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    It you watch their tour ad they give you some hints there.

    ABACAB and Domino for sure. I would love to hear Heat Haze and Duke's Travels and Duke's End from Duke.

    Anything accept for Whodunit would be great. How about , Paper Late? They did , Inside And Out , on their last Tour. If I had my wish , side 1 of The Lamb.

    My wife and I are seeing the 2 shows in Toronto. That is all we could afford. Because of life's circumstances the last time that I saw Genesis was at 1983 [Mama Tour] at Maple Leaf gardens.

    The very first time I saw Genesis was in 1977 [W and W Tour]. This was the one show that they played all of Supers Ready [Phil]. I missed the show before in Toronto 1977. I got lucky with Suppers Ready in this set.

    Thank you to all for such great advice. Be safe. I will let you know what I get first.

    What I have now of the others is Phil's Greatest's. The 2 CD version. I saw Phil live at Maple Leaf Gardens , Toronto in 1982 on the Hello , I Must Be Going Tour.

    I have mostly P.G. solo albums remastered [2010] from CAR to SO and Peter Plays Live. The recently released remastered 2 CD version. I saw Peter live in 1980 , 1982 , 1986 and at the Concert For Human Rights , 1988.

    I believe that if you count individual and group musicianship and song writing of all of the GENESIS' members they are the greatest rock / pop / prog. band ever.

    I was wondering if any one here could recommend what album to start with from

    Tony Banks solo work. I have solo work from Gabriel and Collins. Thank you in advance.

    Also where should I start with Steve H.?

    A long time Genesis fan.