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    Yeah I have to agree with everybody. The album is sooo good. It’s hard to pick just three. But I would go with Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, I Know What I Like, and More Fool Me. I love the lines “Young man says you are what you eat, eat well. Old man says you are what you wear, wear welllll! Know what you are, you don’t give a damn...”

    To add another thought, which I believe may have been mentioned on Tabletop Genesis, if ATOTT had bombed, they may have called it quits right then and there. And we wouldn’t have had all the great 80’s music from the band to discuss. Plus it’s well known that they auditioned many singers to replace PG. Phil wasn’t even entirely comfortable in the front man role at first, as he didn’t initially have the showmanship that Peter had. I have to tell you guys though, man would I have loved to have been alive and old enough to see Genesis in the 1970’s. That’s one of the things I’m hoping to enjoy from this forum, listening to stories from people who experienced the band in their heyday.

    Hey Everybody. New to your group. I just wanted to say that I’m grateful to have found this place to share my love for Genesis with like minded folks! I don’t have really anybody in my circle of friends or family that shares my passion. Look forward to chatting with you all.

    Unique sound, absolutely. Bravest? I’d have to give that one to Trick of the Tail. They could have easily folded after Peter Gabriel left in 1975. Instead they rallied and put together one of the tightest albums in their discography. It starts with one kick ass song, Dance on a Volcano, and that opener, “Holy Mother of God.....” Just awesome.

    I think the stark contrast of Abacab from the albums on either side of it, make it the unique album that it is. I love the eighties sound on Abacab. The weird time signatures of Keep It Dark and Who Dunnit? are amazing to me. The great thing about the band, and what we all love, is that they are constantly evolving and changing. They didn’t just exist, they stayed relevant.

    I’m new to the forum. Man, what a tough choice! I’d have to say, today my top three are Trespass, Selling England, and Abacab. It changes often! I really love And Then There Were Three as well. Burning Rope and Undertow are two of my all time favorite songs from the group.