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    Yeah that was very interesting. Funny how when talking about the early days of Genesis it all seems quite fresh in his mind - only a few years back of course! Do we have anything earlier than this, in terms of a full and frank interview? I'm sure we don't. I liked the piano improvisation (kept expecting to maybe hear a Genesis or early solo song in there, but no!). The tape is more like a fly on the wall recording so its fascinating for that alone - a snapshot of Genesis on tour in the early 70s. I do think he sounded quite bored and slightly uncomfortable though!

    Yes I thought the piano part was pretty cool. Haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the whole interview. He probably had his “game face” on for work, as he was about to take the stage for a show. Focused and all. That’s how I feel in the mornings before work. But something tells me from seeing other interviews, that Peter is kind of a reserved and quiet guy. Just an assumption. Very cool find, thanks for sharing.

    oh man…I must be nuts. My 3 kids and I always reference that one as one of our top 10 favorite episodes!!! Kramer was gold on that! George walks into the set looking confused!! Kramer is eating and drinking like a freak…”And…we’re back!”

    Haha. For some reason you just reminded me of the ‘Movie Phone’ episode from an earlier season.

    Kramer: Why don’t you just tell me the name of the movie you selected!

    For the worst cover of all time. Scorpions win it easily. Virgin Killer. Is picture of a picture of a naked 13 year old girl provocative pose with glass front cracked which obscures her genitals!

    Could it be a question of it was 1976 and ok for then ? Err no.

    That is bad. Makes me cringe.

    I agree, it’s a way for people to experience the music anew. Not too dissimilar to what we are all doing on this forum. It’s an outlet for people to share their love of the band. It’s getting your thoughts out of your head, and into a common area where like minded people can discuss their likes and dislikes. I’ve watched a few of these videos since we’ve started discussing this, the only one that has bothered was the couple listening to carpet crawlers. Not sure why. The rest seem fine.

    Jerry complaining about the hives on his neck,

    Kramer: Have you been wearing a fake beard?
    The look on Jerry’s face when he says, “No”, always makes me laugh.

    I agree %100 about the finale being a letdown. I think that’s pretty much agreed upon among fans.
    I remember watching an interview with Jerry about the last couple of seasons of the show. About how after Larry David left the show at the end of season 7, there was an intentional effort to make the show more surreal. Mission accomplished.

    My favorite all time episode is The Slicer from Season 9–

    Kramer (butcher’s coat on, posing like a doctor), speaking about Kruger:

    George we got a problem. He’s got a mole on his shoulder, very suspicious.

    George: So tell him you’re concerned about it and he should see someone else.

    Kramer: George why would I, a Juilliard trained dermatologist, send him to another doctor?

    George: Because you’re not a dermatologist.

    Kramer: He thinks I am, I’m not going to betray that trust! Here’s what I’m wanna do, I think I can get a section…

    George: whoa, whoa, a section?!

    Kramer: Yeah, if I could grab my slicer and he’d hold still…

    George: No, you’re not taking a deli slicer to my boss!

    Kramer: It’ll be ultra thin, he’ll barely feel it!

    George: No! Absolutely Not!

    Kramer (clicking his pen like a doctor), Well it’s my medical opinion that you’re making a big mistake, and it’s going in my chart.

    I love how zany and off base Season 9 got! Kramer is insane, it’s hysterical.

    When George and Jerry are panicking that Elaine won't show up and how they can avoid dining alone with Mr Benes:

    GEORGE: We just tell him we're frightened and that we have to leave!

    Yeah that’s good! He’d clunk our heads together like Moe!

    Puddy re Koko in the dealership episode - "That monkey's okay."

    Of all the girlfriends, the cleaner in the aforementioned T-bone episode - oh, man....

    haha. Puddy: I don’t know too many monkeys who can take apart a fuel injector.

    Walking through Walls is an interesting song. All the sounds effects toward the end of the song are amusing. I especially like the sound of what sounds like someone stepping on potato chips. I just picture Steve and his crew sitting around being like, what sound effects can we put through this song that would give the image of someone walking through a wall. Haha.

    I just love the voices throughout the song. I agree i find fascinating, the different fans’ perspectives on the same music. I try not to take the music too seriously. There is little that offends me; I appreciate and am always interested in everyone’s differing points of view.

    I haven't been around here much lately but have enjoyed catching up on some threads and reading about the absolute peak. (including the argument on about Steve or Tony being the most successful.!) Anyway q lot has been said about the TBOEF and the humour in the lyrics. What I want to know is this....... What does the politically and socially advanced 71 year old Peter Gabriel think of the 23 year old Peter Gabriel

    singing line "and Harold Demure who's still not quite sure" in the way he did.

    He probably thinks it’s genius! No seriously, he probably cringes a little. But I love that voice, one of the best parts of the song.

    While I like 151, for some reason it amuses me. And yes it's SH singing, as it is on that whole album. But is it what you'd call a power ballad?! That term always makes me think of stuff like The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush, The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Glory of Love (for a change) by Peter Cetera, Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler... ie, stuff I detest.

    One of the daftest lyrics by anyone in the Genesis universe is on that album - "India rubber man, how far can you bend..." :D

    Once you go past Til We Have Faces you'll be beyond where I ever got to in his solo career, I lost touch with his albums after that. For me he peaked significantly with Spectral and Defector but I just don't know if any of the post-Faces albums equal or better those.

    Maybe power ballad is a little extreme, but Steve has that “power ballad voice” on this album, which is a guilty pleasure of mine. I am enjoying his solo work.