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    I can't find the definitive edition remasters available consistently in none of the music streaming services. Spotify has some, but in most cases the Remix are actually being played, even though the file tag mentions "1994 edition remaster", in the case of Selling England by the Pound, for example.

    And, to complete the tragedy, until some weeks ago the original mixes (but non remastered) WERE AVAILABLE in youtube music, officially in the band's page, and recently they REMOVED them from there! Only the 2007/2008 remixes are there!

    So this ended any hope for me that either the original mixes or the definitive edition remasters (or any non remix version) will ever be featured in those streaming services. Very sad.

    I really like all eras of the band, but I am more of a fan of their more "fairly-tale"-like pastoral sound which was so strong in their 70's albums.

    While I consider an album like Invisible Touch amazing due to its clever compositions, for example, I miss that atmosphere but then I listen to post-70's Genesis when I'm in the mood for something different than the 70's era. They were amazing throughout the many styles they tried.

    The question is when do you think that last shades of this pastoral side, more fantasy world, were still present in their music, before they got a more "urban" sound? (Not sure if that's the best way to express what I have in mind, but I guess you got my point.

    I think Abacab still features this sound (Me and Sarah Jane, Dodo, Like it or not, even a small bit in No Reply at All where Phil delivers some emotional vocals), and Three Sides Live maintain that atmosphere especially in that fourth live side.

    However, begining from the s/t album, the mood seems to change drastically and that fantasy feeling disappears, even in the proggier moments such as Home by the Sea, Domino, etc.

    Hello people,

    I found this really beautiful advert poster from the 94 definitive edition remasters set of albums, which is attached in this thread.

    Does anyone know any info if this was released by a magazine, or by the band themselves (and their labels)?

    It is some amazing beautiful art that conveys Genesis' prog albums atmosphere very well!

    Are there other similar art/adverts from those definitive edition remasters during that period? Thanks!

    From what I've read the 1994 remaster cds sound the closest to the original editions but I think it's missing WCD. :/

    P.S. Maybe this Genesis News topic explains better...

    Which CD remastering was the best for each album?

    indeed! The series only features the studio and live albums from Trespass through Three Sides Live.

    Since this era is my favorite one from Genesis, I would love if the band, or some distributor like Disk Union, would release a box unifying these releases with these masters.

    Maybe a DIY product from Sorrisi Canzoni TV magazine? :/

    Thanks for the answer and link, rkive!

    Actually those are using the 2007 remixes for the albums, but that seems to be a really cool and complete set.

    It would be amazing if the band had done something similar by using the 1994 remasters.

    Well, I was seeing some of the Definitive Edition Remaster stickers on some albums, and they feature a GEN 1 mark, which would maybe "make them" unified by this catalogue tag.

    Hello! I really love the series of definitive edition remasters, that features all albums (live and studio) from Trespass through Three Sides Live.

    Was a boxset of this series ever released? I did research on the database, and found none there.

    But I was wondering if some "obscure release" of this kind was ever released somewhere, even in a limited edition.

    For example, Japan's Disk Union store has released the 1999 releases of Trespass through Duke (that use the 94 remaster) in a limited edition, and this is not featured in So I thought it would not be strange to find out that a special release with all those 94 remasters might have happened somewhere. It would be interesting to see those albums from Trespass through 3 Sides Live unified in such package.


    a beautiful cause, indeed. Glad to see my other favorite band (together with Genesis) still alive in some way or another, especially offering their art to help the main victims in these dark times.

    Hello people, quite a long post below, but I hope it can be useful to discuss an interesting experience on listening to Genesis.

    I have been rediscovering their music with a new vision (or better saying, new "listening habits!") since I was aware that this official Australian vinyl box-set of theirs was once released in 1986:…/genesis/genesis-boxed.p/

    It is of course out of print, and I never bought this box. It is an official release that collects all studio albums from Trespass until Duke.

    But, what's so interesting, in my view, about it?

    Well, firstly, the fact that it features all albums from Trespass until Duke (which is my favorite era of Genesis, their most "proggy" years, and it is my overall favorite sequence of albums ever), but also the fact that I always wished a release that unified all those amazing albums - It is interesting to note that, through this framework, one can see each album as a suite, part of a bigger "work" unifying those albums, which would be the box-set itself.

    So, my idea here is the following: Since there's this official vinyl box-set , that spans all studio albums from Trespass until Duke, I suggest to listen that sequence of studio albums as a "big 8h12min album".

    Of course it is impossible to listen to 8+ hours of music without stops, so I usually start at the beginning of the day, and listen through it, during work when I can put phones, and also during other activities, and pause when necessary, continuing soon after.

    I really felt this musical experience to be really interesting, and in this particular case of those amazing Genesis albums, is very rewarding to me!

    Here's my spotify playlist spanning the 9 albums as the box-set:…si=bxcTICyETD60Nx8SbUAYKQ