album was still fresh today. For ''No Jacket Required'', the success not fit with the quality and was a deception, after two great albums. ''Who said I Would'' was her worst and this is the song of phil collins then i hate hugely, the live version of 1990 was very better with the addition of soul and with the musical style of the tour. This song was a huge horror in this album. Also, this album was included hugely bad songs (in the person of ''Who Said I Would''), bad songs (''Doesn't Anybody Stay Together'' and ''Only I Know and you Know'') or acceptable (''Sussudio'', ''One More Night'', ''Don't Lose My Number'' and ''Long Long Way to Go''). The problem of the song ''Long long Way To Go'' in this song, depist this song was in fact a good song (helped by the ''Sting'' voice in background vocals), the song ending too brutaly with ''I Don't Wanna Know'' started before this song finished and not help for my appreciation of this song.

    The album was not bad in fact, just not so well born. This album was not just the bad in this album. The three last songs of the album was the best songs of the album. ''Inside Out'' was a pop-rock ballad with a good rift, a good ambiance, a touching peformance and this song listen very well today. ''Take Me Home'' was a incredible dance-pop song, the haunting ambiance, a incredible chorus and with the harmony of ''Sting'' and ''Peter Gabriel'' and his sound then much me into a good feeling in this song. ''We Said Hello Goodbye'' was also a incredible ballad, the orchestration of the opening was a huge beauty, i heard the Beatles influences in this song, this song, with ''Take Me Home'', i listen all the time, in Youtube because i didn't buy this album, because i'm not a fan of this album. It's was the best song of the album and it's so bad this song was not included in the vinyl and cassette (only the CD).

    not a big fan of this album, but these tracks are always worth listening

    Listening to the album today, it sounds a bit outdated to me. Looks like (other than FV), the production doesn't stand the text of time?

    I'm happy that i'm not only the other person to that album was too much 80's sound and aren't aged very well in this album, the drums machines in this album was not so well in this album when you listen this album today. in comparaison, Face Value and ...But Seriously was timeless and the production of the two albums aged incredible well. I'm not a fan of this album, but ...But Seriously was my favorite album of him. Also Hello I Must Be Going was a better album to No Jacked Required, depist this album was not the masterpiece of Face Value or ...But Seriously and this album included two hugely raged songs of this album and the two songs was exposed hugely her anger and her rage of theses two songs of the album (I don't Care Anymore, Do You Know, Do You Care?.

    I open this topic to my question: What's your favorites tracks of her incredible Face Value?

    My favorite of this album of Hand in Hand. I love this instrumental song, with his african influence, her childrens choir, her dancing sound, i like this combination of RnB and african influences sound, incredible song. My another favorites of this album was I Missed Again (incredible RnB/soul song) and If Leaving Me is Easy (incredible ballad and with Eric Clapton in guitar).

    In this album, i like most of all of this album. A incredible album and aged incredible well over the years. Only ...But Seriously arrived in this quality of Face Value.

    I didn't included the hidding track, because everyone almost not ear the song during his 30 seconds.

    You choices max three song in the poll.

    Dont know about Janet Jackson or R&B really but I'm a great fan of Stevie Wonder. He made so many people aware of the problems so many people face,. including my twelve year old self listening to Living For The City.and many others.

    When i talk issue of society, i talk about news of murder, violence in every ways, drug, crimes, the porverty in the childrens in the worlds, the violence in the streets, the streets gang and also the prejudice, education and racism. This concept album, at the time of released in 1989, was very ahead of his time and influenced manys pop or RnB artists to talk about that, like Mariah Carey or Lady Gaga.

    Many albums has no name of the album and the artist in the cover.

    - True Blue of Madonna. The album has no title in the cover, only the face of Madonna.

    - The Velvet Rope of Janet Jackson. Same thing to True Blue.

    Janet Jackson recording a album concept with Rhytmn Nation 1814. This album talk hugely about the issues and problemes of society, like violence in the gang of the streets (Black Cat), the problem in general of society in the world (Rhytmn Nation), the drugs, crimes in the streets and homeless (State of the World), the poverty and violence for the childrens (Living in the World), Racism and prejudice (The Knowledge),. Few songs talk about love (Love Will Never Do (Without You), Lonely, Come Back to Me, Someday is Tonight), but most of the songs of the album talk about issues and society problems. Except rappers, she the first pop/RnB artist then she talk the huges problems of society in many ways, before the many artists today. and this is in 1989

    My first CD in my life was Céline DIon with his compilation On ne change Pas in Christmas 2005. I listen all the time this compilation and i started to be huge fan of his around 2008. Since, Céline Dion was my favorite singer of all time and my favorite song of him was Nothing Broken But My Heart and Pour que tu M'aimes encore.

    Survivors anyone? My favorite on Both Sides

    This song was a very good song. This song annonced the flavor of the soundtrack of Tarzan then he wrote later in 1990's decade. The African ambiance add a particular flavor in this song and i enjoy this song. But this was not so complex like We Fly So Close or Both Sides of the Story, this song was simple in her composition.

    I open this topic to my question: What's your favorites tracks of Both Sides?

    My favorite of this album and also my second favorite song of his career was We Fly so Close. I love hugely this song. The spanish guitar use in this song adding a spiritual, calm and mooding ambiance of this song. I love this particular ambiance during this song. The peformance of Phil during this song was very sadness in the first half, but in the second half, he spend her rage and her sadness in her voice in same time in this song. Her rage during this song remain hugely at her two first albums, but this song was a particular sound during this soft-rock ballad. One of the best and haunting ballad of his career and her perfect song to relaxing in a bath.

    I search the album in stores in deluxe CD, because i love this album. My second favorite of his career (after ...But Seriously).

    The votes was 3 songs max in this poll, like the others.

    I open this topic to my question: What's your favorites tracks of No Jacket Required. I open this topic depiste i am not a fan of this album.

    My favorite was Take Me Home. One of my favorites song of him. I love the fact he easy in another style that he never explored before (this song explored the dance-pop style, with rock influences), Chorus very haunting, the harmony of this song (help by Peter Gabriel and Sting) was grooving, her voice was a excellent vibe in this song and the ambiance was very grooving and in harmony. My other favorite of the album was We Said Hello Goodbye, with Take Me Home, the best song of the album, this song was a legacy to John Lennon, i heard the John Lennon influences of the Phil vocals peformance of this song. A incredible ballad and i love the tender of the opening.

    In fact, in this album (i listen the songs in Youtube), i only like the four singles, Inside Out and We Said Hello Goodbye (With Take Me Home, the best track of the album), the rest, didn't justify for me to buy this album (i hate Who Said I Would (same thing to We're sons or her Fathers), my least song of his career, but i like the live version, hugely better, particulary in 1990). I never buy this album and i'm not a plan on it.

    What's your favorites (you choices three songs max)?