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    I got the moderna vaccine today, or the first dose at least. Pleased to report zero ill effects. I felt a bit spacey for an hour, but I'm certain that was in my head (ha ha). Four weeks till dose number two. Just want to let as many people know as I can that it was a piece of cake and nothing to worry about.

    If I wake up bald or with two glowing orbs for eyes, I will certainly let you know.

    I got the Moderna vaccine on 28 December. No side effects at all. Bad news is that both of my adult children (and their spouses) have recently been diagnosed with COVID.

    Hm, Tony Hill-Smith and Barry Johnston recorded with them. Johnston was with the band Design, it seems, but which band Hill-Smith may have been with eludes me at the moment ...

    Can anybody give more information on these recordings?

    Edit: Google is my friend. Backing vocals on "Going Out to Get You"

    But, not sure that Design would be a "well-known band". Certainly not here in the U.S.

    The special has the Classic Rock logo on the front, but features stuff from both mags. I gather the "40 best" list is from Prog readers. It puts Robbery at 33, ahead of Duchess and Fading Lights among others. Duchess is about 100 zillion times better than Robbery, at a conservative estimate. So no, they don't "know their stuff". Or at least, they do know some stuff but it's stuff that's stupid and wrong.

    Robbery, Assault and Battery is probably my least favorite song on ATOTT. But, I certainly like it much more than I like either Duchess or Fading Lights. To me, those two songs are the most overrated in Genesis' entire catalog. I know a lot of people love those songs, but neither one does anything for me.