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    What is a millionaire musician with a social conscience and a massive audience supposed to sing about?

    You understand more the message if you read the autobiography. This origins of this song came when he was on tour with ''Genesis'' in the ''Invisible Touch'' Tour, in a concert of Washington. Before the concert, when he arrived at the theater in taxi, he view the box outside the theater. He asked the question about the boxes outside and the taxi driver say, ''It's from homeless''. This image rest at this i and he was shocked by the differences of his life between the homeless. This image rest at his head and when he return at his home, he write this song inspired to that. After the released of this song, at all his concerts, he adding the buckets at the entry to his concerts, who he invited the public to donates for homeless charitys worldwide and he double the money collected with his own money. All the money give in all the homeless charities.

    My favorite all time Phil song, a haunting and beautiful song about hard reality of homeless and a relevant message more then thirty years after his released.

    For me it's was a downstep of quality of his songwriting and sound with this album. I think ...But Seriously and Both Sides (the two albums before Dance into the Light) was his highest of his creativity. The first with his mature and serious subjects to he talked in the album and how he risk with adventures in another territory like politicals songs. And the other, Both Sides was very experimental and feature a severe dark tone musically (never Face Value or Hello I Must Be Going sound so much dark musically like this album). Lyrically, it's was a total introspective of his past, his errors and his tops in this album. His most personal album of his career. The lyrics explored more his past in all the emotions with this album while Face Value and Hello I Must Be Going explored her chaotic divorce with his first wife in all emotions. For Dance into the light, he sound so much happy and revigored, but the production lack of the huge punch of Face Value or ...But Seriously or the dark musical style of Both Sides. This african style was a good idea, but it's was not so good except for few tracks like It's in your Eyes or the title track. In comparaison, i like nine of the 11 songs of Both Sides that was not the case of Dance into the Light.

    Red Rain and Mercy Street was my two favorites songs of the album and this is the reason why i voting without hesitation theses two songs. Theses two productions was fire and was timeless and dramatic, a must for all of them. I was hesitant for Big Time and In Your Eyes, because theses two songs was very great in the production, but i choose tghe first because of his psychedelic video who i love more to Sledgehammer.

    In fact, Sledgehammer was so-so and We Do What We're Told was the worst song of the album, a horrible song and didn't fit with the rest of the album.

    Don't agree to your assessment. HIMBG is not at all following the same formula like Face Value - for some fans it's even ranked higher than FV. It also has no real fillers. One might argue that could be Do you know, do you care, but also this track is very unique in Phil's music history.

    If you not like or like, it's the same formula, and i like very well Hello I Must Be Going. No just musically, but lyrically, because it's retains the sound of the first album and also lyrically, it's be the same themes as ''Face Value'' (love and relationship). When i talk for few filers, i talk for Like China, always skip this track because i didn't like at all this song and never been a huge fan of If Don't Matters to Me.

    But Seriously lacks a bit of power, maybe bass? It aged quite well, but regarding the sound I’d prefer his older albums. The songs are, imo, better than on NJR

    Hello I Must Be Going! have few fillers in the album, not this album and Face Value. This is the reason why theses two albums was his greatest albums of his career and my top 2 favorites of his career (with Both Sides). Because Hello I Must Be Going re-used the formula of Face Value, but in least good (depist it's was a good album and aged very well). And depist No Jacket Required break the formula of the two first albums and was a dance-pop album (with only few ballads), it's sound too much mid-80 depist few gems like Inside Out, Take Me Home and We Said Hello Goodbye and aren't aged well.

    I agree. But I guess we disagree whether it ever was powerful and fresh. :)

    You serious? This song have a excellent dance-pop vibe, this song was a excellent opening and a perfect transition between the dance-pop of No Jacket Required and the mature and serious subjects that he talked in ...But Seriously in the others songs of the album. This album was a mature album that he talked many subjects he never explored in his three first albums, like the death, relationship between a dad and son, violence in the streets and the war in North Ireland (the ballad That's Just the Way it Is talk about the war in North Ireland and his point of view about that). This album was a excellent reinvention for him. Father to Son and All of my Life was the most personal songs of the album, because it's was autobiographical and talk about her personal life (the death of his father in All of My Life, The love with his son Simon in Father to Son). It's my favorite album of him and help me hugely during a difficult time of my life an the production of the album aged very well, unlike No Jacket Required.

    I went for Just Another Story, The Same Moon & River So Wide, but not with much enthusiasm.

    The problem was the sound and the songs in this album, it's irriting at some times in the album and included more bad songs to good songs. At the opposite, Both Sides was very dark and very experimental, not a joyful album, but so much better to Dance Into the Light and Testify and the last very good of him. In fact, Both Sides and ...But Seriously was her highlest of her creativity. It's a shame this album was but i not imangined then he recording a more worse album later (Testify was a horror, i like only two songs of the album, the rest was so much bad).

    But i remember to listen the title track because my mother have the ...Hits Collection in CD and she listen many times a weeks.

    I Open this topic to what your's three favorites songs of Dance Into the Light.

    For me, my favorite song of the album was the title-track. This track was the best song of the album, but also one of the few very good songs of the album. I like the sound, the vibe and also the music video of this song, his best music video of his career (with Both Sides of the Story). A contrast of the dark and experimental sound of Both Sides. It's a shame to the Dance Into the Light was very so-so.

    In fact, depiste this was very inferior to Both Sides, Face Value and ...But Seriously, this album included few goods songs like It's In Your Eyes and the title track, also Wear my hat was not so bad to listen with a entraining and african styles (used before to Hand in Hand and Survivors before this album).

    I hate rap, metal, hard rock. i was also not so fan of hip-hop.

    Unlike many peoples, Céline Dion was my favorite singer, i saw him in concert in 2009, one of my best memories, she was a great person and her voice was in great condition. She recording french albums since 1981 and she learn english in the late of 80's (before the first english album, Unison) to prepare her international career. She have many incredible albums in her career in english or french, included D'eux, a masterpiece this album. My favorites of her was Celine Dion, D'elles, The Colour of My Love, Falling Into You, D'eux, S'il suffisait d'aimer, A New Day Has come and Courage. Her last album Courage was incredible, she lived a very personal album, about her feeling of the last years. The authors of the songs capted her feeling of the last years since the died of her husband René. The only album of him then i not like at all was One Heart, a deception this album.

    My favorite song of the Both Sides album and also my second favorite song of Phil (the first was Another Day in Paradise). This song was very a masterpiece. This voice in this song was a mix of rage and sadness about her situation and i cry or calm me depend my situation when i listen ver vocal performance. Musically, this rain and the particular ambiance of the guitar and the synth add a spiritual and calm ambiance in this song (he never easy use this spiritual feeling in her music before). The chorus painted a picture and this song sound like in the nature. One of the best and haunting ballad of his career. The whole Both Sides album was a experimental album, and it's in evidence for this and Both Sides of the Story.

    If it weren't for "Inside Out," "Take Me Home" and "We Said Hello Goodbye" (my favorite Phil solo song), I might not even own NO JACKET REQUIRED. That said, "Long Long Way To Go" isn't bad. Subject-wise, it seems to belong on BUT SERIOUSLY.

    Same thing, this ballad was in fact a good song. Help by Sting in the background vocals. The major problem of this song, was the ending. In fact, the ambiance was haunting, the harmony of Sting with Phil voice add a dramatic thing in the song and the lyrics was very good, but in fact, the song ending too brutally while the song not finished (at the 4.21). The Live Aid and the live version in 1997 in fact was more better with the ending not ending like in the album.

    The production of this song was incredible. My favorite song of No Jacket Required and the best song in the album (with We Said Hello Goodbye). The beat was incredible, the chorus very incredible, the vibe very haunting, the harmony of Sting and Peter Gabriel very fit in the chorus. A excellent song and her best single in the album.

    I was listening to SO the other day and I must say, in time it has decreased considerably in my list. I remember it had a huge impact on me, when it was released. It was Peter returning to a more traditional song structure but it hasn't aged well with me, although I still love Red Rain and I believe it is one of his best vocal performances, the other songs suffer of that infamous mid 80s flaws that spoiled a lot of music for me back then.

    Today, i listen the album So myself in youtube today. This album was more commercial to her old album and was very pop oriented, but this album as excellent. I love this album The only song then i not like in the album was There is The Picture. In fact, Sledgehammer was not one of my favorites, but in fact this song was good to listen and that song didn't bother me when i listen in radios. Mercy Street and We Do What We're Told remain in his habitual experimental styled, but beautiful. My favorite was Mercy Street and Red Rain, two incredible songs and a incredible time of tea for me. the fact that because many people ear too much the song Sledgehammer. In the other hands, example of Phil Collins,, No jacked Required was his best selling album, but it's was one of my least favorite album of Phil and the album was very inferior to her two first albums. The sales not rhythm with quality of a album for No Jacket Required. l'm 27 and i discover the Phil and Peter work the last year and months. I listen later the others albums of Peter later, because i love the album So.

    I didn't vote before to listen his albums.

    For many question: in her 2016 autobiography, Phil said that In the Air Tonight was her first song written as a solo artist. Against All Odds was also a another song written during this period. Her first solo album was not in her plans until he was heard the demos at the president of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun. He loved the demos and the president proposed to Phil to recording a solo album and the rest was the history, her debut of her successful solo career.

    The album also had a great B-Side, You’ve Been In Love

    ok, around the world in 80 presets was also great 😎

    Yes, the three b-sides was very good. The ...But Seriously was her best period (i like all the songs of this period) and this album was my favorite of him. My favorite B-Side was That's How I Feel. Similar in the sound of Heat on the Street, this song was very beautiful, a incredible beat, more punch to Heat on the Street. I noted the presence of Steve Windwood in the organ in this song. Phil said in interview he played organ Hammond for three songs in recording sessions, but only one finished in the album (All of My Life). I know That's How I Feel was the second song that Steve Windwood play organ (i heard the organ Hammond during the end), but where is the third song then Steve play organ?

    You could say the album is very '80s'. That can't be helped. To me the album which epitomises '80s' far more than But Seriously is Don Henley's Building The Perfect Beast.

    The major problem of this album, was this album was inferior of her two first albums and the later two later, i listen more 80s music, like Madonna, Janet Jackson, A-Ha, U2. A great exemple of U2, the ''Joshua Tree'' was a major album of the music, the album was a very great album and the album was still fresh today. For ''No Jacket Required'', the success not fit with the quality and was a deception, after two great albums. ''Who said I Would'' was her worst and this is the song of phil collins then i hate hugely, the live version of 1990 was very better with the addition of soul and with the musical style of the tour. This song was a huge horror in this album. Also, this album was included hugely bad songs (in the person of ''Who Said I Would''), bad songs (''Doesn't Anybody Stay Together'' and ''Only I Know and you Know'') or acceptable (''Sussudio'', ''One More Night'', ''Don't Lose My Number'' and ''Long Long Way to Go''). The problem of the song ''Long long Way To Go'' in this song, depist this song was in fact a good song (helped by the ''Sting'' voice in background vocals), the song ending too brutaly with ''I Don't Wanna Know'' started before this song finished and not help for my appreciation of this song.

    The album was not bad in fact, just not so well born. This album was not just the bad in this album. The three last songs of the album was the best songs of the album. ''Inside Out'' was a pop-rock ballad with a good rift, a good ambiance, a touching peformance and this song listen very well today. ''Take Me Home'' was a incredible dance-pop song, the haunting ambiance, a incredible chorus and with the harmony of ''Sting'' and ''Peter Gabriel'' and his sound then much me into a good feeling in this song. ''We Said Hello Goodbye'' was also a incredible ballad, the orchestration of the opening was a huge beauty, i heard the Beatles influences in this song, this song, with ''Take Me Home'', i listen all the time, in Youtube because i didn't buy this album, because i'm not a fan of this album. It's was the best song of the album and it's so bad this song was not included in the vinyl and cassette (only the CD).

    not a big fan of this album, but these tracks are always worth listening

    Listening to the album today, it sounds a bit outdated to me. Looks like (other than FV), the production doesn't stand the text of time?

    I'm happy that i'm not only the other person to that album was too much 80's sound and aren't aged very well in this album, the drums machines in this album was not so well in this album when you listen this album today. in comparaison, Face Value and ...But Seriously was timeless and the production of the two albums aged incredible well. I'm not a fan of this album, but ...But Seriously was my favorite album of him. Also Hello I Must Be Going was a better album to No Jacked Required, depist this album was not the masterpiece of Face Value or ...But Seriously and this album included two hugely raged songs of this album and the two songs was exposed hugely her anger and her rage of theses two songs of the album (I don't Care Anymore, Do You Know, Do You Care?.

    I open this topic to my question: What's your favorites tracks of her incredible Face Value?

    My favorite of this album of Hand in Hand. I love this instrumental song, with his african influence, her childrens choir, her dancing sound, i like this combination of RnB and african influences sound, incredible song. My another favorites of this album was I Missed Again (incredible RnB/soul song) and If Leaving Me is Easy (incredible ballad and with Eric Clapton in guitar).

    In this album, i like most of all of this album. A incredible album and aged incredible well over the years. Only ...But Seriously arrived in this quality of Face Value.

    I didn't included the hidding track, because everyone almost not ear the song during his 30 seconds.

    You choices max three song in the poll.