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    Chicago show ... start with 2000+ in the queue, and it slowly reduced. Then it froze at 114 for about 10 minutes. Finally, I was able to select seats.

    Hmm ... $1200 for that Platinum seat on the floor, $900 for that Platinum seat on the side, or $400 for the other Platinum seat up in the 300 section. Oops, waited a bit too long, so even those were all gone.

    Guess I'll try the general sale on Friday, but don't expect much better.

    I had a similar experience, but I was able to score some tix hours later when I logged on at 6pm. Looks like they kept adding seats throughout the day, I landed 5th row 200 level. I was able to get even better seats today using the WXRT presale, lower level 17th row. They didn't show up as available until an hour into the presale.