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    Tony has said in the past that he enjoyed playing Hogweed live, so if they do anything from 71 it will either be Closing Section of Musical Box, or Hogweed.

    But my wish setlist would be the Duke tour (including Knife abbreviated) with a "Big Hits" Medely for an encore.

    Phil hinted at it as far back as 2016 when he talked about coming out of retirement....doing music again "maybe even with Genesis". The three of them were spotted together a lot in 2018. Wasn't a big surprise really.

    I'm personally not really surprised if Apocalypse makes it....they've played (at least) part of Supper's Ready on most tours since 1972. I hope I am wrong but I don't foresee any big surprises. Ripples was the biggest surprise of the TIOA tour, and it was quite a biggie...and really well done too.

    Perhaps our definitions of "big surprise" are different.....I'd say a big surprise would be a substantial part of anything from Trespass....more than the opening section of Moonlit Knight....more than the closing section of Musical Box...the whole Cinema Show....something from the 70s they haven't played in it's entirety since 1982 or earlier...or never played live. Slotting a couple of minutes of Fly On A Windshield into a Lamb medley would be a big surprise...and very welcome.

    Well, the background vocalists would have to sing that "6.6.6." part.. Unless they tune down an entire octave because Phil...