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    I was a schoolboy but thankfully concert tickets weren't anywhere near as extortionate as they are now, so I was able to see Genesis live for the first time in Birmingham in 1982. Before I went to that though, this reunion show was announced. I knew I had to be there and with some financial help from the parents, tickets were obtained from the local record shop, as part of a coach trip deal. I'd been to the Milton Keynes Bowl in June that year to see Queen and thought it an ideal venue for the show.

    The NEC gig came and went. As was often the case back then, I had no idea what the setlist would be, taking my cues from the Three Sides Live album, and was surprised and delighted to get Supper's Ready.

    I recall reading about the upcoming Six Of The Best show in the press leading up to the gig. There was speculation that Steve would join them too. Come the day, me and a mate caught the coach to Milton Keynes. I'd anticipated the weather and worn wellies, which was just as well.

    I won't dwell on the show as it's well documented, but I fundamentally disagree with Robert Ellis. Yes, it was under-rehearsed, and not everything flowed as smoothly as you'd like, but by and large it sounded pretty good to me. And looked great. Genesis with Gabriel under Genesis's state of the art lighting rig. And Peter bringing some of his outfits/masks and stories back for good measure.

    I bought a bootleg of the show a while later. It doesn't sound great all the time, but that's largely down the quality of the audience recording rather than the performance. I just wish someone had filmed it!