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    Well, sure. However, this was a pretty big poll. I think it was on Mad Man Moon's Genesis Page, if anyone remembers that. The poll was probably conducted 25 years ago, so fans' opinions may have changed in general since then.

    I don't know the page. As I say, a poll is only as good as its contributors and I wouldn't know, of the millions of Genesis fans who are out there, what percentage of them are members of internet Genesis sites but I doubt the poll counts as a yardstick of general taste.

    It is actually a shame that the band is consequently ignoring this period these days. There would be plenty of material to release from the archives ...

    Well, we've heard all the studio cuts from that album so I'm not sure what else you feel we're missing out on. A live album? I can't see many people clamouring to buy that, to be honest.

    And you don't seriously expect them to play songs from Calling All Stations when they go on tour, do you? Mike and Tony hardly view it as their finest hour and Phil had left the band when they recorded the album.

    If it was about playing and making music instead of selling records and big tours they could have easily chosen to do so but it's just not them.

    Think about it. Genesis were not exactly an overnight success; it took them many years of hard graft to reach the point at which they could play sell-out tours across the world in stadiums. In 1991, just before We Can't Dance was released, they were listed third most popular 'live' band behind a Led Zeppelin and Beatles reunion. Which means that at that time they were the biggest band on the planet.

    The next album they release, they can't even get arrested. They have to cancel an entire American tour, the country they'd been playing since 1972 and then play out the European tour with a man who thinks that all he needs to do as a frontman is walk from one end of the stage to the other and frequently sweep his lank, greasy locks out of his eyes - he still does that to this day: get a haircut, man!

    How do you think it would feel to be Mike or Tony in 1997? You have no idea. And neither do I.

    So, to just dismiss their actions as being those of greedy sell-outs who were only interested in playing massive stadiums and coining in loads of cash is, to be frank, ill-advised and pretty insulting.

    I remember hearing that the record company weren't happy with the subject matter of Family Snapshot and dropped him like a hot potato when they heard an early mix of the song. Peter also couldn't afford a regular band at the time which is why there's quite a few guest musicians on the album. They're just a couple of tidbits about the album.

    Musically, for me it's the album where Gabriel found his groove. I don't think there's a bad song on there and it still sounds great to this day, with Not One Of Us proving as sadly relevant as it ever did.

    Has anyone seen the LOC music video on youtube?

    I just got done watching it and was shocked amazed and kinda upset that on youtube for free you get the original music video with all the sound effects and talking. On the dvd the Video Show none of that is on it! Anyone know what happened?

    i was told back when Video Show was released that they had either lost the original or the master or it was damaged thats why the sound effects were not on the dvd.

    But now on youtube for free its all put back together. Im glad to see its back like it was but what happened?

    What you're hearing on the Video Show DVD is a 5.1 mix of the song especially made for that release. It's not a mix of the audio as it originally appeared when the promo videos were released on VHS in 2.0.

    You'll notice the same happens on the video for Anything She Does, where during the song, Phil hits a light-shade with his drumstick. You can hear it on the the orginal stereo mix, not on the new mix.

    Ive grown to love Please Don't Ask a lot more as the years have gone on, and conversely I like Alone Again less than I used to.

    Please Don't Ask really shoots from the hip whereas Alone Tonight is more "darling, I miss you"; it's a bit soft. "Surprisingly high vote from the keyboard player," Phil once said with regards to Please Don't Ask and it is true that Tony does prefer it to Misunderstanding.

    Yeah, I get that. I know a lot of people are very passionate about the mono mixes, but I grew up with the dodgy stereo versions, and my brain can't cope with different versions.

    The Beatles and Genesis are the 2 artists I've listened to the most in my collection, so I'm more than familiar with them. Anything new sounds jarring. I know I'm missing out on the new mixes...

    There's a great documentary on legendary bassist, singer-songwriter and Motorhead founder and front-man, Lemmy Kilmister, which features him in HMV looking for the Beatles mono box set. He is told that it's out of stock. A member of staff, overhearing the conversation, comes over to Lemmy and gives him her copy. "This is how they were meant to be heard," he says in that unmistakable growl of his.

    There's nothing wrong with re-evaulating something when presented with a different version, whether it be a film (like the redux of Apocalypse Now) or a book (Stephen King's The Stand). But there's also nothing wrong with saying "I prefer this one" for whatever reason.

    It's like when the Beatles mono box set was released

    And yet that's how they're supposed to be heard.

    Seems like the issue you're having is that of attachment as opposed to one version of an album being sonically better than another. Personally, having lived with the original mixes for so long, and then hearing what Nick did with the albums, going back to the orginal tapes to create new mixes, delighted me no end.

    Personally, all of those operatic flourishes and whimsical lyrics were what set Queen aside from the rest. Sure, they could have been a straight-up rock band but where would be the fun in that? They'd be no more interesting than...Free. Honestly, Paul Rogers? One-trick pony, mate. I can name one song by Free, and that's Alright Now. What a dull little tune that is.

    To date, I haven't heard Cosmic Rocks and I can't think of a single reason why I'd want to. I think the singer that Queen have now is a much better fit for the group but do they even make studio albums anymore?

    Sigh. That is my point. Exactly. Genesis have never been that kind of band. I think they should have been, and they could be on this (probably) last tour. Their catalog is too deep to choose only two and a half hours to play every night.

    As for being wrong about songs being untouchable? You know what, Phil could go out and not play in the air tonight. And Genesis really (really) could go out and not play I can't dance/invisible touch. And they wouldn't be lynched. They'd be fine, and so would the audience. they might even get some kudos for having the balls to omit a big hit. The crowd would get to hear something else from the band.

    Yeah. I've only been a professional singer since the mid-nineties so what do I know, eh? Carry on, as you were, old son, you clearly know more about this issue than do. "Sigh", indeed.

    It seems like a reasonable length to me. And fountain of salmacis would be *great*.

    The best setlist for me would be one that's not 'set'. Yes I could easily have a fantasy list, but I'd rather they widened the scope and didn't play the same show every night. That way they could even play 'that damned song' on some nights but not have it be a rigid fixture. Not everyone wants to hear it. I'd go as far as to say that no song should be sacrosanct. Maybe swap dreaming while you sleep for home by the sea some nights.

    I think you're missing the point somewhat. Genesis have simply never been the kind of band who change their setlists like some other bands mentioned here do. They tend to adhere to the belief that everyone who comes to see them should have the same experience; of course there will be fans who go to more than one show but this isn't a show which is going to cater to the whims of a minority.

    The comment "not everyone wants to hear it" highlights the problem that any artist faces when they go out on tour, which is that they're never going to please everyone.

    And I'm afraid you're quite wrong in that attitude that not every song should be sacrosanct. There are certain songs that an audience expects to hear, that the artist feels duty bound to perform even though they might hate performing the tune. Imagine if Phil went on the road and didn't sing In The Air Tonight, for instance, or Sussudio. He'd be lynched!