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    Survivors anyone? My favorite on Both Sides

    This song was a very good song. This song annonced the flavor of the soundtrack of Tarzan then he wrote later in 1990's decade. The African ambiance add a particular flavor in this song and i enjoy this song. But this was not so complex like We Fly So Close or Both Sides of the Story, this song was simple in her composition.

    I open this topic to my question: What's your favorites tracks of Both Sides?

    My favorite of this album and also my second favorite song of his career was We Fly so Close. I love hugely this song. The spanish guitar use in this song adding a spiritual, calm and mooding ambiance of this song. I love this particular ambiance during this song. The peformance of Phil during this song was very sadness in the first half, but in the second half, he spend her rage and her sadness in her voice in same time in this song. Her rage during this song remain hugely at her two first albums, but this song was a particular sound during this soft-rock ballad. One of the best and haunting ballad of his career and her perfect song to relaxing in a bath.

    I search the album in stores in deluxe CD, because i love this album. My second favorite of his career (after ...But Seriously).

    The votes was 3 songs max in this poll, like the others.

    I open this topic to my question: What's your favorites tracks of No Jacket Required. I open this topic depiste i am not a fan of this album.

    My favorite was Take Me Home. One of my favorites song of him. I love the fact he easy in another style that he never explored before (this song explored the dance-pop style, with rock influences), Chorus very haunting, the harmony of this song (help by Peter Gabriel and Sting) was grooving, her voice was a excellent vibe in this song and the ambiance was very grooving and in harmony. My other favorite of the album was We Said Hello Goodbye, with Take Me Home, the best song of the album, this song was a legacy to John Lennon, i heard the John Lennon influences of the Phil vocals peformance of this song. A incredible ballad and i love the tender of the opening.

    In fact, in this album (i listen the songs in Youtube), i only like the four singles, Inside Out and We Said Hello Goodbye (With Take Me Home, the best track of the album), the rest, didn't justify for me to buy this album (i hate Who Said I Would (same thing to We're sons or her Fathers), my least song of his career, but i like the live version, hugely better, particulary in 1990). I never buy this album and i'm not a plan on it.

    What's your favorites (you choices three songs max)?

    I listen the songs of Testify on Youtube. I said No Jacket Required was my least favorites of him, but this album was less more to No Jacked Required and Dance Into the light (i didn't like so much the two albums) and i not like at all this album and worse compared to No Jacket Required and Dance into the Light. In fact, to date, Both Sides was her last very good album,This album was not so accesible, but most of the songs of the album was very good or excellent, like the rock-styled Both Sides of the Story and We Wait and We Wonder, Survivors annonced the flavor of the sountrack of Tarzan with her african style, Can't Turn Back the Years was a good RnB ballad and a good song about the looking in the past. But the best was We Fly so Close, my second favorite of him of his career and a incredible ballad. Dance into the light was a so-so album (like No Jacket Required) and Testify, depiste few songs, was very bad and not so good.

    I open this topic, because i talk a subject i was fascined, the particular sound of her song Another Day in Paradise and i open the thread to many people to talk do you feel this song was apart of the rest of the album. Do you feel this song was apart of the rest of ...But Seriously?

    Because depiste this song was a political song (like Colours, Heat on the Street and That's Just the Way it Is), the sound not fit in the rest of the album. Many reason this song was apart of the album. I analysed this song

    First When i listen the track, little and also today, the opening was very dark, strange, mysterious and the feeling of the opening add a very moody feeling of this song. I was fascinated by the sound of this song, the particular of the guitar and the synthetizers add a darkness vibe of this song. This sound was very hypnotical, very dark feeling, particulary when i listen this opening. Also, after that, the particular sound of the guitar add dark vibe at this song. The guitar and the syntetizers add differents ambiances during all the songs. Unfortunatly, the radio version excluding the opening of the song.

    Also talk the drums during this song. The sound of the drums of the song (particular in the last half of this song), remain at the song In the Air Tonight and Thru These Walls. The fact he introduced this sound of drumming with In the Air Tonight, hugely help for Thru These Walls and this song.

    Also, and i analyse a another thing the differents styles used in this song. The first half of this song was a pop-rock ballad, but the drumming playing hugely in the last half add a RnB beat.

    I not analysed here the peformance of her voice, i just analysed her sound because his sound his very particular of this song.

    Because That's just the Way it is, depiste her dark subject, the song was very similar of the next song of the album (Do You Remember) in the arrangements and the melody.

    I love this style of sound of darkness and mysteriously. This is the reason why i love this song, Refuse to Dance of Celine Dion, Black and White of sarah mclachlan, Frozen of Madonna and Hello of Adele.

    And you?

    I open this topic to my question: What's your favorites tracks of Hello, I Must Be Going.

    In this album, my favorite was Thru These Walls. This song was the sequel of In the Air Tonight, but more soft to him, but i has similitude for this (the drums, the mood, the rage of his voice and the dark ambiance). I love this song more to In the Air Tonight.

    I also love Do You Know, Do You Care?, the rage of this voice (the ending was her most powerful peformance used in this song and her most raged song of his career), the chorus, the beauty of the ambiance, the dark ambiance and also more like almost a hard rock song. depiste i was not a huge fan of rock, i like many songs in this style and this song was that.

    The limited choice was three, like the other poll i open.

    It's a masterpiece this song. When i listen the first time this song, i was immediatly enchanted for this dark, spiritual and haunting ballad of his career. Not only her best song of her Both Sides, but also one of her best tracks of his career. Depiste the longer, this is the best thing to describe the beauty, the emotion, the moody interpretation of Phil, the sensation of joy and sadness in the same time during the song and her incredible chorus. My favorite track of the album.

    I open this topic to my question: What's your favorites tracks of ...But Seriously.

    My favorite song of the album for me and also my favorite song of his career was Another Day in Paradise. This song was a masterpiece and i love all about this song: the differents ambiances in the song (like the calm guitar), her dark vibe during all the song, her opening very strange, dark and mysterious, the beautiful vocals harmonies of David Crosby with the voice of Phil, the differents styles during this song (the drums, similar of In the Air Tonight, add a RnB beat at the last half of the song, the first half was more a pop/rock ballad), the interpretation very moody and calm of phil, her incredible sound, the chorus incredible (''Oh Think Twice, It's just Another Day for you and me in Paradise'' make me so touching and rest in head all the time). Her most original song of her album. In the lyrics, i apprecied the fact he talked about a huge problem of society in this song (here about the homeless, and the music video convey more this idea), like many songs of the album (That's just the Way it Is, Colours, Heat on the Street).

    PS: You have choice three songs max in the sondage

    Second the love for Fly So Close! Love that song.

    Yes, this song, i like it the first time i heard this song on Youtube. But for the second listen, totally loved in this song and this song, aside with Another Day in Paradise, was my favorite of him of all the songs of his career. Both Sides was a album very more dark to Face Value or Hello... I Must Be Going, and also apart or her albums studios. This album was not so commercial, i like the songs of the albums except We sons or our fathers (a horror this song) and I've Forgiven Everything. I search in stores the deluxe CD to buy this CD because it's was so difficult in Canada to find this album outside amazon or Ebay. If you listen Both Sides, it play like a album for a art and not for radios stations, because this album need a watchful listen each time and listen many times before to appreciate this album. This is the reason why this album was not successful at the time of released, but gained more reconnassance with the years. For me, the first time, it's not totally entered in the album when i listen the songs in Youtube, but the second time, it's was incredible the sensation this album when i listen because each songs (except two song to not like at all) of the album, this album was equal in my range with Face Value. Very different to my experience when i listen Face Value and ...But Seriously.

    This album was my favorite album of him and Another Day in paradise was my favorite song of him. I heard this song the first time, because my mom listen all the time the compilation ...Hits. This song was apart of the rest of the ...But Seriously album. The opening of the track was very strange, dark and mysterious, a strange and also perfect choice to opening a song. After the song start, this song started and this song explore differents ambiance during this song. He included also many styles in the song, like pop, ballad, RnB and rock. The sound of the song was very dark and her voice was very moody (help with the harmonys of David Crosby). Her drumming during the last middle of the song remain more to her In the Air Tonight single. In fact, her most darker and her most original song of this album. The text of this song, like many songs of the album was political. But he not abandonned her love songs in this album (Do You Remember, Something Happening of the Way of Heaven and Find a Way to My Heart).

    This album was most varied album (aside of Face Value), this album was a pop rock album,but also included many styles including hard Rock (Colours), Dance-pop (Hang is Long Enough), RnB (All of My Life), soul (Find a Way to My Heart, Hang is Long Enough), jazz (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning), soft-rock (That's Just the Way it Is, Do You Remember) and Blues/Gospel (I Wish It Would Rain Down). A variety hugely welcome here with Face Value (the two albums was her most varied albums of her career). And also the presence of Eric Clapton of her song I Wish It Would Rain Down in guitar add a touch of Blues of this song, i heard the Clapton touch of this song.

    And also, the album included two of her most personals songs of her career. All of My Life was a RnB/Jazz ballad about her lost of her father and Father to Son was a pop ballad (almost a lullaby) and a declaration of love to her son Simon.

    My favorite album of him (Both Sides and Face Value was just behind him)

    One of my least favorites album of him. I love Take me Home (one of my favorites songs) and i like also Sussudio, Don't Lose My Number, We said hello Goodbye and Inside out, but the rest of the album was so weird. Would Said i would was not good at all, the Live version was very better. One more night was a so so ballad (i listen very better ballad of him like Do You Remember or We Fly so Close) and I don't Wanna Go was a very bad song.

    For that, I return to listen ...But Seriously, Both sides and Face Value.

    ...But Seriously without a doubt. This album was different of the three first albums, because this album included more political songs. Aside with Face Value, this album was her most varied style, included hard rock (Colours), dance-pop (Hang is Long Enough), RnB (All of my Life) jazz (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning) and gospel (I Wish It Would Rain Down). And Another Day in Paradise was her prelude of her Both SIdes album. The song was very dark, sadness and her opening was very strange, dark and mysterious and her various ambiances of this song add a dark ambiance of this song. This song was not a ballad, not a dancing song, and this song included varied styles (RnB, Pop, ballad and rock). Her most original song of the album.

    Also, Face Value and Both Sides was also my tea time of him. Another Day in Paradise and We Fly so Close was my two favorites songs of him. We Fly so Close was a hugely beauty, the beauty of the guitar, the raw emotion of Phil, her moody ambiance, her spiritial ambiance all the time during this song, the the calm ambiance and the rage of his voice, the best song of the album and one of the best songs of him. I am hugely in love with this song of this album was a haunting ballad. I prefer Both Sides to No Jacked Required.