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    My favorite Yes albums ranked….

    1. Close to the Edge

    2. The Yes Album

    3. Fragile

    4. Drama

    5. Going for the One

    6. Relayer

    7. Topographic Oceans

    8. Magnification

    9. Talk

    10. 90125

    11. The Ladder

    12. Tormato

    I could go on…

    OP, my condolences and memory eternal to your loved ones!!☦️

    My Genesis journey is weird and complicated. I was born in 1975. I was scarcely born and Peter was already on his way out! When I was a boy, I saw the video for “Land of Confusion” and “Invisible Touch.” I loved the visuals, but even more, loved the music. In high school, when I was a freshman, I befriended a very talented senior who was a gifted drummer. He turned me on to Rush and Yes. I fell head over heels win love with progressive rock!!!! He told me, “If you ever get a chance, try this album!” He showed me “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.” He followed saying, “But don’t waste your time with that crappy Phil Collins era BS. That’s when they sold out and went pop. I hated Collins after that.”

    I didn’t listen to it (The Lamb).

    Also, I was a huge Peter Gabriel fan. Melt, Security, and So were albums I was obsessed with, so Peter was already on my radar.

    Fast forward to adulthood, years later. I stumbled upon Dance on a Volcano and was BLOWN AWAY. I mean….blown away!! I bought Trick/Tail and loved it….and I worked my way into the Hackett era. Holy crap!!!! Foxtrot, Selling England, Lamb, Tail, Wind &W, those are my albums.

    I’m appreciative for the pop era in that I got into Genesis as a kid, but I feel like the more mature, more depth-driven, timeless, beautiful Genesis was the prog era band. I do t hate the pop. I still listen to it, but I’m far more into Hackett/Gabriel Genesis than the pop era. Duke, And then there were Three, Genesis, Abacab, those albums are just not my thing.

    Just like the YesWest Trevor Rabin era Yes was on my radar first, so things went with Genesis. And both took me backward where I fell in love with the 70’s.

    I know, too long-winded and a weird story.

    For those interested I just saw that Wakeman is touring again with the English Rock Ensemble, a brief UK run Mar/Apr 22. Long-time member Tony Fernandez will be involved along with on-stage prog bassist stalwart and all-round talented nice chap Lee Pomeroy. Wakeman Jr is also included.

    drives me nuts how the UK is getting all these great gigs and we’re getting bupkis here. Lucky Brits!

    I LOVE Kate Bush! Brilliant, well-spoken, creative as hell, unique, and gotta say sexy as HELL. I have a serious thing for that woman. She’s breathtaking. She was so great collaborating with PG! I love her first album the most. Man with the Child in his Eyes is my favorite tune.

    I’m 100% with Foxfeeder. I’m a music snob and honest about it. I detest mainstream hip hop, rap, snd modern pop. Cookie cutting, auto tuned tripe.

    I adore Steve Hackett. If he wants to keep the prog era Genesis alive, God bless him for it because it’s almost like missionary work to share and keep alive the legacy of the band’s Gabriel/Hackett era stuff. I don’t give a fig whether or not people know who Steve is in 2021 in order to validate his work. When I last saw a Yes live show, all I heard was, “Yes? Who’s that?” “Steve Howe? What instrument does he play?” Ugh…..Did that stop me from going to that show and taking my wife and kids? Nope!

    Steve made a few good albums, especially Voyage of the Acolyte and Spectral Mornings. But if we’re going to analyze solo albums, Tony’s stuff hasn’t exactly sold at MJ Thriller levels either. And yet, TB is my favorite keys man ever. Steve Howes solo stuff is fair, but his Yes stuff is other worldly!

    I love Genesis, but I’d probably have a lot better time at Steve’s show than the official Genesis current show.

    It wasn't an interview. I believe it's a Tweet being referred to. Possibly this one:…tatus/1439943879302713345.

    I personally think more was read into it than he intended but as you can see he then clarified the comment the day after.

    plus he followed up with this…

    Can I just make one thing clear please? This post was never intended to be of a competetive nature. I love all era Genesis, (but maybe the earlier stuff speaks to me more). People so easily take offense and judge you in just a split second. Sorry if I stepped on anyone’s toes.

    There's a whole thread on this "Hackett era" notion/hypothesis/thing.

    I just read through it. When I said, “Hackett era,” I was simply referring to the tenure/time period where Hackett was the guitarist. I meant nothing deep and heady, just as a time period. The reason I say I like the Hackett Era is because I don’t much care for Genesis prior to Nursery Cryme and I’m tempted to call it the Gabriel era, but I adore W&W and Trick/Tail, which lacked Peter but had Steve still.

    It’s a tough question—-when to call it quits. I saw Yes in 2019 and poor Alan White could barely walk….couldn’t hardly play the drums anymore. It was heartbreaking. Part of me was thrilled to see him in any capacity. Part of me wished I had just remembered him when he was on fire with the famous growl on his face. I think the same about Phil. I adore him, but hate to see him in such shape. I worry about him.

    I’ve been a fan of the Hackett era for years and years. I ‘like’ pop Era Genesis when I’m in the mood for easy listening. I got the Duke album on CD recently. I was blown away by how bad it was. It just didn’t do a thing for me!!! I’ll now suck and prepare to get egged…😂😂😜😜

    I love the episode where Kramer shows up to steal back that statue from that house cleaner guy. “Make love to that wall!” 😜😜😜

    A little late to the party here but... can you be 'zoo-ized'? No? Then you can't be in zoo. You can only be at the zoo. Or at a stretch, in the zoo.

    Hmm. Never thought I'd type that combination of words in my life.

    I actually had to go “in hospital” the other day for an all-night sleep study. It was a long night! I have sleep apnea. I am thrilled to be “out hospital” now after all those wires attached to me! 😳🤯🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️