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    Hey Genesis fans, we're back! Last time we covered 5 songs from Callings All Stations (aptly titled, Covering All Stations), and we just released the next album in our series of cover albums, We Can't Dance (also known as We Can't Cover)!

    It's the same lineup as our previously, except there are 3 different vocalists on various songs for some variety. All 3 singers actually sing on Fading Lights, which is what Carpet Crawlers 99 should have been ;)

    Anyways, here it is, enjoy! 8)

    Streaming link + Soundcloud link

    Definitely a very realistic setlist!

    I HOPE they don't start and end EXACTLY like 2007 though... Same intro AND encore? Idk.. haha

    I also feel like they'll play all of Domino but I wouldn't mind it coming in as part of a medley or something else. I wouldn't want it to be like how they treat Firth Of Fifth the past few tours, where it just kind of starts out of nowhere. What about the first half of TTT into The Last Domino? That's a clever way to do the TTT-IT medley that they kept doing haha

    Also I would enjoy a Nic Drum solo, but wonder how it'll start and what it'll go into? Will he start on a bench or chair? haha like the 2007 stool thing, and I would like the drums to go into something new, like The Last Domino!

    Overall I think this is a good realistic setlist. But let's please remove Hold On My Heart ... haha but I guess every set needs a bathroom break song.. This one is almost too obvious though considering it's a "Phil sitting" song hahah what about a "Phil sitting" medley? Man on the Corner - Hold on My Heart - Fading Lights..

    Don’t think they will do hold on my heart, but fading lights is to be expected. That’s all wasn’t played in 2007 anyway

    Yeah if they play Hold On My Heart again we'll know it's just their standard "bathroom break song" haha cuz they've played it on every tour since 92, and that includes CAS tour! If they're going to do a song like that do something else like Man on the Corner or something slow but that we don't hear EVERY TOUR. I do think Fading Lights is something they WILL play, based on the lyrics, it would be the perfect set ender (then a couple encores with more energy, hopefully not Carpet Crawlers, which isn't energetic haha) But Fading Lights seems like an obvious choice, especially near the end of the set on their final tour. The only thing that'll be weird is the middle section before was only the three guys on stage. The difference is we'll get the big middle section start a bar earlier than the We Can't Dance tour cuz Phil won't have to run back to the drums this time haha

    Had a listen

    You pretty much reproduce the original album. Did you consider to create something different, i.e. recording the songs in different styles.

    I find it fascinating when cover versions are completely different from the original stuff, a bit like what Peter did with Scratch my back

    Thanks for listening! And honestly no, didn't wanna do some alternate key, acoustic version of something too different. As a kid, the thing about this album that inspired me to become a musician/composer was the sounds/production and drums, etc. So I wanted to give it the same feel as the originals just more modern production slightly and a bit of a live feel. We did extend the end of TMBSOW but otherwise with these songs in particular wanted to keep them in the spirit of the originals. There also aren't many covers of this album online either. Might do that more for the Gabriel era when we get there one day haha I'd say the more familiar the music is to people, the more as a cover artist you should change it up, hence why this album is basically unchanged from the originals hahah but I have a cover coming up that's "In The Air Tonight" and trying to give that one a more unique take.

    These are unusually high quality covers to my ears. Congrats. Reminds me of how much I love the source material, but you added enough to make these worth listening to. I particularly like how updated the keyboards sound.

    I really appreciate that! It's definitely a huge passion project so spent a lot of time trying to get it to sound as good if not better than the originals :) Thanks again!

    Well done - I really enjoyed this - I'm not the biggest fan of CAS, but I this made me appreciate it a bit more I think. In fact I even think some of the arrangements are superior to the album versions! Standouts for me were The Dividing Line and There Must Be Some Other Way (a track I never used to like that much). Looking forward to seeing what you do with WCD!

    Thanks a ton for listening and the really kind words! It was fun to try to get them as close to the originals as possible and then give them some unique twists like the keyboard sounds and arrangements. Thanks again!

    Thank you - will have a listen later and give some feedback then!

    Thanks a ton Christian! This album and WCD were my two biggest influential albums that got me into music as a little kid, so this is a dream project. I know CAS is a bit controversial, but it's one of my most nostalgic albums. Excited to hear you and other Genesis fans feedback! :)

    Honestly Tony Banks orchestral albums all remind me of Christmas! Of the Genesis albums, I guess Duke would be the one that gives me the most "winter" vibes haha

    Proggy Christmas by Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, etc. is fantastic as well

    Hey Genesis fans!

    I recently completed a cover album of Calling All Stations (5 of the best songs from the album) and it's coming out soon! We created the entire album remotely with a guitarist from Atlanta, a drummer from England, and a singer from Tokyo. I produced the songs along playing the keys and bass parts. If you want to hear the album when it comes out, please pre-save using this link to Spotify 8) We are working on We Can't Dance next, going in reverse chronological order. Thank you for checking this out!!…uel/covering-all-stations