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    On a tangent - and let's face it, the last couple of pages have been one big tangent anyway - this reminds me that people who put together title cards for videos so often have a knack of making them as off-putting as possible. It's quite a skill.

    So Kate (my wife) and I were watching old episodes of that DCI Banks show on Amazon. “Where is he? Did you bloody well arrest him?” Response: “He was shot, boss….taken to hospital.”

    right after my silly question in this thread. The timing…

    I love British TV. They have such great police dramas!!! Luther was amazing, loved Unforgotten, Broadchurch, Retribution, and a bunch of others.

    So my wife just said “She is hospitalized” in ‘Murcan English is akin to “in hospital?”

    You give a good explanation overall.…nstead-of-In-the-hospital

    The use of 'the' indicates a reference to a particular, specific hospital. It's a status or condition rather than a location. As an Australian, I also say 'at hospital' and I find 'the hospital' awkward.

    so unless I name a specific zoo, I should say I’m going to zoo. Unless I specify which concert I’m attending, I say I’m going to concert? Sounds mega awkward!!!

    I meant to say at the time of this exchange, I remember reading that the plan was for Alton Benes to be a semi-regular character but that idea was axed because everyone on set actually was frightened of Laurence Tierney who played him! I gather he didn't have to travel far from his actual personality to play that character.

    True story!! He terrified Jason Alexander the most! He was a nutcase that guy!

    Alright….question for my UK brethren in here.

    My wife and I love British television. We watch a host of British shows on Netflix, NBC, Amazon, etc.

    Why do the British omit the word “THE” when mentioning hospitals?

    “He’s been taken to hospital.”

    “My mother is at hospital,”

    etc. I adore British English, but man, that sounds awkward? Why do British say the store, the alley, the tennis courts, the parking lot, the field, the yard, but with hospital, no article!? 😂😂😂😂

    George calls Jerry from the street on the intercom buzzer….”Prooooognoooooosis Neeeeegatiiiiiive!” 😜😜😜😂‼️

    Haha. For some reason you just reminded me of the ‘Movie Phone’ episode from an earlier season.

    Kramer: Why don’t you just tell me the name of the movie you selected!

    That movie Phone one was hysterical!!! I think that was The Pool Guy episode.

    KRAMER: Hewwo and welcome to Movie phone. If you know the name of the movie you'd like to see, press one.

    GEORGE: Come on. Come on.

    KRAMER: Using your touch-tone keypad, please enter the first three letters of the movie title, now.

    (George presses 3 keys)

    KRAMER: You've selected ... Agent Zero? If that's correct, press one.

    GEORGE: What?

    KRAMER: Ah, you've selected ... Brown-Eyed Girl? If this is correct,
    press one.

    (George looks baffled)

    KRAMER: Why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you've

    GEORGE: Chunnel?

    KRAMER: To find the theater nearest you, please enter your five digit zip-code, now.

    (George enters his zip-code)

    KRAMER: Why don't you just tell me where you want to see the movie?

    GEORGE: Lowes Paragon, 84th and Broadway.

    KRAMER: (picks up paper) Chunnel, is playing at the Paragon 84th Street cinema in the main theater at 9:30 PM.

    GEORGE: Yeah, now I gotcha! (hangs up the phone and rushes out the door)

    KRAMER: It's also playing in theater number two at 9:00.

    I think the last season was the weakest as well, but it had its moments. The Apology, The Burning, The Bookstore, The Strike, The Slicer all funny episodes.

    But I know everyone will think I’m being the fly in the ointment, but I really do adore that Merv Griffin episode. I’m a nut. 😂😂😂

    I don’t think the show as a series ever jumped the shark, but that Merv Griffin episode was about as close as it got. I remember watching it with my former wife when it first aired and we both agreed it was time for Jerry and the gang to call it quits. I consider that episode to be one of the most maddeningly stupid episodes of any good sit-com series I’ve ever seen.

    oh man…I must be nuts. My 3 kids and I always reference that one as one of our top 10 favorite episodes!!! Kramer was gold on that! George walks into the set looking confused!! Kramer is eating and drinking like a freak…”And…we’re back!”

    Damn, Len! You and I have the same sense of humor because that’s one of my all-time VERY favorite exchanges on that show!!

    George: So, um, you've read "The Big Game", have you?

    Eva: Yes, I've read it and I've memorized it.

    George: Well, tell me your impressions. I would love to hear what a young woman thinks of "The Big Game".

    Eva: Well, this is sort of embarrassing, but it's changed my life. The way you analyzed the game? The way you identify the major players? Well it left me breathless. You're a brilliant, brilliant man.

    George: Well, it's just a game. Remember that, kids.

    Jerry Seinfeld: So I was watching this movie the other night. It was a World War II movie, and, there was Nazis in the movie, and I noticed that the Nazis in those movies always had, like, two separate heils. They had the regular heil, that they would do, and then, when they were around the offices, they had this casual heil. Do you remember that one? Did you ever notice that? They come in the office, "Yeah, heil, how are you? What's, uh... Is the kid back with the coffee yet? Come on, are you finished with the copier? Yeah, world domination, Aryan race, so whose donuts are those? Yeah, heil, nice to see you. Can I have one of those donuts?"