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    1. Steve ... I have read your book and it is extraordinary .... but there are two problems ... one is definitely the price which is too high for a paperback .... the other problem is its diffusion. ... your book is wonderful and by far the best of those recently written about our band..but despite this very few fans know of its existence ... this is because no site dedicated to Genesis has advertised it, much less a review .. .being you are an outsider you have not been taken into consideration ... too bad for the fans because they miss a great job.

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it is too pricey. My publisher, McFarland & Co., aim at the library market primarily and price accordingly. They published my first book, The World of Shaft, so I went back for this one. Their pricing structure has certainly lifted since my first book and I was disappointed they were pushing it out at such a high price. It will come down, eventually. The Kindle version is much cheaper, but personally I prefer the real thing.

    Hmmm. Well done MG and I'm sure some fans will lap this up. It sounds fairly comprehensive. The review and snippets suggest there's some good photo archive.

    As I've said before my personal ideal would be the Genesis equivalent of how Ian Macdonald's Revolution In The Head covers the Beatles - a song-by-song analysis of everything they recorded, released or not, in order of recording, set against cultural context.

    Odd choice for the front cover.

    That's exactly what I tried to do with my own book, The Songs of Genesis. I acknowledged Ian's influence in my introduction and even used a similar cataloguing system. Ian's book is still my "go to" study of The Beatles' catalogue.