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    Bring a newbie here this has likely been beat to death long before my little ole arrival this week, but I have to say, the “Sum of the Parts” interviews I’ve watched online, man....awkward. Tony starts up on the Lamb and Peter starts shifting in his seat looking uncomfortable....Steve mentions struggling to be heard as a songwriter and the three look put off. It was tense and odd. I do wish they could’ve made one final go of it as a group. But Pete’s voice isn’t what it was and poor Phil looks so frail. God bless him. I hope the tour isn’t too tough on him!

    Yes, there are definitely some awkward moments in that documentary. I’m sure that stung Peter when Tony said he didn’t really like the Lamb, being as the Lamb is kind of Peter’s baby. It seems like they didn’t give Steve his proper due in the documentary with regards to him leaving. It definitely influenced their sound on ATTWT. It’s like the documentary was uneven. They talked for 20 seconds about Selling England, and skipped Wind and Wuthering entirely. The best part of the documentary was Phil’s humor, especially talking about tensions in the band and little squabbles they would have. Phil was really funny.

    Thanks Christian. For me it’s Seconds Out and The Way We Walk, The Shorts. Seconds Out is a such a powerful live album. It rocks. Phil really gives it his all.
    I picked the Shorts for more of a nostalgic reason. I had it as a kid, and I loved the back and forth “de da lay!!” on Throwing it all Away. I would just picture myself there. I know it’s corny in some ways and fans who have seen them multiple times are tired of that, but I’m hoping they do it on this coming concert. Also Invisible Touch. Great rendition.

    I jumped on the site about 0955am, and it immediately placed me into a Queue, and there I sat for like 5 or 6 mins. I then got into the site, but still had to wait my turn. After a few more minutes it gave me access to the tickets, but I only had 8 minutes to complete my purchase. And there was literally a clock in the lower corner of the screen! So I frantically tried to look at what was available and match it with what I wanted to spend. I found what I wanted, then went to the next screen where it said put your username and password in. So I’m thinking it’s talking about the username and password to the Ticketmaster website. I put it in, wrong. Ok. I try again, incorrect username and password. Now I’m starting to panic as I have less than five minutes. I then realize I need a separate username and password for the Wells Fargo website, which is the arena where the concert is taking place. So I quick register for the website, and then frantically put my payment information in to pay for the tickets. I competed the purchase. Maybe like one minute to spare. Got seats in Section 105, row 4 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly for December 2nd. Cost me about 175 bucks a ticket. I was definitely sweating it out. I’m doing this right after I just found out I have a fairly large kidney stone in my left kidney this morning. Fun times!

    I got a copy of a Lamb show from January ‘75 in West Palm Beach, FL. Some of it sounds really good, other parts sound crappy and like it cuts out. Don’t know if that was the band working out kinks early on in the tour or the recording itself. I’d like to collect more.

    I like Who Dunnit? It’s so weird and out there, and I love the last 5 seconds, where it just spirals into that dead stop before sliding into MOTC, very satisfying. Genesis was always great with transitioning between songs and knowing how long to take a pause. Also great with sequencing their albums beautifully.

    So I got an email that they notify us tonight of whether we were chosen for the presale. Apparently if so we will be able to purchase tickets tomorrow startup at 1000am US eastern time. If that’s the case do I have to be ready at exactly 1000 or if I don’t around to do it until like 1130am is it a big deal?

    Check this out! Robert De Niro was in Meet the Parents with Ben Stiller, Ben Stiller was in Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler, Adam Sandler was in Waterboy with Kathy Bates, Kathy Bates was in The Blind Side with Lily Collins, Lily Collins is the daughter of Phil Collins, Phil Collins is in Genesis. Boom!!

    Also, part of the fun of forums like this is getting to see other Genesis fans’ perspectives. I love it. We can respectfully disagree with one another, all the while knowing we’re disagreeing on something we all love, Genesis.

    People have to understand that the landscape of music was rapidly changing by the early 80’s. Sure, the guys could have keep doing long proggy tracks and stuck to their origins. However, that’s not where music was headed by the early-mid 80’s. I have absolutely no problem with their musician direction in the 80’s. I would love to ask those nay sayers, if you had the chance to make music that tops the charts, makes you rich, and sells out large stadiums, wouldn’t you jump at that too? It’s every musician’s dream I’m sure; having a stadium full of people singing your songs.